Master Cleanse.. Act 4
by moriquendi

Day 16: This is the End.   17 y  
The End.
Yes. Thatís right. I have decided this is my very last day on this. All in all a very successful cleanse. My sore throat is gone and so are the sniffles. I never really did have a white tongue but thatís because I have the habit of brushing it while I do my teeth. So itís always pink anyway. I am already making my tomato/onion soup and it smells sooo good. I am very excited about starting my new eating habits. I will perhaps do another blog detailing my experience with the raw food. (That includes the meat too.. Iíve already determined that I canít do pure vegetarian. I di ...   read more

Day 15: Geez, isn't it over yet?   17 y  
I have a whole new respect for food.
Okay.. 2 entire weeks and now itís getting monotonous. Iíve always considered myself to be somewhat blase about food. I could take it or leave it. I, again, have a whole new appreciation of the effect food has on my life. I had to do a syrup/molasses combination again today. Tommorrow will be only molasses. Again, the BM thing happened. AND I had alot of energy when I got off work today. I think I may have to ísuck it upí and stay with the molasses. No matter how strong it is. Iím not certain Iíll last the week though. Iím quite excited about getting onto my new diet. My ...   read more

Day 14: Major Low Time Right Now   17 y  
Sore throat, headache, sniffles...hmmm
I woke up this morning with the most intense sore throat. I havenít had one of those since that time I came down with a flu that kept me home for a week. My nose is partly stuffed, partly runny, kind of like having a cold and Iím very lethargic today. But itís definitely NOT a cold. It is definitely a detoxing phase. There is a HUGE difference. I hope itís gone by morning though. The appearance of my personal ílowí seems to have coincided with the low pressure system that has moved in off shore. (Iím in Vancouver, BC btw) But that may be just coincidence. My hands are awfull ...   read more

Day 13: Now we see obvious detox..   17 y  
It's a good thing I didn't give up yet..
My sinusí are really doing a dance right now and Iím hoping itís not just a symptom of last nightís inhalation of cigarettes (from the house party). Although in retrospect I believe I was feeling it yesterday morning too.. I am also very unenergized today. Not tired. Just not that motivated to do anything. And, admittedly Iím VERY white to begin with, but today I just looked like death warmed over. No amount of makeup was going to make me look reasonable today. Oh well. I did manage to go out today though, because I decided to try something that íFinallyFaithí recommended (in t ...   read more

Day 12: Decisions.. decisions..   17 y  
I have gone through so many changes of minds today. Do I stop? Or do I continue on? I suppose since I bought another 16 lemons and another bottle of maple syrup, Iíll continue for awhile longer. Went to the house party tonight. Turned into a girls night out. I left after a couple of hours as the cigarette smoke was really starting to affect my sinuses. Oh well, Iím not much of a partyer anyway. I noticed something very interesting today about the cleanse. If I use maple syrup, I only have my BMís in the morning, right after the SWF. But if I switch to molasses, Iíll actua ...   read more

Day 11: I hope it's this easy from here on out   17 y  
Another boring read for you all. NOthing new. No obvious detox symptoms (if I can ignore the running nose.)
Okay, day 11. Right now I am hungry. But then it may be just thirst. I should drink some more water. I got home about half an hour ago just buzzing from Karate. Honestly, my triceps are going to HURT tomorrow!! :) But it will be a good pain. The endorphins are starting to wear off now. It seems that they run through my system faster while Iím cleansing. I hope thatís a good thing. Iíll be able to sleep well tonight. Not that I have problems sleeping mind you. Itís just that my sleep is far deeper than usual. Tomorrow is going to be a half syrup and half molasses day. ...   read more

Day 10: Well it's all gravy from here on in..   17 y  
It's late and I'm tired.
Well it would have been if I had stopped already... heheh.. (referring to the headline..) I felt hungry tonight. I have a theory on that. I think I have a parasite (or two) who are releasing some kind of hormone to try to TRICK me into giving up. To feed them. They are panicking now that things are going along swimmingly. I upped my water intake to normal (2 litres) and then some (hot tea). Dang, itís a good thing that the ladiesí room is only 20 feet from my office. Felt like I was heading off there every 30 minutes. Didnít have any bowel movements after noon but thatís okay. ...   read more

Day 9: OMG I have FINALLY felt the energy rush..   17 y  
"Superconductor.. Superconductor" - Rush
It took all day to get there of course but I suspect thatís symptomatic of the fact that I have to work at a job which no longer gives me satisfaction and I REALLY want out of there. But thatís another topic for a different day. Anyway I left work and managed to grocery shop, pay my taxes by telephone, talk to some bank who wanted to loan me some money, iron my Gi, wash my feet, brush my teeth, and change my clothes. All within 2 hours. I am usually NOT that motivated. But this evening has been AMAZING. Even Karate was a blast! Remembered all my kata and even managed to rememb ...   read more

Day 8: It's a Woman's Perogative...   17 y change her mind
OKay, Iíve decided to continue with the cleanse. I realized that I had a VERY weak moment but managed to overcome my own foibles. Things have become very easy these days. I feel no hunger but I still want to eat. I suspect itís out of habit and comfort. I tend to have BMís up until around noonish then nothing for the rest of the day. Which is okay. Nothing unusual is being expelled. But itís still stinky.. ewwwww.. Okay, probably too much information. Iím experiencing an increase in energy today but nothing manic. I hope to get through tomorrowís Karate class after 9 day ...   read more

Day 7: I'm going to listen to my body..   17 y  
Nearing the end.
...and make tomorrow my last day. Yes, I know I havenít done 10 days but itís time to go back to real food. I need to get my brain back to proper functioning. But I donít feel bad. I have decided on my next food regime and feel confident that it will be best for me. (Paleo Diet). I will do this again in about 6 months and most likely for longer. As Iíve said, Iíve done this 4 times over the last year so Iíve cleaned out most of the crap (pun intended.. haha). What I will miss will be the SWFís though. I have to admit, thatís my favourite part about the whole thing. Maybe ...   read more

Day 6: Eating as Social Behaviour   17 y  
Good thing I like my own company...
Weekends are just plain annoying on this cleanse. It hits me every time when I want to go out with my friends, Iíll have to just sit there and watch while they eat. Luckily Iíve avoided everyone this weekend!! :) I was on the bus today and Iím afraid my worst fear came true. The STENCH was wretched!! Itís this nasty rotting meat smell. Like decomposing flesh. I hate to be graphic but thatís what it was. I have a theory about that too. I have been looking into the íraw foodí or ípaleoí diet and it would be interesting to see the relationship between how much people cook their me ...   read more

Day 5: Wavering...Slightly Wavering..   17 y  
Bad thoughts.. bad thoughts!!!! smacks herself
Although I havenít been surrounded by food and restaurants and the like today, I found myself contemplating giving it up. Then I remembered that I am trying to develop more discipline and was able to firmly put that idea out of my head. I am feeling slightly weak today but I can trace that directly to last nights workout. It is specifically concentrated on the various muscles that I used during kata and kumite. But at least Iím not bruising at all.. I hope thatís a good thing. Iíve also noticed that my skin has cleared up too. My face has a slight blotchy undertone while Iím ea ...   read more

Day 4: Pleasantly Surprised.   17 y  
Day 4 energy rush..
Okay, I did something different today and it worked. Knowing that I was about to suffer the hunger pangs that started last night, I drank 9 cups of the solution instead of my usual 8. And I didnít skip an hour this afternoon like I usually do. And, it just so happens T.O.M. is in town. So I went to karate tonight and I couldnít believe the energy rush! It was amazing! As soon as the endorphines kicked in, they also alleviated that slight crampy feeling (which has so conveniently returned this last hour). Iíve also noticed that my brain isnít quite as dazed as it has been in ...   read more

Day 3: Steady as she goes...   17 y  
Day 3 update.
Well, I had a very slight desire for real food. Real meat and real vegetables. And real tomato soup that Safeway makes. Yum! Anyhow, how was my day? Strange. I missed 2 feeding times (I try for one an hour for 8 hours, with a break somewhere in the middle). But I ended up stretching things out to 1.5 hours at least twice. But thatís because I became quite busy at work and actually forgot. Yes I do this at work. Itís a desk job so who cares. Good thing the washroom is practically next door. :) I make up 8 cups of solution in 3 containers and have marked them out so I kno ...   read more

Day 2: Slight Euphoria...   17 y  
Not much going on yet..
Okay this happened the last 2 times as well. Day 2 is always a GOOD day. No headaches, no hunger pains, no real lack of energy. And I went to Karate. It wasnít as bad as I was thinking it would be. I had an episode when I got home from work today of just wanting to kick back and do nothing. But nope, got my butt off that couch and went to class for an hour and a half. Glad I did too. Yesterday, on my day off, I ended up going shopping for more Celtic Sea salt at Whole Foods as I was on my last little bit and the rest was going hard and dry. Anyway, they didnít have my brand. ...   read more

Day 1: Feeling the burn..   17 y  
Day 1: Headaches galore...
..of a low grade headache. 8 cups of lemons mixed with Blackstrap molasses. Iím not certain I like that combination so Iím going back to syrup. I REALLY want some coffee. This mornings SWF was a bit weird. I took today off from work (Iím in BC Canada so itís not technically a holiday) ícause I knew I was doing this. I took the SWF at 8am and re-awoke at 10am but wasnít feeling too much movement. I suspect I have to up the salt a bit to get things going. Anyway, I think part of my headache is this CONSTANT drone of olympic stuff these days. Not only do we have to hear every ...   read more


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