First 30 day Juice Fast - Stepping into the Unknown
by LiveToBe100

Day 18   17 y  
Yessir, i ended it
Ended with a liver flush, which went great! Only a few green blips came out so i must be very clean and feel VERY clean inside. Had a nice fresh salad with romaine lettuce, carrot, raddish, tomato, spinach, cucumber, sunflower seeds and green pepper. Tasted just great! i feel like a new man.   visit the page

Day 17   17 y  
i may end my fast today
My hunger came back on day 14 though i didn’t mention it, it was still there on day 15 as i mentioned in blog, yesterday it was really there...drink a whole glass of juice and 30 minutes later it was still there, water and still there, it was i may be closer to my ideal weight than i rather than continue on in doubt, i’ll probably do a liver flush today and end the fast. Lost 20 lbs in 17 days. Woo hooo! And reading my list of reasons, i’ve gratefully met all of them...just will see if it all holds. I’m wearing pants and belts i haven’t in 14 years....with ...   read more

Day 16   17 y  
mind tricks
Felt some hunger today...maybe not enough water? or maybe the green powder stuff? Will go back to pure fresh veg. juice for a couple of days and see if that was it. i know it’s tough to not think about, but i try not to think about how many more days i have to’s an old running trick, while running a marathon, one shouldn’t think about how many more miles to go because it just makes it seem best if one lives in the moment, and only thinks of today and now...not in the really does work, makes the days go faster...suddenly you think, hey! where’d those days ...   read more

Days 14 and 15   17 y  
...this juice fasting is amazing!
Started at 207 am at 188 lbs...down 19 lbs in 15 days...most people really struggle to lose a lb a week. they work their butts off and go hungry and exercise like crazy, for a lousy lb. a week! Since my cold, i haven’t exercised, just lay around watching movies, and losing a lb a day! From yesterday, 2 lbs. , with virtually no hunger. Amazing. i’m just 8 lbs away from my ideal weight goal. The last few days i’ve backed way off on the juicing...getting tired of cleaning that juicer, echhh. And added watermelon and grapefruit juice by themselves...they’re quickies. Plus ...   read more

Day 13   17 y  
dropping a lb a day now...
read my reasons to fast again. watch movies, and seems they’re all about food. i can do one more day...   visit the page

Day 12   17 y  
down 15 lbs
Not much new, read reasons to fast again...weight loss is always a motivator. Will lay off of tomatoes for awhile, they cause rumbling in stomach for me. Feeling lighter and more energy now. :-) (alright, i’ll come clean, i cheated a mite and had a cup of joe today...pffftttt) ( i know one must be VERY careful about cheating like this, one can lead to another, then the whole fast can be be careful fellow fasters. :-) I’m still committed to this though, no problem )   visit the page

Day 11 - Back in the Saddle Again   17 y  
(singing cowboys in the background)
Finally figured out last night why i probably was stuck on the same weight...i’d been doing SWF’s. 3 in the last 5 days...i’d done one extra one to stop the rumble in the jungle, and it worked. All that salt and water retention...and sure enough this morning, 2 lbs. less...whoopie tie yi yo. Slightly less energy this morning, but i think it’s getting ready to kick in, on 12-14th day. Don’t feel i need to juice as much, only 3 glasses a day now, instead of 4. Anxious to start hiking, exercising. Reason i haven’t, is from past experience i know the cold will linger on or throat will ge ...   read more

Day 10   17 y  
rumble in the jungle
i notice that am stuck at the same weight here for 4 days. i wonder why? i dreamed of roast beef, potatoes and cornbread last night while waiting to go to sleep...maybe that kept lbs from coming off. i may have pulled a beginner’s mistake...i juiced a nice glass of pear juice and orange juice...drank it, then had some green powder juice....are you NOT supposed to mix too much fruit with vegies? my stomach rumbled, had 4th of July, and made loud noises all day and night....also while up in front of class teaching...i finally had to explain that i was fasting, juice fasting...asked t ...   read more

Day 9   17 y  
Down 12 lbs.
It seems the fast has switched into a different gear as of 2 days ago. Somehow it seems going deeper or something, my body just feels different, hard to explain. I’m sure it’s a good sign. Feeling weak this morning for the first time, and a bit last night too. It will pass. Yesterday wasn’t thinking to sharply... i teach, and made several mistakes at the board. Maybe lack of water? Cold 90% gone, only coughing and a bit congestion left. I keep pasted on my computer my daily weight, which is a big motivation for me. Each day i look forward to recording a lb lower. Gets me thru ...   read more

Day 8   17 y  
Back Pain Gone
Back pain is gone i just realized! Yey! How did THAT work?! Each morning i awake WIDE awake, no groginess, it’s amazing! Think i’ll do another SWF tomorrow. NOW i know the difference between using sea salt vs epsom salt. USE sea salt! I had to go to store to buy more toilet paper during my espsom salt day...they thought i was building a float in a parade. I’m using a mental trick for all of you new fellow fasters. Pretend solid food doesn’t exist. Juice is the only thing available. No such thing as solid food. It seems to help. I’m starting to think a person could live, ...   read more

Day 7   17 y  
Wow, Amazing Discovery?
Down 12 lbs, feeling lighter, more energy. Cold 90% gone. Amazing thought and realization hit me this morning...juice fasting i believe cures my prostate englargement. I’m in my 50’s and had to visit restroom nightly, because of BHP. Am having NONE of that now. It’s wonderful to sleep thru the night now. Is it temporary (during the fasting) or will it last? We’ll see. No hunger really. Start feeling a little empty, just drink a full glass of water or juice.   visit the page

Day 6   17 y  
Feeling Much Better
Looking back now, i’d say starting your fast when you HAVE a cold is a good way to go. You’ve got to go thru the stages of the cold anyway, and you MISS the trials and challenges of going thru the hunger phases in the first 3 days. I have felt virtually no hunger, because i was occupied with the cold. Another thing or two that comes to mind for those first trying long fasts: 1) I’d read somewhere that before you start your fast, you MUST write down WHY you are fasting,...then READ it EVERY day. (This is mental preparation) I’ve found this to be VERY important, especially for new ...   read more

Day 5   17 y  
Feeling lighter
Cold finally starting to subside. Funny thing, i’ve felt practically no hunger during these 5 days...due to i think being distracted by the misery of the cold. Feeling lighter though here in the 5th day, as in clear headedness. Decided to add radishes to my juice, supposed to be good for the liver. Did my first SW flush this, already can see THAT’S a good thing. Sure enough, the salt water mixture all came out and flushed within an hour and a half. Headaches almost gone. I like the saying by someone else on here... ”The Promised Land always lies on the other side of ...   read more

Day 4   17 y  
Down 9 lbs
I think of that old movie Airplane with Lloyd Bridges, all the turmoil and plane trouble, he says ”boy, I picked a bad week to quit smoking” ...and i think, boy, i picked a bad week to stop eating....what with my cold...fasting doesn’t seem to be affecting it, it’s still running the regular course. Day 4 here and down 9 lbs...that’s the encouraging part. Started at 207 lbs. Didn’t mean to talk about my cold so much, sorry, just REALLY looking forward to IT being gone.   visit the page

Day 2   17 y  
juice fast 30 day
Whoa, having a bad cold, or any illness, really makes you appreciate good health. Feeling really lousy, look forward to feeling good again after shaking this cold. Very little sleep last night, constantly getting up for restroom. Drank my last liquids at 6 pm but it all got eliminated during the night. Perhaps this severe cold will be a good thing...make it thru this and the rest of the fast will be easier. Will have to go get some garlic to add to my juices.   visit the page

Day 1   17 y  
30 day juice fast
...actually i got hit by a cold this morning, felt it coming yesterday...but i know juice fasting will take care of it quickly. Starting off with my top 10 to juice. 1 Carrots 2 Apples 3 Broccoli 4 red cabbage 5 celery 6 cucumbers 7 beets 8 romaine lettuce 9 spinach 10 Watermelon Plan to add cayenne pepper to the mixture. Wish me luck... ” a journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step”   visit the page


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