40 Days To Life
by hopinso
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Starting Over-Day Three   13 y  
One step forward and two steps back pretty well describes today.
Today was one of those one step forward-two steps back days. Early this morning I woke up with an incredible pain in my left leg. Then my knee froze up. I have not been able to walk very well today and that is discouraging. I’ve spent most of the day either reading or playing on the computer. My diet has stayed good with the soup for lunch and dinner, followed by a handful of raw pumpkin seeds I had forgotten about. I figures they would compliment the parasite cleanse I’m doing. I’m still waiting to get the check from selling some stock so I can get my car fixed as soon as possible. ...   read more

Starting Over-Day Two   13 y  
I feel like I have become a completely different person in the last six weeks. I have found truth in a lot of places and learned a lot from a lot of people lately.
I had a pretty rough night pain wise and did not sleep well. I got up a little after seven and did my neck traction and took some supplements. This morning was pretty uncomfortable while a weather front was moving in. Rainy weather makes me ache. I spent the morning mostly alternating between the bed and the computer. I di manage to do a load of laundry and get the water distiller going. I fasted all day yesterday and went until about 3 pm today. I finally broke down and ate some tuna so I could take some pain medicine. This afternoon I made some homemade soup and it sure tastes good. I h ...   read more

Starting Over-Day One   13 y  
I am trying to take all I have learned in my first forty days and use it this second time around.
After an indescribably painful night and a tear filled morning, I have decided to continue trying to utilize every method I can to try and heal naturally. In my first forty days I learned something new everyday. I want to add what I’ve learned to what I have already done, and continue to learn even more. Today, I am continuing on my parasite cleanse I began Monday. I e-mailed Marijah McCain at the Herbal Healer Academy, where I ordered my parasite cleanse and asked her about killing tapeworms, I passed one in the fall of 2003. She replied that a product called Rascal should be used. I’l ...   read more

Day Forty-The End Or A New Beginning?   13 y  
Day forty has come and I am not where I hoped to be; in many ways the journey is just beginning.
Day forty has not ended the way I hoped. I still have a lot of pain and I still cannot walk without support. In some ways I feel like a failure, this is certainly not what I had wanted on the final day. However, when I take stock, I know I have learned a great deal. I have experienced distance energy healing and Reiki. I learned about the emotional side of chronic physical problems from the works of Louise Hay. I have begun to drink green drinks regularly and have become more alkaline. Recently I was introduced to Bach Flower remedies and Orgone. I have been so blessed by the generosity ...   read more

Days Thirty-six and Thirty-seven   13 y  
I took a few steps on my own today.
I didn’t post yesterday because there was nothing going on. I spent the day either in bed reading or at the computer. Today has not been much different with one exception-I walked on my own! Granted it was just three or four steps, but I was able to go without even a cane. I’m still all hunched over, but I was walking. I went from the front door to my car about four feet away, I was so happy, I made the trip several times. Tomorrow, I want to practice and see if I can go further. I finally had to take some pain medicine around 5:30 this afternoon, but, otherwise its been another uneventf ...   read more

Day Thirty-five~Life On Hold   13 y  
It looks like I will be homebound for the next week.
Well, here’s the situation. I won’t be released to go back to work for another two weeks at least. Since I still cannot stand up or walk without support that’s fine. However, I am broke and the brakes need fixing on my car. I could not find anyone who would be willing to fix the brakes for free, I would buy the shoes. So I’ll need to get a mechanic. I sold some stock today, that’s from my retirement fund, but it will take 7-10 days to get the check. So I will be spending next week at home, no therapy, no shopping, nothing. I’ll call Doc. and explain the situation, but for now I am trying t ...   read more

Day Thirty-four   13 y  
How much relief can we realistically expect?
Will somebody please slap me if I ever take another dose of Intestinal Formula #1 or #2. I took some IF#2 three days ago and all systems came to a halt, I was in so much pain. I guess it was foolish, but last night I took six capsules of IF#1 in the hope of making the IF#2, well..., exit as #2. All I got was more pain. Finally, in desperation, I took three large doses of vitamin C. I can control Vitamin C better than Epsom salt, but I’m still worn out and despite a lot of liquid stool, the IF#2 still feels stuck. I don’t know if I have a stricture or what, but there is something going on. ...   read more

Day Thirty-three   13 y  
Sadly, not one of my better days.
The day was quiet enough to start. Moderate pain, but I could move a little better. The main concern was my left knee which was hurting and would not allow weight on it. I had therapy at 4:30 in the afternoon. I made some steamed broccoli, but it wasn’t fit to eat. I had frozen some fresh broccoli, and something happened to ruin it. So very hungry, I left for therapy. I stopped at the bank to double check my balance. To my shock, it was almost $100.00 less than I thought it would be. To make things even worse, my rear brake shoes started grinding. Brake shoes are not expensive, but I can’ ...   read more

Day Thirty-two   13 y  
Just over a week to go in my grand experiment. I will continue to work at this until I am better, the key words are not 40 days, they are TO LIFE.
Just over a week to go in my grand experiment. I really wish I had more good news to report; I had hoped to be up and walking and back to work by now. Still, according to the doctor I am beginning to heal. He did some strong adjustments today, and I didn’t scream out or black out like I did only last week. While I was in diathermy, I heard another patient, a man, scream when his neck was adjusted. I’m sorry about his pain, but also glad to know I am not the only screamer. Therapy went fairly well, and I left feeling pretty good. When I got to the next town (the largest town in our county, ...   read more

Day Thirty one   13 y  
Outside of sitting at the computer too long, its been a decent day.
Not much new to report today. We had severe storms yesterday and last night as a low pressure system worked itself through. This means pretty serious pain for me. Still, I have managed fairly well. Probably my worst mistake is spending too much time at the computer today, I have to pretty much roll out of the chair to move. I began taking some of Dr. Schulze’s IF#2 today. I bought two cleanse kits and then could not deal with the IF#1, it caused intense pain and really would not work except in massive doses. I thought I would try the #2 bulk powder and see if it would work on its own. I ha ...   read more

Day Thirty~Finally Some Good News   13 y  
Finally the swelling and inflammation is going down.
I spent the morning getting therapy and the doctor told me that the inflammation and swelling is going down. Now, he is working on breaking up scar tissue and doing some gentle adjustments. Hopefully when the scar tissue breaks down the nerves will start working better and my strength will return. I am moving a little easier today, but there is a storm system approaching and I’m beginning to feel that deep ache that comes with weather changes. Oh well, I can ride that out since I now have more hope than ever that I will recover. Doc. still won’t release me to go back to work, and I know ...   read more

Day twenty-nine~A Sad Day   13 y  
How I would love to jump out of bed and walk, that is my dream, my vision and greatest desire for now, simply walking upright and unaided.
Today has been a sad day. A young friend was found murdered in her bed this morning, her throat slashed. I have been in shock since hearing the news. I had not seen much of her lately, mostly just to say hello and go our separate way. The last time we spent any time together was at the funeral of a mutual friend who died last summer. When I first heard of B....”s death, my first thought was why couldn’t it have been me? She was so young with her whole life just beginning, sometimes I feel like my life is pretty much over. Its so hard to find hope, joy, or any other good thing when you’re i ...   read more

Day Twenty-eight   13 y  
I simply cannot walk today...
A day of not walking. That’s right, I cannot walk today, most of the time I can’t even stand up. Oh well, crawling works for babies and it has gotten me where I need to go. I went to bed before ten last night and slept for about an hour. Later, I was having to get up every hour. I don’t know what I had that got my kidneys going, but I went and went. About 3:30 this morning the puppies heard a noise in the kitchen and ran barking to investigate. Molly came back in a few minutes, but Jake barked from 3:30 until 9:30 this morning with few breaks. I don’t know if it was a mouse, gravity or so ...   read more

Day Twenty Seven~A Little Encouragement   13 y  
I spent three hours in therapy today, I hope to see some positive results.
I didn’t do much this morning, the pain in my left leg was too intense to do more than lie down or sit up for a few minutes at a time. I got an appointment with the chiropractor for 2:30 in the afternoon. He said he’d make it a long session, it lasted almost three hours. His other 2:30 patients were no-shows, so I was the center of attention. I did a round of diathermy, then ultra-sound, then he was able to do some muscle work in the hopes of freeing up my frozen left knee. He says there is no injury to the knee, except perhaps a little arthritis, all the trouble is coming from the spine. ...   read more

Day 26~A Little Late   13 y  
The day started out well, but went downhill in the afternoon.
The day started well. I was able to get up and down with no snags and little pain. I took my supplements, alternated between bed and computer and felt pretty good. About 11 a.m. I called my neighbor to see if she could help me do some grocery shopping. No small town stores today, we headed for the city and a large discount grocery store. I had to use an electric cart, but it was still nice to have a choice of what I wanted. I was not prepared to see haw much prices had gone up though. Everything, including gasoline, is so much more expensive than it was a month ago. I bought as much as I f ...   read more

Day Twenty-five   13 y  
No therapy today, my doctor didn't show.....
Yet another sleepless night last night. We have had record breaking heat the last four days, but finally, about 3:00 am it began to cool off. I was supposed to have therapy this morning. I got to the chiropractor about ten minutes early and the clinic was still closed. I waited for nearly 45 minutes and the doctor never showed up. I knew I was going to be in trouble if I had to sit much longer, so I left. I drove in the direction he comes in in hopes of meeting him on the road, but nothing. Cell phones don’t work in that tiny town in a low holler, and by time I was able to get a strong sig ...   read more

Day Twenty-four   13 y  
The walking is worse, but the pain was not as bad....
Nothing good or bad to report today. I have not been able to do much walking, my legs are even weaker than usual. The pain has not been too awful until this evening. I didn’t even take any pain medication today until 6:30 PM. I spent most of the day in bed reading, every fer hours I would get up to do the neck traction and supplements. I have hardly slept for the last two nights, so I’m hoping for some rest tonight and a better day tomorrow. It begins with therapy, and hopefully a trip to the store for some lemons and Maple syrup.   visit the page

Day Twenty-three~So Much For Good Intentions   13 y  
Today I needed comfort food.
Last night was pretty rough after a good day, but pain usually seems worse at night. I got up this morning, had my green drink and minerals, washed my hair and went to therapy. The first problem was the doctor was late (motorcycle problems) and I sat in the car for 25 minutes. When I tried to get out-I couldn’t. It took several tries just to stand up. When I left home I was in such terrible pain I was weeping, but I was at least able to walk. I finally got inside and sat down and let Doc. wheel me around. Despite the difficulty walking, he was very pleased with my progress. I was able to t ...   read more

Day Twenty-two~A Change Of Direction   13 y  
I hope that I can begin to experience longer periods between these episodes of pain, and finally become pain free. I feel more hopeful today than I have in several days.
Yesterday was terrible, last night was not good except for a couple things that made me want to continue. When I finally was able to settle into bed, I did a meditation/visualization of me lying on a beautiful chaise in a darkened room. In the distance was a single candle which slowly flickered and died. From above a globe of white light started to grow and expand. As it grew it began to rain down pure white light energy on me. I allowed it to wash over my entire body, then saw it starting to fill me up. As I became filled with the white light pain was pushed out and washed away. I fell as ...   read more

Day Twenty-one   13 y  
Just another typical day, but I am going to keep trying.
Absolutely nothing to report today. Pain, increased difficulty walking, pretty much ignored my diet and ate what I wanted. I didn’t binge, but I had some graham crackers and peanut butter, some pink salmon and great northern beans. I felt weak and in need of some heavier food. Spent most of the day in bed reading. Its not been a bad day, just frustrating that I do not seem to be getting any better. I came close to calling it quits, but I am going to recoup and keep trying for another three weeks. I’m trying to type while wearing my air collar for traction and its pretty uncomfortable, so f ...   read more

Day Twenty   13 y  
My 40 day experiment is now halfway through. I'm discouraged by the lack of progress.
Well, my experiment is half way over. Sadly, I’ve seen very little in the way of improvement in my chronic pain and inability to walk. I’m about ready to give up and be evaluated for surgery. I’ve lost about 17 pounds, but my blood pressure is higher than ever. I have cut the amount of pain medication by at least 1/2, but am experiencing such deep profound depression it scares me. I don’t know what to do at this point. I feel like a total failure right now. The only thing is I still think surgery will be a huge mistake. I’ll try to keep going, but I am so discouraged at this point. My left ...   read more

Day Nineteen-A Long Day's Journey Into Walmart   13 y  
Sometimes everyday events become blessings.
Walking is something most of take for granted. So is shopping; when one runs out of something, just go get more. I was pretty much out of food, both for me and the puppies and it was time to get more. A few months ago, I would have simply put on some shoes, jumped in the car and taken care of things. Now, I had to first decide if I really, really wanted to eat. Then I had to find someone to help me reach and carry. After recruiting a neighbor, I drove to the nearest Walmart, a small town Division I store, a far cry from the Supercenters most people are used to. I had to park quite a distan ...   read more

Day Eighteen   13 y  
I feel like I've been riding a yo-yo today, lot's of ups and downs.
Its been a yo-yo kind of day today. I did a liver flush last night, which went quite well. I passed two of the largest stones ever and began to feel better, although very weak. I don’t know if it was related to the flush or not, but when I tried to get up this morning I found that I could not even stand up, much less walk. That is not a good way to be at anytime, its especially hard when dealing with the aftermaths of a gallbladder/liver flush. I managed to half crawl, half drag and take care of things, then spent a good part of the morning in bed. After a lot of time in the traction colla ...   read more

Day Seventeen   13 y  
It gets pretty old to keep saying "I'm in pain" and "I can't walk" but that pretty much tells the story.
I’ve been wondering what to write today. It gets pretty old to keep saying ”I’m in pain” and ”I can’t walk” but that pretty much tells the story. I’ve been awfully depressed today, both about the situation and about my pig fest yesterday. I think the overeating made me feel a lot worse and I regret losing control like I did. Today all I’ve eaten was part of an apple, and it didn’t set very well. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better and more balanced day.   visit the page

Day Sixteen   13 y  
The doctor said this morning that it might take months for my walking to return to normal.
Pretty much the same old same old today, considerable pain and trouble walking. At therapy the doctor was able to do an adjustment on my neck which excited him, but left me pretty sore. He feels sure I am getting better, but said it may be months before my walking returns to normal. That was news I did not want to hear, in fact, it upset me quite a bit. My diet was anything but healthy today. I fell prey to depression and worry and had an old fashioned emotional eating pig-fest. I am not feeling too good about myself today, but trying to get over it and know I can start fresh in the morni ...   read more

Day Fifteen   13 y  
Probably the best news today is that I've finally seen a reduction in the acidic condition of my body.
Its late and I should be in bed by now, but sleep does not come easily lately. Today has been mostly a good day. I woke up with considerable pain this morning, but avoided taking any pain medicine until afternoon. Probably the best news today is that I’ve finally seen a reduction in the acidic condition of my body. A couple of months ago I ordered a sample pack of pH strips. To my surprise my morning saliva pH was 5.25-very acidic. Looking back, I shouldn’t have been surprised, I had let my diet slip badly. Due to some financial problems, I could only afford one meal a day. There are often ...   read more

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