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Mid Day 8   17 y  
promising stats
Still going strong. I’m hungry, but still have the white-coated tongue, so I will continue until that has gone away or my body says to quit. Stats: Calf: 15 Thigh: 20.5 Hips: 42 Waist: 34 Bust: 37 Neck: 13 Bicep: 10.5 My scale is broken so I will go weigh myself on a realiable, functioning scale tomorrow and report in.   visit the page

mid day 7 mid day 7   17 y  
wow!!! great results so far!
WOW! I can’t believe I’ve actually made it this far. I’ve attempted so many times and could never make it passed day 3. I feel such a sense of personal accomplishment. Sorry it’s been so long on the update but I’ve been really busy. Inspite of fighting a horrible cold all week, and my ”monthly friend” coming to visit starting yesterday, I’ve been surprisingly energetic. I’ve only been drinking water, and it’s just amazing how your body truly cleans itself. My tongue started to turn white yesterday, and I was so excited....true signs of detox. Also, I had a painful lump (probably a ...   read more

mid day 4   17 y  
Am I dying?
Okay so it’s 4pm on day 4 and I’m at work, not only suffering from this horrible respiratory cold (which is killing me) but now my upper back is REEEEEALLY sore! I have read a lot about fasting and know that doing it should help my cold and to expect aches and pains due to release of toxins. This is torture! I can’t wait to get to the enlightened stage. I will post my day 4 stats either tonight or tomorrow.   visit the page

day 3 stats   17 y  
think yesterday's measurements were wrong
I don’t think my tape measurements were quite accurate yesterday since I did them myself, so I had my hubby do them today. They seem to be more realistic. Also, I’ve come down with a severe upper respiratory infection (coughing, a lot of mucus in the lungs, runny nose, no sleep, etc.) but I’m going to keep pushing forward and hope that the fast will heal this cold. Weight: 163 (total loss 7 lbs.) Pants: 14 L / R Bicep: 11 / 11 Thigh: 20.5 / 20.5 Calf: 15.5 / 15.5 Neck: 13 Bust: 37.5 Waist: 35 Hips: 42.5 I’m on Day 4 today, so I’ll either post day 4 tonight or tomorrow a.m.   visit the page

forgot to add...   17 y  
Purely Water Fasting
There are so many different types of fasts and I forgot to mention that I’m on a strict, 100% distilled water fast for 11 days (ending the morning of 4/13). So far so good, inspite of my cold, lack of sleep (due to coughing), and my hunger. The hunger is not so bad though, and I believe that’s in part to my cold (body’s natural way of getting you to fast to cure itself).   visit the page

day 2 states   17 y  
day 2 stats promising
Well, Day 2 went by without too many problems. I have been sick with a head/chest cold, but I’m hoping the fast will help to eliminate the crap out of my body. So, end of day 2 Stats: R / L Biceps: 11/11 Thighs: 20.5/20.5 Calves: 15.5/15.5 Neck: 13.5 Bust: 37.5 Waist: 32.5 Hips: 42.5 Weight: 165   visit the page

day 1   17 y  
day 1 stats
I am sick and tired of being sick and tired, so here I go. I am 40 lbs. over weight, and need to find ”myself” again. I am embarking on a water fast (which I started this morning) and will continue for at least 11 days. If I feel energetic enough to continue then I will on a day by day basis. I love reading other posts about people’s progress, so I wanted to share my progress too. I am doing this for myself, and my husband of less than 2 years. I want to be hot and healthy again, and so here goes my journey: Starting Stats: Height: 5’8 Weight: 170 Pants: 14 Body Fat: 21% (I ...   read more


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