My 120-day fast on vegan urine/water (later will add green juice)...
by jerksforthesedentary

Day 12 Gargantua and Pantagruel   17 y  
Fun with urine.
Well, Pantagruel, anyway. Starting farting a little during the day yesterday - in the early night-time, when I seem to have what symptoms I have, it definitely turned into indigestion, farts, belches, heartburn. I knew it was retracing because I haven’t eaten anything and it as all very familiar digestive-disorder stuff to me from my non-fasting days. Rememer, your detox symptoms are unlikely to be things that you don’t already know of from non-fasting. This is also the time of day that I have horrible night terrors when I first try to sleep - again and again waking up suddenly, feeling I’ ...   read more

Day 11   17 y  
My urine continues to taste like the popular conception of what urine would taste like - getting fed up with it, and fed up with drinking.
Not much to say. Long way to go.   visit the page

Day 10 urine/water   17 y  
A new time-frame
I’m trying to be accustomed to the idea that no repair can happen even till after the blood acidity has been corrected which will probably mean until day 15 onwards. So I just have to get through these five days before I can even start thinking that way. Slept quite a lot yesterday. I hate how ”lying doing nothing with eyes closed” tends to mean a lot of unwanted mental activity that is either very stressful and unpleasant or intense and stimulating - the opposite of a rest. As I said before, _qua rest_, I can’t believe that’s better than reading some lightiana like _The Suicide Club_. ...   read more

Day 9 on urine/water   17 y  
More fasting webpages for perusal. In which I'm convinced that I am not risking my life, but saving it. The fascinating body.
Here are two sites I recommend to fasters - , in particular, and also a Sheltony thing at - don’t you just love how proverbially unhealthy all those natural hygienists at the top look? I want to mention that the urinist idea is that water-fast concerns about imbalance or deficiency of minerals and nutrients and sugars and so on during a water fast (extended) are obviated by the urine, which has that stuff in it - that’s the theory - hoping it is true!! The starthealthylife article interestingly men ...   read more

All you no-more-poosters - I forgot to say...   17 y  
God and Hair.
By the way, I’m not washing my hair. I’m sure the cosmetic rationale for this is posted somewhere here on CureZone, if not do a websearch on poo-freedom. I can attest it does work great. However, I have to start my hair-wash decompression thing all over again - go through the greasy stage that lasts a few weeks. I’d stoped washing around early January and had just made it through the greasy stage beginning of February, not having to be seen in public certainly by no-one who matters - and then early February I was travelling to see someone and I copped out and washed my hair. I have picture ...   read more

Yay! Just had to tell you! Feeling happy.   17 y  
In which the mercurial Skinner hypes extended urine fasting!
Well, you know there are up times and down times on a fast, but I’m using this up time to say: hey, looks as though things turn a corner round day 8. Boy was I scoffing at that Detox Stages stuff, but maye there’s something in it. Fasters, and urine fasters, hang on that first week when it looks as though everything is hopeless - things do brighten up. For me, it’s been that just today there seems to be hope for my blindness - well, as you can see I’m not totally blind, but I’m mostly blind with zero peripheral vision (easier to talk about this stuff when you suddenly think there could be ...   read more

Start of day 8 on urine/water - going strong   17 y  
A brief update, and a contrasting view of your brain on UF completely different from my experience
During sleep, I had two ”tracings” or whatever you call when you have a brief worsening of illnesses you are prone to - one was something quite terrifying and death-ish that I experienced pre-fast almost daily, the other was a brief phase of feeling full of urine but passing very little very trickly-ly, not something I would have said was a big feature of my pre-fast existence at all, but it happened occasionally, as part, I figured, of systemic candida. The terrifying bit was at first terrifying, until I realized that it was what I experienced every night when _not_ fasting, and was thus ...   read more

News flash! Tanglewood site and ketosis.   17 y  
In which you are referred to a website that might interest fasters and I resolve to do nothing.
I’ve been reading the Tanglewood Wellness Center website - testimonials and articles. It really makes me feel more positive about my lack of symptoms so far - really, 7 days is nothing. Please, fasters, if you tend to get hungry during your fast, ESPECIALLY if you end up bingeing on unhealthy and unethical things, or going off a fast you really want to do, consider that in ketosis you really _are not hungry_ and ketosis only happens when you aren’t doing a juice fast or Master Cleanse. That I can really attest to - the last juice fast I did was 10 days on no-sugar, just cucumber juice and ...   read more

Day 7 of 120 voici   17 y  
Well on Day 7 - where's the detox? I still have freckles, man. Music, films, and dreams.
Ites chillen - day 7 of urine/water fast. Feeling fine. Continue to be surprised, relieved, troubled by this. You know the Detox Stages they have posted in the Master Cleanse section - all that stuff about mucus discharge and clogged sinuses? Alack - no resemblance to this. As I keep musing - is that because urine is some sort of fast emollient, making a fast naturally gentler, or is it because it’s screwing up detox? Or am I just a slow (or non-!!) detoxer? In any event, if you wanted to do a water fast but couldn’t take off from various duties and things, why not try a urine fast? In spi ...   read more

Cool liver "pains"!   17 y  
Liver detox? Cool! An apology for seeming disingenuous (if that's the case).
Hardly pains really - insistent discomfort or cramp, once again lasting briefly, maybe a minute. That’s encouraging, as my liver’s in trouble and not functioning and needs detox and healing. Oh, by the way, that reminds me - I’ve been accused on CureZone of being evasive and disingenuous - in fact, self-pitying and putting on a show so that people say ”You poor thing”. Actually, I could use a little ”You poor thing”ing, as it’s been as non-existent on the ground as ”You brave soul”ing or any other form of admiration or even quasi-affection or respect or attention - but that’s irrelevant. I ...   read more

Evening of day 6 - fast running smoothly   17 y  
Some observations on fast slow geology, and feeling fine on urine: exclusive. Thrillsville and no belly-aches.
I’m sort of surprised how well I feel - not energetic or euphoric, not out-of-it and like death run over, or always hungry, as with previous fasts not on urine. I sneezed once. If you read the fasting journals on this site, as I do, or the posts, you’ll find a fair amount of people having symptoms - feeling cold, having cold-like or flu-like symptoms - certainly not everyone, but it comes up. I wonder why that isn’t happening, and if it will? Am I a slow detoxer (I think I know the answer to that - yes!)? Is it somethig about the urine that prevention such symptoms - if so, is it a good th ...   read more

Doubts, and renewal of purpose, a gift from CureZone   17 y  
Don't want to do this any longer.
Gone noon, and I’ve had twinges of just not thinking I can do this any longer, not wanting to, even wnting to eat. It wouldn’t come up if I weren’t so emphatically exactly where I was in terms of the things I’m fasting for, if u.f. weren’t shamelessly showing itself to be a failure even in the simple matter of healing a skin infection. But then I think of this weblog, and how the whole www would know I gave up, so we have to consider when we post weblogs: is that what I want? It looks so terrible, weblogs called THE GREAT 40-day TRANSFIGURATION and then you click on them and see like one p ...   read more

Which is better - raw veganism or fasting?   17 y  
I weigh in on the VITAL question - should you focus on a fast or focus on sustained, committed raw veganism?
You know, it’s only day6 (or 7 if you count my day 0), and I hope for my own sake this fast works - but at the moment, I just want to weigh in with this (and I realize that many real fasters stress that things don’t start to even happen before day 20, so I’m being spoiled and unhelpful but I sincerely, deeply mean the following): 1. if you are someone who is not entirely at the end of the rope, seriously, severely ill with life-long or chronic concerns or fatal stuff that needs the fastest traetment possible 2. If you are someone who even suspects that in attempting to fast you might ...   read more

pH/night-time urine - more thoughts   17 y  
Switching from urine pH testing to saliva testing and fancying this is a good idea; ponder: why might 2-7 a.m. tipple be more concentrated?
My urine just tested 4.5, as it’s steadily been at all times of day - however, another of my brilliant ideas yesterday was to start testing my saliva pH - yesterday afternoon it was 6.4, roughly, and this morning it’s 6.0. Whilst this is no means good (I wonder if it’ll go up or down as I go along evey day with the urine) and does not change the fact that I’m on a steady diet of nothing but 4.5 liquid (distilled water is about the same), it does make me feel better - so my tissue pH isn’t 4.5 after all, as I feared. That _really_ would have been unhealthy, and asking for trouble. This way, ...   read more

Day 6 of 120 report - fasting on urine   17 y  
The best is yet to come - isn't it?
Greetings, fast followers. Much to report. I feel very regretful to you in that I must say that as of the morning of day 6 on only urine and water, absolutely no results of any magnitude, even tiny ones, show themselves. So, please, if anyone tells you that 5 days of urine fasting (and day 0 was a juice fast day) will have groovesome consequences, don’t go into it thinking so. I am talking about nothing - physical/physiological, cosmetic, mental, spiritual, whatever. If you need to drop 3 or 4 pounds without appreciable hunger, that might work. So my two big worries are that this won’t ...   read more

Some updates, afternoon day 5.   17 y  
Later notes on Day 5 - a new suggestion about the most healing urine. Differences compared to other fasting?
I really do feel fine. You know, if you tend to get hungry on water fasts or juice fasts or lemonade, try a urine fast. I’m a godforsaken eatie myself, and just not hungry, sort of naturally. Not not hungry, as when one has a fever or cold or nausea, just not particularly hungry. There isn’t that urgency I’ve felt on other fasts - of course it’s early. By the way, Matthew, no-one, but no-one, has ever called or considered me a ”brave soul” before - it’s an exhilarating concept to think that might be me. Certainly helps to keep going. Pros and cons of urine fasting per se - there’s no ...   read more

Typos!   17 y  
Exegesis on some sloppy mistypings in previous post.
Apologies for the typos - missing letters basically - the fault of my lousy keyboard keys sticking and then my not rereading carefully enough - nothing to dowith losing brain cells from fasting! I think most of the mistyped words are pretty easy to figure out as one reads, but the following strike me as needing correction - in paragraph 5, I write ”expression” when I meant ”depression”; and said I was 1/3 through - Freudian slip, apparently - that’s 1/30 through. In paragraph 8, I said ”when we are asking for their deepest self” but meant to type ”help” instead of ”self” there. Apolo ...   read more

Day 5 of 120 - determined and well, in spite of nay-sayers.   17 y  
Day 5 on just urine and water is far from alarming - the fast keeps its enigmas to itself in Arthurian mists - if the enigmas really exist. Feels pretty good, othing to fear.
Wish I could upload pictures for you. At one point yesterday I was quite disheartened indeed, and almost switched to a green juice fast. I felt well, and inside my body said, this is okay, this is right”, but I was getting a lot of negativity and scare from online ”help”. Also, I tried to unearth some real person who had actually gone more than a week fasting on urine - no-one has. Some talk big about how it heals everything when nothing else can, but I haven’t actually found anyone who’s done it. So they don’t know. Urine Fasting as incredible healer, even magic, could be true; on the ...   read more

More advice for fasters.   17 y  
More advice for fasters and, indeed, anyone going on the rough journey of dietary/health/psychological/spiritual/"medical"/cosmetic "improvement"
I literally could not do this without Little Bob Poo - a water-hole for the weary, soft, warm, and ”forgiving” or ”tolerant” isn’t the word. I can’t believe he loves me, but he rubs my face with his and purrs and casually touches me with his paws when he stretches, so perhaps he does. Unconditionally, it would seem. If you are planning to fast and are in one way or another (or in many or all ways) alone in the world, the best thing you could do for your fast is go to a shelter and rescue a loving armful of fuzz from death - then s/he’ll stay with you when you need someone and the rise and ...   read more

Day 4 of 120?   17 y  
Sheesh - the (jungle) beat goes on, but it's getting rough
Woke up feeling black and bleak and lost. You know the saying, ”First there are mountains. Then there are no mountains. Then there are mountains.”(a common enough Zen-manque saying that seems to have no web hits to speak of)? It must be that there are no mountains now. Whether there will ever be any mountains again is anybody’s guess. Here’s one - Fire in the Kitchen (the NYC band not the Celtic thing that stole their name). If you are planning to do a fast, my recommendation to you is to stock up on Maugham short stories for entertainment and Fire in the Kitchen songs for - fire, life, ...   read more

Day 3...   17 y  
Still rather early for a journal to interest anyone, but I am hanging in there...
In spite of a huge housing/financial crisis upon waking at 6.30, I weathered it and am ready for Day 3. Nothing yet to report - I’m dehydrated - must drink more! My urine pH measures 4.5!!! - does anyone know if one’s pH drops during a fast for a good and nice reason, like that I’m excreting acid from my system? Here I am drinking a liquid that’s 4.5 acidity! How can this be good? Sad about a personal issue - all the time about that. Try not to think about it and focus. Still deep in all the horror I’m fasting to overcome - still monstrously ugly, all my internal systems shot - I kno ...   read more

Day 2....   17 y  
A self-indulgent journal describing Day 1 that I hope will encourage others to live and throw off their chains (and those of other animals the world over).
If you are like me, this is too early in to be reading anyone’s fasting journal - not much going on! However, it’s the early days when the faster isn’t into the groove and is likely to go off bingeing. Day 1 I had some interesting skin outbreaks, but they are quite healed. I am resting as much as possible through this thing. No physical feelings of hunger - day 1 is always easy, isn’t it? One hates to wish away one’s life, but yesterday went fairly rapidly and smoothly - emotionally very traumatic, but physically manageable. I had no water and barely urinated at all, so today I wish ...   read more


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