My 40+ Day Lenten Fast
by cheezerman I'm not sure   17 y  
I SLOWLY start to break my 40 day juice fast. Careful how you break them...
I still consider what Iím doing fasting. Itís not juice fasting, its not water fasting, but itís still abstanance from my ĒnormalĒ diet. Monday I ate 2 and a half pineapples. Bad idea. I LOVE pineapple and I know itíll never hurt me, but by the middle of the third pineapple my mouth started bleeding. Itís because of the enzymes in pineapple, notably, bromalin, which actually digest my tongue and gums. Luckly it goes away quick, but my mouth was pretty sore for a few hours. Tuesday, I was busy all day, so I couldnít take fresh fruit with me. So I bought a pound of dates and mu ...   read more

Day 40   17 y  
Last day of juce
YAY! Day 40! What a great mental landmark. 40 days! Today will be my last day on Orange Juice. Monday (tomorrow) I will be eating as much pineapple as I desire, raw and fresh. I have 3 fresh ripe pineapples waiting for tomorrow. Tuesday I have 2 pounds of fresh dates ready to devour. Wednesday, I have 5 pounds of fresh ripe mangoes. Thursday through Saturday, I will be water fasting. And Saturday I will officially be OFF the fast. I probably wonít be eating much in the way of cooked foods for a while. Iíve really enjoyed my fast. Iíll probably write an overv ...   read more

Day 37...I think   17 y  
Losing count of the days, that's when you know it's been a long time.
Iím stil at it! Iíve been REALLY busy the last few days thats why I havenít updated in a while. I think itís day 37, but I havenít bothered counting for a while. Lately Iíve been alternating between two trains of thought: -I canít WAIT to start experiencing the wonderful pleasure of eating my favorite foods. -I REALLY donít want to go back to eating, I love this feeling of health and clarity while fasting. So Iím conflicted, but Iíll have to eat eventually. Iím going to start with one type of raw fruit a day on Monday the 10th. Iíll do that until Wednesday night whe ...   read more

Day 29, 30   17 y  
Fasting? I'm not fasting. Honest...
Sorry for the lack of updates. I really want to keep this updated, but frankly, fasting has become the last thing on my mind lately. So I donít always think about updating. Iíll be more diligant. I have been one cold enema each night for three nights. Today my bowels are starting to act normally. I define normally as one movement everytime you eat. Today I almost accomplished that. Iím still working on it. I couldnít believe the black gunk that came out of my colon. After fasting for 30 days and doing plenty of flushing, I was still suprised to see black sticky chunky stu ...   read more

Day 28   17 y  
Sorry for the delay; MASS mucous; how to break the fast?
Wow! What a busy couple of days Iíve had! Iíve been REALLY busy with work and hobbies and such, that I pretty much forgot I was fasting, until today. Which is GREAT! Iíve been able to GO GO GO all day and never tire. Since at least Friday, Iíve had A LOT of yucky stuff come up. Iím not one to get sick very often, and I never have mucous, but this last few days, Iíve hacked up GALLONS of mucous every day! I know itís gross, sorry, but I know itís just my body getting rid of some DEEP down crap that needed to get expelled, and it needed to get it out NOW! Iím ok with that. I ...   read more

Day 23   17 y  
Crappy start to today, but GREAT finish!
Today I felt horrible, at lest in the morning. I stayed up too late last night (iíve been doing that a lot lately), and it was REALLY REALLY hard to get up this morning. My throat hurt and my body hurt. I had a headache. And I was LATE! So I was unable to make my morning juice. I had to go all day with no water and no juice. Normally this isnít a problem, but I was almost unable to get my work done, good thing Iím tough. Around 2:00pm, I was feeling much better, and by 4:00 I was flying high again! Today I counted days, and this is my HALFWAY point! Yay Iím halfway ther ...   read more

Day 22   17 y  
Finally, some cheap Oranges
I FINALLY found a source of cheap oranges, so I can quit juicing cheap apples to supplement my orange juice. Not that Apple Juice is BAD, but I really wanted to do the whole fast on OJ only.  Unfortunitly, oranges are inbetween seasons here, and all my usual sources for bulk oranges are dried up.  I canít really afford oranges at $2.49 a pound. During the early summer, I get 60lb boxes of valencias, picked that day, organic.  They canít sell the super ripe and jucy ones, so they give me the box for $20.00!!!  A 60lb box lasts me 1-2 weeks, swimming in juic ...   read more

Day 21   17 y  
3 weeks! YAY!
Woo hoo! 3 weeks! It doesnít seem like that long, but when I started, 3 weeks seemed like FOREVER. I took 2 difficult midterms today, and they were such a breeze. I recalled all information easily, and I was the first one done in both tests. Fasting has definatly helped my mental state. I feel so much sharper! I took another epsom salts laxative today, since my bowels were yet again being sluggish. Today I also added a strawberry worth of juice to my apple juice. It was quite yummy. I have a sore and scratchy throat this evening, hopefully itíll go away before tomorrow. ...   read more

Day 20   17 y  
Equinox today
Itís the equinox, what a great day, good energy abound. It was such a great day, I forgot all about fasting completly!   visit the page

Day 19   17 y  
Short day, but here's some recipes for all you non-fasters.
Today, I woke up at 10:00am, and didnít feel like waking up, so I dreamed for several hours longer, until 2:00 (I know, Iím a bum). I woke up and continued to clean the house and do various things around the house.  I only had a glass of orange juice when I arose, and a glass of apple juice around 9:00pm.  I wasnít hungry otherwise. I made dinner for my family tonight.  They ranted and raved about it.   Usually, when I cook, they like it, but I donít get rants and raves.  Everytime Iíve cooked for them while fasting, theyíve LOVED it.  I g ...   read more

Day 18   17 y  
Spring cleaning today
Since I stayed up until 4:00am partying, then reading, I slept in until noon today, which really is unusual for me, but it felt nice to dream for so long. I spent most of the remaining day cleaning my house, concentrating on the kitchen, and my room (which REALLY needed it). It felt SO MUCH better having a clean house. Iím such a neat freak, but I usually donít have enough time to clean properly. Iím glad I got to today. All in all today was a very productive day, and I hardly thought about fasting all day.   visit the page

Day 17   17 y  
5 pounds of mucous and mud later...
I started feeling really strong today, which is great. Up until now, Iíve been a little colder than usual every day, but today I was WARM! I did a bunch of excerscises (no weights, just used gravity and my bodyweight) and stretched for an hour or so. Boy did I feel GREAT! My muscles felt like they were taught and in perfect condition, all my joints moved perfectly freely and loosely. I felt so limber and strong, it was great! This morning I took a epsom salts dosage, since my bowel movements have been scant lately. It was needed, because this evening, I expelled about a ga ...   read more

Day 16   17 y  
Boredom sets in, or 'I need a life'
I find that the hardest thing to deal with while fasting, is the lack of things to do. I suppose that is my greatest challenge. I usually have a good 3 hours a day devoted to eating, thinking about food, cooking and preparing food, and procuring food. Often times, digesting food turns my mind off, and Iíll blah around for another hour or two. Now, Iím ĒonĒ all the time, and there isnít enough to fill my mind. I have a very active mind. I guess I need more of a life... So today, I was bored all day; all I wanted to do was eat, because it was something to DO. blah. I li ...   read more

Day 15   17 y  
Honey is my enemy, but Lucid Dreams are my savior!
Today I had no work or school, so I slept in until 12:00! Such late sleeping is UNHEARD OF for me, but I felt I needed to. I didnít actually sleep until then, I just was dreaming, sort of like a deep meditation. It was then that I had my best lucid dream to date! I was dreaming a fairly realistic dream, with lots of details and not so abstract, when I realised, with the help of some dream characters, that I was dreaming. I Ēwoke upĒ which is a misnomer really because what I really did was start controlling with my conscious mind, the dream world, including the character I was play ...   read more

Day 14   17 y  
I smoked today :-(
Day 14 My BUSY day. Class and school for 11 hours straight. :-( I had a glass of orange juice and 2 LBBs in the morning. Went all day on that until 8:00, when I immedietly got a call from a friend ĒHANG OUT WITH US,Ē he called. So I just kept driving and ended up at their house surrounded by delicious desserts (my buddy works at a bakery). I resisted it all easily, by imagining how such foods would react in my pristine, empty stomach (badly!). They broke out the hookah, and even though I vowed not to smoke, drink or eat for 40 days, I had a few puffs of the hookah. My l ...   read more

Day 13   17 y  
I quieted my mind today.
I was able to quiet my mind today while sitting on the couch. I voided my mind of all thoughts, and allowed ALL my muscles to release, which brought great relaxation. Usually I am only able to do this in intense meditation or while in some crazy yoga pose. I am certain that fasting is helping. Other than that, a normal day. Had apple/carrot/spinach juice today. Also some orange juice. Finally I am having some regular bowel movements. 2 today (and counting!) which is better than any other day, except when using epsom salt laxatives. About freakin time!   visit the page

Day 12   17 y  
Another breezy day
Today I woke up around 12:00 noon feeling GREAT! Itís the first time Iíve been able to sleep in past 7:00 in a long long time. I had a glass of watered down OJ first thing, and wasnít hungry for the rest of the day. I had another glass at 2:00 and another at 4:00. I made my family a huge South Mexican fiesta dinner, complete with spicy peanuts, completly homemade enchiladas, and REAL Mexican hot chocolate. Mexican cooking is my passion, I love making it (more than I love eating it). I find that cooking food for other people while fasting is such a great experience. Instead o ...   read more

Day 11   17 y  
A hard, trying day.
Day 11, what a tough day! I had cravings all day! I wanted food so bad. I drank around 10 glasses of apple/carrot/(garlic/cilantro) juice, to try and shake the cravings. I ate 3 spoonfulls of unfiltered sorghum, trying to get some minerals, it tasted sooo good. Eventually I had to sleep, just to keep them away. Not the funnest fasting day ever. The problem was that I pulled an all nighter last night, playing video games with my buddy. Not smart...   visit the page

Day 10   17 y  
Uneventful day, one day late
Day 10 was easy, and uneventful. My body started to smell. It wasnít a bad smell, more like cooking garlic and onions. Iím assuming itís some sort of crap coming out though my skin. No BMs today, Iíll have to do epsom salts on day 11. My last fasts havenít had such problems with BMs, I think itís related to the fact that Iíve been struggling with dehydration for a lot of the fast, despite drinking 2 quarts of juice a day. Iíll have to keep up with the BM thing, it could be dangerous. I might have to start doing enemas :-(   visit the page

A little background.   17 y  
My street creds
I thought Iíd share my health and fasting background, so that people can get an idea what it took me to get to this point. Iím 21 years old. For most of my life I ate what is considered a healthy Standard American Diet (SAD). This means, no soda, no preservitives, no packaged food, lots of fruit and veggies, but no attention to food combining. When I moved away from home, at 18, I started to be interested in health, starting with weightlifting. I wanted to gain some weight, being skinny all my life (6í3Ē 170lbs) At first I was really interested in lifting techniques and I did gro ...   read more

Day 9   17 y  
Apple Heaven!
Today I took 3 tablespoons of epsom salts in a glass of water first thing in the morning. After the first movement, I drank a liter of orange juice, which tasted like a slice of heaven! That cleared me out big time, and today was pretty normal, nothing to report really. I made lasagna for my family, all homemade ingredients, so yummy. Although this is one of my favorite meals, I didnít crave it or want it at all. Sure, it smelled good, and sure, part of me wanted it. But my body knew that it wouldnít sit right in my stomach, so it never allowed a craving. How nice! After my or ...   read more

Day 8   17 y  
Easy as pie
Woo hoo! Day 8! I feel fine today, nothing really different. Itís as if iím not even fasting, and there was no cravings today. I made a huge pot of my mommaís homemade pasta sauce, for my family. Simmering garlic, onions, basil... Yum smelling, but didnít tempt me in the least bit. Also, I made a beautiful (REAL) miso soup to compliment the fried rice they made. I also made a fermented apple/carrot/spinach/garlic drink for tomorrow, weíll see how that goes.   visit the page

Day 7   17 y  
What a hard day...
One week!  When you are fasting, every milestone seems so exciting, and one week is no exception.  I am so proud of myself for making 7 days, even if I have done so several times before.  It just seems like such a barrier. Today was a tough day.  I woke up feeling like I hadnít gotten enough sleep, which is probably true since I went to bed at 12:30PM.  I was rushed to get to work, so I didnít have time to squeeze orange juice, so I only took a quart of distilled water (I never drink any other type of water). I sipped on the quart from 8:00am until 7 ...   read more

Starting this blog on day 6.   17 y  
Days 1-6, what a breeze!
Rules of the fast:  No solids, or fiber. Intake will be Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, or MAYBE some other nutritious home made juice, fermented for a day. There MUST be one bowel movemt per day, minimum.  This will be accomplished through a FEN-LB pill, every drink.  If not, epsom salt laxitives will be taken, or (god forbid) a cool water enema. Nobody must know.  Marti Gras / Fat Tuesday was my last meal.  I wanted my last meal to be gluttonus, so I went all out.  My mom made a chicken meal, enough for m ...   read more


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