~Wholistic Well-Being~
by Dazzle

Toxic Beauty   17 y  
If you buy your bath and beauty products from a large company, you are almost guaranteed to be using toxic chemicals...
      What’s Really In Your Beauty Products Have you ever seen a commercial for shampoo that told you what the ingredients were? Do you ever see corporate marketing VPs discussing drying agents or skin irritation or carcinogens? These corporate bath and beauty executives don’t really want you to know what makes up the wonderful shower gel you just bought or the moisturizer cream in your bathroom cabinet. Consider this commercial. You see a woman with long blond hair under a showerhead. Her facial expression shows she’s thoroughly enjoying the rich, sensuous lather she’s m ...   read more

Body Work A to Z (part III)   17 y  
Continued from Part Two...
P (continued) PILATES METHOD Pilates is a series of movements, done from a sitting, reclining, kneeling, or standing position, designed to increase strength and flexibility, release tension, and relieve chronic neck and back pain. Developed by German-born Joseph Pilates in the 1920s, this method combines elements of Eastern and Western disciplines, including yoga, tai chi, and ancient Greek and Roman exercise protocols. Specially designed apparatus are used for stretching and strengthening exercises and can be calibrated to the client’s needs. Repatterning movements and proper breat ...   read more

Body Work A to Z (Part II)   17 y  
Continued from Part One...
G GERIATRIC MASSAGE Geriatric massage, with its focus on the elderly, addresses the psychological and physiological aspects of aging and its associated diseases. Bodywork, often limited to a shorter time span, is performed in residential care facilities.  GRINBERG METHOD The Grinberg Method is a systematic educational method that teaches people to mobilize their own strength and vitality in pursuit of their well-being. It shows people how they can achieve much more in their lives simply by paying more attention to their bodies. GUA SHA Used in China for more ...   read more

Body Work A to Z (Part I)   17 y  
There is absolutely no reason under the sun why anyone should suffer physical, emotional, or spiritual pain...
    There are thousands of diverse healing modalities available for just about every type of ailment, discomfort and dis-ease known to mankind.  Below is an alphabetical list of some of the more popular, well known (and not so well known) therapies and healing modalities from accupuncture to zen body therapy. Pick one. ~ Dazzle   A ACROSAGE This combination of massage, yoga, and acrobatics was developed by Benjamin Marantz. The client is placed in an inverted pose atop the acrosager’s feet, thei ...   read more

Max Gerson's Cure For Advanced Cancer   17 y  
Thirty years of clinical experimentation has led to a successful therapy for advanced cancer...
MAX GERSON, M.D. Gerson Institute, Box 535, Imperial Beach, California 92032 (1978 Publisher’s Note. This is a lecture given by Dr. Gerson in Escondido, California, in 1956. Dr. Gerson died in 1959. More complete information on his therapy for advanced cancer may be found in his book A Cancer Therapy: Results ol 50 Cases, by Max Gerson, 3rd edition, 1977, Totality Books, Del Mar, CA or from his daughter Mrs. Charlotte Gerson Straus at the Gerson Institute, Box 535, Imperial Beach, CA 92032. Socioeconomic and political perspectives are discussed in the book Has Dr. Max Ger ...   read more

A Town Called Allopath   17 y  
A clever little fable that explains exactly how allopathic doctors work along with Big Pharma and the FDA to promote illness amongst the masses instead of wellness...
  Welcome to the town of Allopath     There once was a town called Allopath. It had many people, streets and cars, but due to budget limitations, there were no stop signs or traffic lights anywhere in Allopath. Not surprisingly, traffic accidents were common. Cars would crash into each other at nearly every intersection. But business was booming for the auto repair shops and local hospitals, which dominated the economy of Allopath. As the population of Allopath grew, traffic accidents increased to an alarming level. Out of desperation, the city ...   read more

Beautiful Scents to Improve Your Work Commute    17 y  
The good news is you can cope with your commute without getting trapped in an endless cycle of nervousness, anxiety and tension. Aromatherapy is a versatile way to improve your mood and help you relax and find balance...
   Think your career is stressful and exhausting? Perhaps it’s more than your workload that’s causing you undue stress. If you have a lengthy commute to and from the office, there’s no question it can wreak havoc on your nerves. After all, most commuters spend a large fraction of their days sitting in slow-moving traffic with others who would also rather be elsewhere. This frustrating routine can even be more exhaustive than your work itself! Your nerves and patience are tested, and by the time you reach your destination you find yourself on the edge. The good news is ...   read more

Beautiful Living With Essential Oils    17 y  
Essential formulas you can use in personal care and your environment...
  Personal Care - What Essential Oils can do for Your Skin: Penetrate lower skin layers to work on moisturizing and healing. Stimulate and regenerate skin cells, to heal skin damaged by sun, burns, wrinkles, or injury. Destroy infectious bacteria, viruses, and fungi such as those associated wit acne and other skin problems. Reduce inflammation and puffiness. Drop Equivalent 20 drops = 1/5 Teaspoon = 1 ml. 100 drops = 1 Teaspoon = 5 ml. 300 drops = 1 Tablespoon = 15 ml. Facial Formulas ...   read more

Belly Beautiful — An Ancient Style of Dance    17 y  
Belly dance is an ancient celebration and communication between women...
       A mi Hudson, 28, used to be a banker. Now she’s a belly dancer. In 1999, Hudson was flat on her back for bed rest during her first pregnancy. Stuck watching TV, she saw a program on belly dancing. The performance, followed by a dance lesson, tapped Hudson’s lifelong fascination with all things Egyptian, especially the belly dancing she’d seen in movies and at ethnic festivals while growing up in Milwaukee. "I decided I really wanted to pursue this and to get good at it," says Hudson, who had only dabbled in belly-dance classe ...   read more

Sound of the Soul: Free Your Inner Voice   17 y  
In all cultures, all walks of life, our breathing patterns hold our traumas and our emotional history...
         I f the eyes are the soul’s window, then the voice is its loudspeaker. So when vocal awareness expert Arthur Joseph tells me he can hear all of a person in their voice, can know who they are, even over the phone, I feel a little nervous, a little naked. Later, I’m relieved, if not flattered, when he tells me I sound like a gentle soul. I wonder how it is that the sound of my voice is also the sound of my soul. "In all cultures, all walks of life, our breathing patterns hold our traumas and our emotional hist ...   read more

Energetically Engaged: Tan Tien Chi Kung    17 y  
Tan Tien Chi Kung increases vitality, strengthens organs, and helps heal the body...
       The seat of self-awareness is in your pants — or at least slightly below the belt. It’s a funny thought, but the practice of cultivating the body’s energy, chi (“chee,” also written as qi), for greater vitality and better health has a seriously long history: For the past 5,000 years, Chi Kung (also known as qigong) practitioners have used breath and body control to amp up their energy. The space just behind and below the belly button is the center of the physical body, your physical strength, and your awareness. In th ...   read more

Nine Easy Steps to Ultimate Healing   17 y  
Miraculous healing is available to each and every one of us by the application of a few tried and tested steps...
         It is a commonly held misconception, that to receive healing is to be bestowed with a miracle from some benevolent Divine force. Many believe that this miracle is available only to the chosen few. In fact the opposite is true. Miraculous healing is available to each and every one of us by the application of a few tried and tested steps. The following gives a succinct step by step guide to receiving healing in any area of your life. 1. Make the decision to change - It has been said that the most powerful energy in the universe is the ...   read more

Are You Committing Spiritual Suicide?   17 y  
What is spiritual suicide and how do you know if you’re committing it?
      I first heard the term “spiritual suicide” used by motivational speaker, Les Brown. What is spiritual suicide and how do you know if you’re committing it? It is the killing of that part of oneself that is associated with the feelings and the mind as well as the killing of real meaning or significance in one’s life. So, as Mr. Brown so eloquently put it, if you are not doing work that is meaningful to you or being the person you were truly meant to be, then you are committing spiritual suicide. What are some of the signs t ...   read more

Intellectual Wellness   17 y  
Your mind is like a muscle-- the more you challenge it, the stronger it gets...
         I f you’re eating right, exericising regularly, and taking your supplements, you’re making great strides in your physical health. If you’re living within your menas, building up your savings, and sticking to a budget, your financial well-being is in good shape. But have you considered your intellectual wellness lately? How healthy is your mind? Your intellectual health directly impacts every area of your life. And you might be surprised at how easily you can improve your mental well-being every day.  FLEXING YOUR MENTAL MUSCLES ...   read more

Conscious Intent   17 y  
All things are conscious on some level and so all things are interconnected...
      In experiments with water and plants, people have played rock and roll music and then classical music and compared the results. With water, Dr. Masaru Emoto freezes the water and then observes the crystals. The water crystals have a beautiful symmetric pattern in response to classical music and are an ugly mess with the heavy metal music. The words “Adolf Hitler” were taped around a glass of water, with the same outcome. Experiments with plants have shown similar results. These experiments are sometimes cited as ’proof’ ...   read more


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