Mastering the Master CLeanse
by luva4musik

Day 7 post cleanse   17 y  
Just wanted everyone to know that I'm doing just fine.
Just wanted everyone to know that Iím doing just fine. I made the veggie soup.. umm umm good.. Campbells cant even touch it:-) But I am still taking Grapefruit seed extract and if anyone has personally experiences with this please send me a message.. THANX A LOT!   visit the page

Day 6..   17 y  
Peace and May God bless you all in your cleansing:-)
Hi All, I am ending my cleanse on the 6th day because My husbandís b-day is in 3 days so I am going to take him out. Itís only fare because he took me out on My B-day and I donít want to be selfish and not enjoy this time with him because Iím cleansing. His B-day comes once a year, I can cleanse more than once a year. If I would have thought about this before hand I might have delayed the cleanse. But I think that itís best to do as much as you can whenever you can. I will attempt my 3rd cleanse later in this year.!!!! Peace and May God bless you all in your cleansing:-)   visit the page

Day 5   17 y  
Today was pretty hard for me to get through
Today was pretty hard for me to get through. I am speculating that this is because I am experience symptoms of die off. The grapefruit seed extract is supposed to kill the parasites so Iím thinking this is why I was feeling sooooo awful. I had Brain Fog and I started to feel tired and hungry. I thought about giving up but my best friend was there to make strong again to keep going. I was imagining making the vegetable soup with the rye toast. OH MY Goodness.. sounds delicious to me even right now. But Iím goin to keep goin forward. Iím praying that the GSE will help rid me of acne. ...   read more

Day 4   17 y  
I really think I'm gonna do the liver purge at the end.. still seeking more info if this is a good idea..
Back on track today for sure. Was really late for work today because the train was backed up for some reason. Well Iím telling you this because, this cleane definitely makes you more patience. There are sooooooooo many benefits to cleansing .....period. Iím a singer..FYI I sopke to my producer today and he said that he is going completely Vegan. He has already been vegetarian for years. So, Iím really tossing up which lifestyle is best for me. Iíve been looking at Eating for My blood type. Iím O+ if there is anyone else out there that has some insight please leave comments. Anyway ...   read more

Day 3   17 y  
A liitle of track, but hanging in there!!!
I started off alittle off course today because I didnt do drink the Senna Tea and I woke up to late to do the salt water flush. SO Tonight Iím going to make sure I dont go to sleep with the tea seeping on my nightstand. However today is just a routine day in the MC journey for me.. I seem to have put my focus on geeting through rather than on what Iím missing. But it does help that the Lemonade helps to keep you from being hungry. It always amazes me when I get to several days without food under my belt.. And Iím still full of raging energy. Just got back from the Nj Nets & Miami Hea ...   read more

Day 2   17 y  
It's a internal vacation.. Maybe somewhere tropical because of alllllllllll the lemons..
Whoopie Iím into the groove 2 days Big Deal~But itís certainly a start so Iím glad to have made it this far. Today was the first day the I did the Salt water flush and it was hard as usual to get it down. But when the days go on it will get easier to drink. My best friend is a natural skeptic but she is also joining me on this journey. I have tried to introduce her to things such as Kefir & Kombucha but she just thought I was crazy. But overtime My example lead her to try. All in All I feel Great as long as drink at least 6 cups of Lemonade then I have the energy to make i ...   read more

Day 1   17 y  
Day 2 and counting tomorrow.. see you there!!!!
Well its the end of the day and Iím feeling Great. This is my second Master Cleanse so Im pretty familiar with the euphoric feeling that you get while on the cleanse. So this time I didnít have to go through the mental questions of will I be hungry or will I this or that.. I know that if I stick to it I will reap the benefits. So itís late in the evening, and I have already had my burst of energy today. This is such a great feeling to have. Well since the hour is late and I dont have anything else to report I will end this right here.. Day 2 and counting tomorrow.. see you there!!!!   visit the page


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I want to see how far I can go on the Master Cleanse more...

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