MasterCleanse March2006
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Starting new cleanse session Aug 2006   17 y  
new monodiet/cleanse
Had several months off, eating as healthfully as I can in the hectic world I live in. Feeling like I NEED to cleanse again. Check out my new blog! The journey is nothing without interesting companions.   visit the page

Trying to get my head back around to a second cleanse   17 y  
hunger v. urge to eat
Just ate a lovely pink navel orange. Never had one of those before. Even though I just finished a cleanse a week ago, and have eaten quite sensibly since, I am having a serious struggle mentally about starting another round of cleansing. Might just be a hormonal desire to eat? But it is strange with how good I felt just recently when not eating. Post cleanse results: Have kept off most of the minor loss made through the cleanse, which is good. My bowels are functioning well, not overly bloated with stuff, and the foods I eat seem to get through me quickly. I also notice an hour or two b ...   read more

Starting cleanse again soon   17 y  
post cleanse
Survived the birthday/Easter weekend with only minimal binging. Took last Friday off for the bday, so hubby and I went bike riding downtown, had lunch (salmon and veg) on the patio at one of our favorite places, lingered over a bottle of wine doing the crossword puzzle, rode around some more. Had tea outside at a cute little place, then surprised hubby with a cake at a friend’s restaurant. Easter we did fondue with tons of fresh veg and fruit, a little meat and crusty bread. Delicious gruyere with sherry, fabulous dark chocolate and rum. Only one meal, but everyone was still full Monday ...   read more

Post cleanse stabilization   17 y  
post cleanse
I weighed in this morning, still no BM so I will take some m o m, at 171. I ate a tangerine and a banana yesterday along with a glass of fresh citrus juices. Lots of water, and a pot of tea. Trying to maintain the state I am in until this birthday and Easter weekend is over. Made the executive decision not to go out to brunch on Easter at our favorite place. We are making a light brunch and going bike riding on Easter. Went for a ride last night. Hubby was gently mocking me for wanting to ease into the whole bike riding thing this spring, and now he is the one with the tender groi ...   read more

Post weekend catch up   17 y  
Post cleanse
Friday was day 12. 169 pounds. Had to be at work an hour early. I hate getting up at 5am. LONG DAY. Just water during the day, evening we went out. I drank fresh squeezed citrus juice, a banana smoothie, and ate a little salmon. Stomach a little rumbly over it, but not too bad. A whole day of running around crazy like. Saturday slept in. Drank lots of hot water with lemon and tea. Ate two poached eggs and some roast pineapple. Walked a bunch at the mall with the teenagers. Tried to get a nap, to no avail. Went to birthday party at a club, ate half a small slice of fresh banana cake and ...   read more

Day 11   17 y  
Feeling fine! 170
Still kicking here! Slept most of the night last night. Did have a cup of weak salty broth yesterday evening, plus lots of water. Took a dose of milk of magnesia again. On the toilet every twenty minutes. I have decided I am a glorified tube. Water in, water out. Did manage a short walk and bike ride between cloudbursts, but missed yoga again. ARGH. Took my saline bath yesterday evening, noticed my face is breaking out in what looks like a mild rash, especially around mouth and under chin. Wonder what is up with that nonsense. ???? Got up, weighed my carcass(170 - so down a pound and ...   read more

Day 10 or Day 4, undecided   17 y  
Inches lost, saggy skin, and sooo cold
After the infamous mango incident I am unsure whether to honestly call this day 10 (with a strict master cleanse the answer would be no) or day 4. Either way I am still cleaning out my system. I didn’t weigh over the weekend and just realized I haven’t done it yet this week, so I will try to tomorrow. I did do my measurements Sunday evening and am down an inch and a quarter from waist to thigh; about a quarter inch consistently in each measurement after one week. My belly fat is really loose and disgusting, the skin is so loose and stretchy. My trousers are looser, although mostly thro ...   read more

Quick catch up post weekend   17 y  
Gotta hate daylight savings time
Fast Friday ended with stomach aching, no urine or BM all day. Went out that night with friends to hear a band, drank innumerable mugs of hot water with lemon, but went home early due to abdominal pain. Saturday. Ate a mango. Not exactly a fast. Decided to give my body Fri through Sun without laxative tea. Drank tonic, tea, water. No change in weight from what I can tell, no BM at all until Sunday night, one small BM. A little troubled by that. Tried to rest a lot, went on a couple of short walks Saturday between rain showers, pretty much stayed in bed Sunday reading and sipping tea. ...   read more

Day 5 Mid-day check in   17 y  
Still dry fasting, maudlin
I am so grateful that I am alone in the office today (mostly). I found myself responding to an email with an edgy, nasty tone. I deleted it, thank God. And it was regarding something completely inconsequential. Strange. I am also putting together an order of new conference chairs (my warehouse guy left early and I want them done) and some of them are driving me crazy. Wouldn’t think six screws would annoy me. My hand hurts from the screwdriver. Hope I don’t end up with blisters, it looks red and puffy. Also, I have had the television on (out of the norm) and it seems to bother me as wel ...   read more

Day 5 Top of the morning   17 y  
Dry fasting today, no weight change for three days 171.5
Yesterday finished off uneventfully. Hubby and I took the boys to a movie (which I made it through without having to go to the toilet) and then I went home to bed. Didn’t even do my bath routine or make tea; just brushed my teeth with baking soda, washed my face and crashed at 8pm again. Slept longer and deeperlast night and woke up feeling more rested this morning, thankfully. Showered, blow-dried, moisturized, and dressed much faster than yesterday. That lethargy yesterday morning was not so fun. Weighed in, same third day in a row. I think this is due to the salt. I don’t mind my bod ...   read more

Day 4 Afternoon   17 y  
Am I high on water?
Clarity has kicked in. I think clarity is when the mind empties and cannot focus on anything. Also, suddenly instead of tired I feel jittery and exciteable. Wired even. Talking a mile a minute, but cannot stay with anything for more than a few seconds. Nutsy, eh? I think I sedate myself with food a lot. Didn’t used to. I put on about 60 pounds three years ago going through incredible life changing stress. I’m a skinny person in a fat body. I didn’t even know I could get fat until then. When I got lysteria and a parasite infection it changed how my digestive system acts permanently, I think ...   read more

Day 4 Good Morning   17 y  
Is the world made of molasses today? + fire tonic 171.5
Moving very slowly this morning, like my mind and body are moving through water. Went home last night, put the kettle on, ran my saline bath, did my face scrub, brushed my teeth with tooth soap (the evils of toothpaste are too numerous to mention), soaked in the bath for half an hour. I was chilled and could not get warm. I cooled the bath down with my body temperature, had to halfway drain the tub and top back up with superhot water. In place of dieters tea I drank only about half of a salt flush mixture because it made me nauseated; had so much watery burning bm all afternoon, and ...   read more

Day 3 Afternoon   17 y  
Persevering and lightheaded
Getting spaced out again. Bowels have settled down for the moment, but it was getting troublesome there for a while. Hope I make it through yoga before I go home. Even though I have practically drowned myself I am not urinating much, it is all going through my intestines, apparently. Lightheadedness affecting my balance. I know from experience that I will feel better tomorrow. Amazingly no headache. Feeling cold, joints in my hands aching a little. It is quite humid and rainy, might be a contributing factor. Been listening to God-centered music all afternoon, letting it bathe my soul. I co ...   read more

Day 3 Morning   17 y  
Not my normal sleep schedule 171.5
Morning weigh in 171.5, so down another pound and a half from yesterday. FYI, Even though I am weighing in every morning, that is not my normal routine. Even when slimming I only weigh once a week at most, stick with measurements. I am more interested in how much water is flushing through me, which I think is what gets reflected on the scale unless one really does a long, extended fast. Went home last night, cleaned the kitchen, put my kaolin masque on, ran a hot saline bath and soaked myself for 30 minutes. My hands are really dry today, even with good cream on them. And my fingernails ...   read more

Mid-day Day 2   17 y  
Noticing details
Had another small BM mid-morning, kind of burny, but not like the real clean out. Starting to feel a little spacey this afternoon. Drinking almost the last of my quart of tonic. Forgot to drink my dieters tea until 11am, over three hours ago. Suddenly there is rumbling in my guts and a sort of bloaty feeling that wasn’t there before. I don’t think I will get too far from the loo for a while. Headache from this morning seems to have dissipated. I love the floaty citrus bits in my tonic. mmmm. Thinking about going to a yoga class tonight, but wondering if I will have enough energy after work ...   read more

What is the fam doing while I cleanse/fast?   17 y  
Join me in the MasterCleanse if you want to.
The family is part of the journey too. My husband and I have two older teenage boys who are home this week for spring break. I made sure all of the junkier food was consumed, cleaned out the fridge and cupboards before starting the MC. I cooked a huge roast for my guys, made a big pan of a casserole they love, bought some fruit and veg they can grab and eat, and made sure there was what we call ”freezer food” as well. Even their favorite black bread and cheese for making the ultimate grilled cheese sandwiches. They can heat up or eat cold so many fairly healthful things from the fridge an ...   read more

Daily weigh in Day 2   17 y  
track weight through cleanse 173
Forgot.. I am going to weigh myself every morning before anything else. Did so this morning. Weight down 3 pounds to 173. I know it is just that water I dumped last night, so no real excitement. Just tracking the experience as fully as I can for myself.   visit the page

Day 2 Morning   17 y  
Morning update for day 2
Slept deeply until about 3am, then fitfully until time to get up. Had usual morning BM, nothing out of the ordinary, wondering if I made the dieter’s tea strong enough yesterday. Slight headache in my temples this morning. I steeped 16 oz water with one bag for 4 min., drank half am,half pm. My body dumped a lot of water last night while drinking tea. I think I had to run to the loo at least 6 times in the space of 90 minutes. Could have just been all of that water and tonic catching up with me too. Made a quart of tonic, 32 oz well filtered water, 2 T maple syrup, a half teaspoon cayenne ...   read more

Day 1 End of Day   17 y  
End of day one notes. More info about my journey.
Total today I drank 1 quart of tonic made with juice of one lime, two tablespoons maple syrup, and a half teaspoon of cayenne. 4 half litre bottles of water. Drank my dieters tea at 8am and again at 5pm. No BM today at all, which is unusual for me. Did 90 minutes of yoga which felt wonderful. In the past when cleansing/fasting I have always added 30 minute daily saline baths, so I went home and ran one. About a cup of baking soda to a nice hot tub. It always makes me feel like my skin exchanges toxins for cleaner water. Sometimes I scrub with dampened baking soda to really exfoliate. Used ...   read more

Day 1 MC   17 y  
Starting Master Cleanse, regain control of my body. 176
Started MC today. Weighed first thing, 5’7” 176 pounds. Yi! I haven’t done MC in over a year, and last year I only did it for five days, not really the full-meal-deal, if you will. Just got over the flu, TOM, followed by a bad cough. Do I have mucous? Oh yeah. Really ready for a system cleanse! Not hungry or tired yet, but I have done this before and know feelings change. Using Super Dieter’s tea until a few days have gone by, then I will move to salt flushes added in. Might take a dose of milk of magnesia tonight. Hate epsom salts. I dislike the ’lemonade’ flavor so I am making it wi ...   read more


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