All Aboard the Juice Train.
by Nectarine Girl

.....New juice fast journal starts here.....   17 y  
Planning to start a 30 day fast on Monday March 13th. Hope to update daily.
Parsley. Pretty good stuff.   17 y  
I craved this while juice fasting, and I still do!
This info is from Dazzle’s post ”Properties of Vegetables 1” PARSLEY JUICE Traditionally Used For: Anemia, Arthritis, Bladder Problems, Circulation, Endocrine System, Eye Problems, Kidneys, Liver, Prostate, Skin, Urinary Tract, Weight Loss. A Good Source Of: Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Sulfur, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Chlorophyll. Why wouldn’t you want some every day?! I craved this while juice fasting (and I still do!) I would have juice a good packed handful at least twice a day.   read more

Day 15, Eating - and everything working fine.   17 y  
DHs birthday tomorrow. I've made a gluten free, dairy free, cake...
A few days since I updated. (My ”blogging time” was away from the family while they were eating the past couple of weeks. Now I’m eating with them again I don’t get that time out!) Day 13 I ate some more mango first thing, plus an apple mid morning, and I made a juice then because I missed it! I was craving the parsley in particular. I’m going to have to look more closely at what nutrients and properties parsley contains because I really feel I need something in it. Salad for lunch with avocado. Pumpkin soup for dinner, and a green juice. Another apple later - I wanted to keep plent ...   read more

Fast broken, March 2nd.   17 y  
Knowing I was about to eat suddenly unleashed a whole world of possibilties...
This morning I did my last salt water flush, juiced as usual, (all the while eyeing up that tasty looking Mango I might add!) and put a pot of broth on to cook around lunchtime. Knowing I was about to eat suddenly unleashed a whole world of possibilties and I had to contend with a few jumping in with some avocado on rice crackers! I can’t believe how I excited I was as the time to break the fast came closer! I was very restrained. I ate about a third of the mango at 2pm. Chewing...WOW! if the whole eating thing had never happened I had a cup of fresh cook ...   read more

Day 11, March 1st.   17 y  
OK, now I have to put some thought and planning into breaking my fast carefully...
Day 11. Last full day. My first day was really a half day. I’ve always found that works best for me with beginning a juice fast. So I’ll break my fast after lunch time tomorrow to make it a full 11 days. That’s 4 more days than I’ve done before! I’ve got mixed feelings about finishing. On the one hand I feel I’m going so well I could keep it up at least another week. But at the same time juice fasting has caused me a little bit of stress that I won’t be sorry to see the back of (until next time, and then I hope to be better prepared for it!). ..The stress comes every night around di ...   read more

Notes to myself on how best to prepare (for next time!)...   17 y  
Next time aiming for 28 - 35 days.....
This post is a list of reminders to myself for when preparing for a fast next time. (To be edited as I think of more.) ***Plant parsley now! This afternoon - so it will be ready for the next fast. (Also good for pepping up familys meals from the freezer.) ***Get inspired!... Dazzle’s Most Awesome Post: ”Juice Fasting Information At Your Fingertips”... ***No caffeine, sugar, dairy or wheat in 2 weeks leading up to fast. (Don’t intend to eat any of those things between this fast and the next one anyway so it shouldn’t be an issue nex ...   read more

Day 10, Feb 28th.   17 y  
Tomorrow will be my last day fasting.
The weather cooled down a lot! I’ve finally needed to use my freezer broth stash. I just couldn’t get warm last night.....I had to climb under some blankets and keep my hands wrapped around a hot cup of broth or herb tea pretty much all evening. I seem to feel the cold a lot worse while fasting. My tongue is less coated but there is still stuff being eliminated via my mouth. Intriguing. When I have more time I’m going to research what’s going on there a bit better...I’m sure there’s somewhere on the www that will tell me in great gory detail! Tomorrow will be my last day fasting. Th ...   read more

Day 9, Feb 27th.   17 y  
Low point: None's all good!
Day 9, Feb 27th. True to my intentions (to drink more veges, and to try and help my inflammatory condition) my last juice last night and first one this morning were just parsley, ginger, cucumber and spinach. Frankly, yuck. I missed my morning green apple (but then MORE than made up for it at the Mall later). I even gave the kids a bit and the reaction was ”blech”, ”eeewwwww”....and number 3 wouldn’t even try it after the other’s exclamations.... My lunch and afternoon juices have been better - a bit less spinach, and instead the addition of cabbage (which I love) or celery. All tha ...   read more

Potato Juice...well...who knew?!   17 y  
Live, Share and Learn.
”POTATO JUICE – Clears skin blemishes, decreases gout and sciatica pain.” How about that?! That information is from a great page from Ask Read the entire page, it’s a great overview of fasting. Thanks to the kind person on the juicing forum who directed me to this page :o) I noticed that secretgarden, another currently blogging juice faster enjoyed some sweet potato juice this evening. OK, so I’m almost ready to give potato juice a go, despite my earlier misgivings! Live, Share and Learn!   read more

Day 8, Feb 26th.   17 y  
Today's High Point: Putting on those pants and feeling them so loose!
Day 8, Feb 26th. Another week. Another trip to the Farmer’s market! I got bunches and bunches of spinach and a huge plaited rope of garlic. The piece of ginger root I got is twice the size of my hand....and so fresh! I’ve decided, for my last few days fasting, to try and tip the scales even more in favour of vegetables over fruits for juicing. I estimate I’ve been juicing 70% veges, 30% fruit most days. I have a sweet tooth. I’d like to try and knock out sugar of my diet altogether. I remember doing an anti candida diet for the best part of a year and how the one piece of fruit ...   read more

How great would this be?!....   17 y  
Feeling a bit juice-fast weary, so I'm indulging in a fantasy...
How great would this be?!.... To be able to check in somewhere like this..... And have someone bring you these..... (....not those kiwi slices though! That would be cheating!) I’ve been reading a few juice fasting programs from various retreats. Bowel cleansing, either with psyllium or herbs seems to be considered an essential component of the treatment. Here was me thinking I wasn’t really fasting because I was taking psyllium and bentonite. On one of the curezone forums I read that you shouldn’t take psyllium because it would ”start digestion”. Hmmmmmm, I don’t ...   read more

Day 7, 1 week!. Feb 25th.   17 y  
I should get myself a good book that lists the healthful properties of all fruits and veges.
Wow...a week already! I’m surprised all in all how easy it’s been, worst I think was day 3 with that headache. The gunk on my tongue isn’t showing any signs of clearing. I’ve been scraping it off with a purpose made thingy, but it reappears within an hour or so! What IS that stuff? I assume it’s got to be better out than in anyway. I wonder how long until it would completely clear? And, speaking of better out than in....I’ve had some very productive salt water flushes! Would I keep expelling junk at that rate if I kept fasting and flushing for a month?? Scary to think we carry all the ...   read more

Day 6, Feb 24th.   17 y  
Crazy, crazy, crazy to be dealing with food cravings and not to be able to escape the bloody kitchen all day.
Uh oh.....cravings have hit! This update is a bit late. Yesterday was super-busy. Everytime I handled food It wasn’t without strong yearnings! Last night I cooked a roast chicken for the family and I even went down this mental negotiating track with myself that maybe it would be ok to make and drink some chicken broth later that evening... When I say ”everytime I handled food”...well that would be breakfast for the 3 children, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for them all, then dinner for everyone. (2 dinner times...the twins a bit before 5pm, then DH and Kate a bit after 6.) Crazy ...   read more

Day 5, Feb 23rd.   17 y  
Cluster for me!
Busy day. I’ve had some joint pains and a general all over flu/fatigue feeling today. Must be maybe? I’ve also got this disgusting stuff all over my tongue and I can’t seem to get my teeth clean. Nice!! :oP I remember the tongue thing from previous fasts. I wonder how long you need to fast until the tongue is clear. I’d really love to be able to do a long enough fast to achieve that one day. I should mention, that apart from the first night (when hunger kept me awake a while and I finally ended getting up about 11pm to make an extra juice), I have been sleeping reall ...   read more

Day 4, Feb 22nd.   17 y  
I read the newspaper at a cafe while drinking a lovely...frothy....
All is well....the headache has stayed away, but I am feeling a bit weak. Fairly brief update today because we’re going out this evening, for dinner (ha!). We’re just going to my mother’s and I told her this morning I’m juice fasting. If she was unimpressed she didn’t let me know! She had the children for a couple of hours this morning so I could have a bit of time out. I did some shopping, more veges, and a natural bristle body brush (!), then I read the newspaper at a cafe while drinking a lovely...frothy....juice! It was nice to have someone else in charge of chopping the fruit, clea ...   read more

Day 3. Late update. Flush baby yeah!   17 y  
...And no headache!
...And no headache! I had a friend turn up unexpectedly after lunch and by the time she’d left, the kids were up and afternoon-tea’d it was a little after 4 before I could do my salt water flush. Ugh....splutter....that was some salty water! According to my measuring spoons 1 Tablespoon is the same as 3 teaspoons. I’ve noticed on the forums that some people don’t have any result from 2 teaspoons, so I was happy to try 3. Result: Just over an hour later I flushed out some nasty looking stuff. Long blackish floaty rope-stuff that looked like it had knots tied in it. Enough info?? I’m ...   read more

Day 3, Feb 21st. Midday update.   17 y  
The headache is making me fragile.
Have to get more organised - prep veges in advance? Ugh...still got the nasty headache. Even so I’m still going to try a salt water flush in an hour or so. I’ve got some unrefined seasalt - its kind of greyish chunky crystals, hope it does the trick. I’ve seen 2 tsp - 1 TBSP recommended, per 4 cups of water. I’ll be brave and try the bigger amount. In for a penny, in for a pound! We didn’t make it to playgroup. I’m disappointed for the kids, but with my headache I just couldn’t face it. Also, central to the morning’s activity is a formal morning tea where the children set the table ...   read more

Day 2. Later update.   17 y  
Hungry, hungry me!
Day 2, Feb 20th. OK, well this is proving hard! I am feeling very rough around the edges. Headache, fatigue, and I didn’t get to make my broth today because things got too busy around the afternoon rush hours. Family ate well! Big salad, garlic and olive bruschetta and sauteed fish, all prepared by hungry, hungry me. I knew this would be a bit difficult, I haven’t been tempted to call it quits or anything but I’m just having to push on through the hunger and ignore what my body is telling me it really ’wants’ to do! From memory, this really, really hungry phase only lasts a while. ...   read more

Day 2, Feb 20th   17 y  
Lunch(haha)time. So far so good...I think!
Day 2, Feb 20th Lunch(haha)time. So far so good...I think! I do have a headache developing though. That’ll be the coffee withdrawal. *Sigh*. I only have one cup a day, a strong espresso, usually at a cafe on the corner while I read the newspaper. It’s usually an important part of my day. I feel like a part of the big wide world for a half hour. The kids visit with my mother for a while each morning, and on the days she can’t have them I take them to a different cafe which has a fabulous play I still get to have the all important coffee and world news catch-up (we don’t wat ...   read more

Day 1, Feb 19th.   17 y  
I couldn't wait any longer....
Day 1, Feb 19th. OK...only half a day really. I started at midday. The first day has got to be one of the most may I as well make it a short one! :o) (Now, before anyone accuses me of cheating...I’m not planning on fasting a pre-determined number of days. Nor am I going to be doing weigh-ins. This whole train ride isn’t about numbers and destinations for me, it’s about the journey.) I’ve done shorter juice fasts before, of 5 - 7 days. Afterwards I’ve felt lighter, cleaner and refreshed. I’ve been lurking around Curezone for a while reading of others experi ...   read more


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