Juicing It Up
by squishy

Day Twelve continued..   17 y  
still sick
Tonight I am still sick to my stomach. I am hoping that tomorrow it will calm down. I tried drinking some vegetable juice but I could barely get that down. Since this is most likely part of the detox I will ride it out the best that I can. I’ve decided that I am going to stay on my fast. Besides being nauseated, I’ve been extremely tired. I took a nap and had a little bit more energy. We will see what tomorrow brings!!! I’ve fallen in love with the smell of food. I keep hoping people will cook things that smell good when I am around. It is almost becoming a habit to smell everything. ...   read more

Day Eleven and Twelve   17 y  
at crossroads and confused...
I really don’t know what to do. Yesterday I felt very sick to my stomach. Part of it was that I wanted to throw up(I’m guessing I put juiced too much parsley). Then it felt like my stomach had cramps. At first my stomach would cramp and stay that way and then finally let go. What a relief. Well I think it was my stomach. It didn’t fell like hunger pains though. I also had pain in my mid back but I think that was from the chair I was sitting in. I lost a pound on day eleven and then today I woke up today and was down by another(down by 22 total). Also, my tongue was extremely white toda ...   read more

Day Ten   17 y  
life is better...
Waking up today was so much better. It was pure contentment and happiness. I worked out today for 25 minutes on the treadmill. Then went shopping. I know I am going to start feeling some stress soon. I have to get all my jewelry ready to ship by tuesday. Hopefully I can get it all done! Today I had a few aches. My right arm was a little painful for some reason (just muscle soreness). The pain then transferred to my upper back. I also have a sore in my mouth. I didn’t notice it till this morning which is kind of odd. Last night I brushed my teeth and it didnt seem like it was there. ...   read more

Day Nine   17 y  
feeling depressed...
Today is a bad day. Depression has taken over my mind and body. My thoughts-I can’t even describe because they don’t exist. I want to cry for no reason and my body just wants to sleep. It is not like depression has never been a part of my life. I’ve plenty of terrible bouts with it. Much of it I have always tried to hide even though many of times that has been impossible. I guess I always feel like it is no one else’s problem but mine. My mom said that since I have been on juice that I seem so much happier. Today must be just an off day. Today has also presented itself with plenty o ...   read more

Day Eight   17 y  
just another day....
Scale read two pounds less!!! That means I am down by 16 pounds. My current weight is 219. My goal now is to be in my size 18’s by my trip. Going on vacation starting the 18th of this month. Yes I will be juicing while I am gone!!!! Have no worries. Wake up time was at 8am. That is amazing in itself. I think tomorrow though I will be sleeping in because I am off. I walked for 40 minutes on the treadmill. Then went shopping for more vegetables and fruits. Juiced twice before work. Now I am here at work. Today I had to pee more than any other day. I wonder if that means anything. There ...   read more

Day Seven   17 y  
can I scratch out this day?
Didn’t lose any weight today. Not sure why. I figure tomorrow will be a new day. Today has been pretty crappy for the most part. First part of the day, I went shopping with my mom. We stopped at the health food store and got some psyllium (which was on sale!!!)and some calcium in liquid form. I also stopped at the store and got strawberries (yum yum!). I’ve been trying to sleep in late to let my body get some healing done. Unfortunately that hindered what I have been able to do before work. I feel like I’ve got so much to do and so little time to do it. I guess I will start having to wa ...   read more

Day Five and Six   17 y  
the good and the bad
Nothing ever seems to work out the way I want it to. That is why I dont plan. My fifth day of my juicing should have been a lot easier than what it was. I was going to do some cleaning and a little bit of exercising. That went out of the window real fast. I had to go the hospital for seven hours in the evening. I am an Auntie again!!! One of my brothers and his wife had their first baby. The baby was so cute. But this trip to the hospital offered plenty of ways to go off the fast. First, in the waiting room was a big snack machine. they had all the things i like from animal crackers to c ...   read more

Day Four   17 y  
Just another day...
Lost 2 more pounds(10 total)! Today was a pretty good day. I had to wake up early to go shopping for fruits and vegetables. Decided that I would buy some strawberries to juice with. They make some other fruits taste a lot better. Energy levels are up. I worked out on the treadmill for thirty minutes. My goal is to try to walk every day for atleast 30 minutes. I did a little more research on juicing and other associated topics. Confirmed that my dreams are just another side effect of the detox. I’m also looking up info on the liver cleanse and so forth. There is a lot of information ...   read more

Day Three   17 y  
Still here...
Today I woke up extremely tired. I stayed up for thirty minutes and then decided to go back to bed. The dreams are still very vivid. Usually my dreams are here and there and tend not to focus on one event. Confusing to wake up and realize its just a dream. I weighed myself today and lost 3 lbs since yesterday. Also, the headache is gone. Beyond some tiredness, everything is going pretty well. Still not cold at all. I had slight hunger pains towards the end of the night. But over all everything is good. I’m tired so I just want to go to bed. Gotta go shopping for fruits and vegetable ...   read more

Day Two   17 y  
Pain in the head!
Today started off as a so-so day. I woke up to some very ”lovely” dreams about hamburgers and fries. I guess some part of me really wants to fail because that is usually what happens. Well not this time! I lost 5lbs. Yes, i got back on the scales about 5 or 6 times and it still said the same thing. We have three scales in the house. They all say something different. Ive chosen to stick with mine even though it reads about 7lbs more than the lowest one. But the thing is that I’m not sure what was lost. I’m sure a lot of it was water weight. Okay, well most of it. I can dream about somet ...   read more

Day One!   17 y  
Bring on the Juice!
Here we go! I have just started my second juice fast. My first one lasted for a total of sevens days. I wanted to go longer but it was a battle between eating dinner on my birthday or sticking to the juice. As you probably figured out, the birthday dinner won out. Oh by the way, it is really painful, no extremely painful if you try eating before your stomach is ready to start digesting. Take some advice to heart, take it easy!!! The reason for me doing this juice fast is because I started having an eating disorder. Binge eating became a way of life and food was my best friend (although ...   read more


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