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Days 7, 8, 9 and How I'm doing   17 y  
Stats and how I'm doing
Hey All! *waving Day 7, my last day on my water fast. I seem to be waking up early, with only around 6 hours sleep. I skin brushed. Iím feeling so much better! *clapping* My headaches are only mild in the morning. Actually, I quit a little early; I had juice for dinner and a couple of pieces of fruit later that evening. Day 8 Skin brushed. I had some wonderful freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast. Yum! Was busy and productive all day, finally have some lasting energy! Did ok for dinner, felt guilty. So I had a good talk with myself. Day 9 Skin b ...   read more

Day 6...end of day   17 y  
A bit more energy
I skin brushed this morning. Iím down 13.4 pounds. I had a bit more energy today, Iím glad because I had a full day. I slept better last night. And this was the first morning that I didnít have a killer headache in 2 weeks!! I still had a mild headache, but so much better than a killer one. WooHoo! I took my son to have his first foot detox bath and a QXCI session. It went well and very interesting. I think this will help with a lot of problems that we are having. For an 11 yr old, heís got a lot of crap going on in his body; unfortunately. It took 3 hours! I will be doing w ...   read more

Day 5...end of day   17 y  
Energy still low, low back hurting
I skin brushed this morning. Iím down 11.6 pounds. I slept horrible last night! I donít know if itís because of the nap I had taken earlier that day, toxins, or something else. † My energy level is still low. My low back has been hurting a bit. Weíve decided to take a family vacation next week, so Iíll start on juice about Thursday. Do 3 days of juice, then do fruits and veggies. Then on our trip Iím going to keep it mostly fruits and veggies. This is my test to see how I do. Then I want to go back to fasting a couple days after the trip. Midge   read more

Day 4...end of day   17 y  
No energy, weak and tired
I skin brushed this morning. Iím down 9.8 pounds. I was very tired and weak today. We went looking for a car, then I can home and took an hour nap. I felt better after the nap, but was still weak. It was even harder today to not eat. This evening I took 1 bite of an apple and chewed it until liquid. Iím not so itchy ídown thereí, but now there is an íodorí, almost like amonia or something. Weird. Hopefully Iíll have a bit more energy tomorrow, I have to work all day and do some errands. Maybe it wonít be so much of a struggle tomorrow, but I doubt it!! ...   read more

Day 3...end of day   17 y  
Better than I thought it would be
The energy lasted for 4-5 hours! WOOHOO! I cleaned my bathroom, did laundry, and cleaned some of my closet. I felt pretty good. My sinuses hurt a bit, but for the most part I felt good. Iíve struggled with wanting food all evening. I keep having these silent conversations with myself about food, why I want to eat, why I shouldnít eat, what itís done to me so far, and stuff like that. I had to white heads break out on my forearm today. My tongue still isnít coated, thatís weird. Iím a bit itchy down between my legs, so I must be detoxing something out down there. &nb ...   read more

Day 3...morning   17 y  
A bit more energy
  Day 3-skin brushed, have a little bit more energy this morning. Sinuses still hurt....I hope because itís detoxing, but who knows. Down 7.7 pounds. I have some work to get done today, so I hope my energy holds out. Since I messed up after my last juice fast, Iíve been thinking about how Iím going to end this one. Not just end it, but how Iím going to eat afterwards. Itís going to be a struggle, but I know that I can do it, as long as I donít give in to temptation and cravings. On my last fast I kept thinking about all the junk food that I was going to eat. From expe ...   read more

Day 2...end of day   17 y  
Made it through day 2!!
Whew! I made it! I skin brushed this morning. Iím down 4.4 pounds. My forehead/sinuses are very painful.   I felt horrible for most of the day today. I went to the chiropractor and found out that I have a viral infection, my sinuses were clogged, my ears were clogged, and my adrenals were working over time. So she worked on all of it. I finally felt better this evening. My tummy was hungry a few times, but I didnít give in; I want to feel better. My tongue isnít coated yet. Iím tired and weak. I did walk outside a little bit today in the sunshine ...   read more

Day 1...end of day   17 y  
Back again!...Fast #3
6-1-06 Let me tell ya, itís about time!! My headaches are daily again. :( And painful. Riding in a car is torture for my head. Iím so tired and feeling aweful. So, Iím going at least 30 days again. I will be water fasting and juice fasting. I think a week of water then a week of juice and keep going back and forth. Weíll see how it goes. Iíve been reading that water fasting is awesome for the body, but that you should only do it supervised if over 9 days. I donít have the money to go to a fasting clinic, so I figured I could alternate it with juicing. Itís nice to feel hunger, ...   read more

Day 4....morning   17 y  
It kicked my butt! I'm done until next week.
Wow, I canít believe how I was feeling on just water. I did all water at the end of my last fast, but not the beginning. Iíve been so tired and weak it just knocked me down. My husband commented to me that I looked horrible and that I probably did it wrong; because I went from normal eating right in to water fast. I didnít do it gradually. Heís probably right. He said that next week heís going to try it and do it right. So, Iíve decided that it would be nice to do the fast together....since heís never done one at all. So I came off the fast yesterday and weíll be starting again on ...   read more

Day 2.....end of day   17 y  
But I want to eat
Well, I skin brushed this morning and got on the scale (yes, I have a hard time staying off that thing!), after the first day Iím down 4.6 pounds. WOW! My head still hurt today, but not as bad as it did on Sunday and Monday. Food was really a chore today....I wanted it!! This is such a struggle. I want to be healthy, but I want to eat. I want to be thin, but I want to eat. I want to feel good, but I want to eat. What a merry-go-round! I was reading some oneís blog and suddenly had this urge to "forget this crap! and go eat!" I almost did! How horrible! I didní ...   read more

Day 1.....end of day   17 y  
Sinus infection, oh the pain
I skin brushed this morning. I went to my chiropractor today and found the culprit of this headache..... a sinus infection ! I usually get one when I detox, so I just got it early! So, Iíll feel better early too. So I took some lysine and hopefully Iíll be a lot better tomorrow morning. I had some water today. I did fine, I wanted food only once or twice. If I didnít feel terrible Iím sure I would have had a harder time with wanting food. Tomorrow is suppose to be nice, so I hope to feel better so that I can go for a walk. Good Night, Midge   read more

I'm Back! #2   17 y  
Back with a vengeance!
5-8-06 I did a 30 day juice fast from 3-12-06 to 4-11-06. This is what I wrote on 4-19-06: Hey All, Iím sorry for skipping out on you like it did after my fast was finished. I have lots to say. But first, letís go over my results: lost 25 pounds, lost 2 inches in thighs, 2 inches in hip, 2 inches in abs, and 4 inches in waist. The swelling was totally gone in my ankles and lower legs. My hair seemed not so frizzy. My skin was so soft from the skin brushing. My headaches were about gone. I felt great! I actually felt like doing things. And I could ...   read more

Day 30.....end of day.....last day!!   17 y  
It's the end!!
Things went well today. I did have a slight headache this morning when I got up. Skin brushed. I started house cleaning right away. I shampooed the carpet in the living room and both bathrooms. I had plenty of energy today. I went for a 2 mile walk which took me 44:11 minutes. I didnít do any jogging, didnít feel like it. And didnít push myself walking either. Iím finishing up my fast tonight with a liver flush; I canít wait to have some fruit tomorrow. I still have a slight cough, so Iím still detoxing. My sleeping hasnít been very good the last few nights; I keep waki ...   read more

Day 29.....end of day   17 y  
Feeling good, 3 mile walk
Got up, skin brushed. I felt pretty good, still have that cough but not as bad. I figured that the cough is detox. I donít know what itís trying to get rid of out of my lungs, but Iím glad it is. The sun shone wonderfully! I went for a 3 mile walk !! It took 44:25 min. It felt great to be out, but that last mile was a challenge. Then I got back and started cleaning the kitchen. I polished about 1/3 of the cupboards, put up new curtains, and cleaned the track in the window. Felt great! 1 more day!! Then Iím having fruit!! My mother called me today and asked me to promis ...   read more

Day 28.....end of day   17 y  
What is it with this cough??!?
Thank God itís the end of the day. Iím so sick and tired of this cough, itís driving me crazy today!! Could this 6 day cough really be detox?? Is it trying to get something out of my lungs? Good question. I may never know. I almost ate today to get rid of the cough, if it would have worked. This morning I skin brushed, did a weight workout; which I havenít done in a week. :( My husband told me that heís amazed that I made it this far on only juices and water, and that he donít think he could do that. I told him that you can do more than you think you can. I want to eat ...   read more

Day 27.....end of day   17 y  
Still detoxing, but feel good.
Well, I slept great after taking a sleeping pill (I never do that, but I just couldnít sleep). But, I woke up with a headache and feeling dizzy. Iím down 24 pounds. I havenít seen this weight in 5 years. I skin brushed, took a detox bath, shaved legs, showered, and got ready for my nieceís baby shower. I still have this dry cough, dry mouth, sore throat, and mild headache. I have decided that this so-called cold, itís also detox. Because my hubby is now fine with no symptoms in sight after 2 days and Iím going on day 6!! So it must be detox symptoms!! After the ...   read more

Day 26....end of day   17 y  
I'm a sicko trying to shake it off
Skin brushed. Still blowing nose and all that crap! Throat is dry and stratchy. Went to Salvation are with girls and I got a nice pair of pants!! We got 15 items for 15 dollars! Great savings there! Had orange juice this morning. Water the rest of day. Well, I did have quite a few win-to-green lifesavers because of my throat being so dry. Made pizza for the family for dinner. I made a huge 11 layer salad for my nieceís baby shower tomorrow. By 10:30 I was sleeping in my reliner. I went to bed. I kept waking and coughing and coughing. Got back up at 12:30 and watche ...   read more

Day 25.....end of day   17 y  
Feeling worse, this terrible viral thing
Well, I went shopping. Then I went to get groceries. Iím feeling worse, with this viral cold, crap that I have. Sinuses draining, nose is running, dry mouth, dry cough, sneezing, mild headache just all out having a crappy time. I donít think that all this is detox, I think itís just a viral thing thatís going around. I hope this all ends before I end my fast on Tuesday. I would really hate to end it being sick. "If the people around you donít believe in you, if they donít encourage you, then you need to find some people who do." Midge   read more

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