Master Cleanse & the City
by girlskiier

Meyer Lemons   14 y  
Could a Meyer lemon make all the difference for my Master Cleanse?
My new master cleanse, which I began Thursday 2/26 is made with Meyer lemons, which seem to make it taste better. If you have read my blog before, you know that I struggle with the taste of the MC. I have tried several brands of maple syrup, now I am trying a new lemon. I bought ”Meyer Sweet Lemons” at Trader Joes in NYC. They are sold in a pack of 4 for about $2.50 and seem to give me more juice than a regular or organic lemon (I have used both). Here is a description from wikipedia ”The Meyer lemon (Citrus × meyeri) is a citrus fruit, native to China, thought to be a cross between a tru ...   read more

Day 5 - I can't believe it's gone by so fast   15 y  
Day 5 already...time flies when you are not eating.
I changed the name of my blog and yes it is a bit of a play on a popular cable show/movie. Anyway, it’s day 5 flies when you are not eating :) I thought it would be harder to get here, but it really hasn’t been. Although today I was regretting not being able to have brunch when someone mentioned eggs benedict with crabmeat. Since starting I’ve had to cut back a bit on meeting up with friends. Even though I can handle being around food and drinks, I am just too exhausted. I am envious of all the people on the MC who say they have tons of energy. Every once in a while I ...   read more

Everyone's Doing the Master Cleanse   15 y  
Maple syrup sales surge- everyone is doing the master cleanse
Picking up where I left off, I went to Whole Foods and they were sold out of some of the things I needed for my master cleanse. It seems everyone in NYC is doing the master cleanse. The salesperson even asked me why everyone is buying maple syrup. Another clerk had to go into the stock room to get me Senna tea. (I am no longer drinking Smooth Move see previous blog) The next day I went to a health food store looking for Shady Farm maple syrup. The guy tried to sell me a ’better than MC’ kit for $50. I think it was called super cleanse or better cleanse. Apparently it’s quite popular. He te ...   read more

Starting My 8th Master Cleanse   15 y  
NYC girl starts her 8th master cleanse only this time she has high blood pressure.
Seems I missed blogging during my 7th MC which I did in November, but it was definitely successful. Ever since I started cleansing in June 2005, I have been extremely happy with the results. I generally do three a year, June, October/November and February/March. So here we are at the start of another. As many of you know, there is never a good time to do a MC. Whether it’s work or social engagements, the 10 or more day fast always overlaps with something that will challenge it. Back in November it was work and Thanksgiving, but I made it through. Sometimes just starting is the hardest part ...   read more

Day 7 Master Cleanse   16 y  
Tricks of the trade
Today was by far the hardest so far of this cleanse, or at least it felt that way. I got my first headache. Actually, I woke up with it. To make matters worse, I was unable to do the SWF because I was late for work. Luckily the headache was minor and short lived. I just drank more lemonade and it subsided. One trick I have is making ice cubes from spring water and putting them in my thermos to keep my lemonade really cold. Since I do not like the taste of it, this seems to help. I also freeze small bottles of spring water and take them with me. As they defrost I add them to a pre-made mixt ...   read more

Master Cleanse Day 6   16 y  
Good luck to all in sticking with the MC I know it's not always easy, but it's worth it.
I made it to the halfway point and am now into Day 6 of my 6th MC. Overall, I am feeling pretty good. Since each MC is different because of the state of my body, it’s unfair to compare. Instead I just have to deal with the issues associated with this MC. I do wish I had a little more energy, but to fix that I probably should just drink more lemonade. I never make it to the required amount. As noted in a previous blog, I switched salt, which makes the morning ritual a bit easier. As for hunger I have none, but I do have cravings. They are especially fierce when I have down time or when I am ...   read more

Celtic Sea Salt   16 y  
After trying several sea salts I found Celtic Sea Salt to be the best tasting and digesting.
Celtic Sea Salt is the answer we’ve all been waiting for . . . at least it is for me. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to realize that the salt makes all the difference. I just went out and bought Celtic Sea Salt in a bag for about $4 (it’s not cheap). It also comes in a shaker. It’s light grey in color, the grains are large and a bit moist. For those of you who don’t live near health food stores you can order it over the internet. It goes down much smoother and tastes a bit less nauseating than any of the other sea salts I have tried. I was using unrefined sea salt. But after search ...   read more

Organic Grade B Maple Syrup   16 y  
NYC is a great town, I just walked past a pizza place at midnight and into a health food store for MC supplies.
The great thing about NYC is you can get organic grade B maple syrup at midnight. On the other hand you can also get a slice of pizza, a big mac and anything else that’s bad for you anytime you want it. Well I am not craving fast food so that’s good. I did crave some pretzels today. Maybe the SWF tomorrow morning will make up for it (just kidding). Tomorrow I will also start with the grade B maple syrup. I had been using blackstrap molasses because I prefer it. But for some reason I feel my energy level is so low so I may need the syrup. I know the book says we take it for the nutrients. B ...   read more

Navigating Through the Minefield of Temptation   16 y  
Getting through day two, which included the temptation of jumbo shirmp, along with all sorts of other obstacles to a successful MC.
A mug of chocolate smooth move sits steeping next to me as I write this. I have never liked the taste of the tea. For my next MC I plan to research different brands, in the hope of finding something that doesn’t quite offend as much. Day two is over and done for me and it went well. This morning’s salt water flush was much easier than I remember it. I think for some reason I miscalculated what a quart was the last time I did the MC and put too much salt in. Later in the day I had to navigate through the minefield of temptation in the form of a cocktail party. Giant jumbo shrimp (so big the ...   read more

DAY ONE OF MY 6th MC   16 y  
It's the first day of my Master Cleanse and this time I hope to stick to it. I am not a novice at this, but certianly feel like one today.
Well, it has been exactly two years since I did my first MC and I am all the better for it. The first one strangely was not the hardest. I remember starting without much difficulty, but then needed help and encouragement along the way. Since then I have had trouble beginning each new MC, something I have chronicled here. This time, my 6th, seems to be no different. I started earlier in the month, but did not get very far. I hope today is different. As anyone who has done it knows, there is never an ideal time to do the MC. Most of us try and plan around certain events in our lives, whether ...   read more

James Bond Does The SWF   17 y  
If James Bond can do the salt water flush, I can too. I am taking this as a sign it is time to start another master cleanse.
I am having trouble starting my 5th MC. I tried twice this month, but was never able to begin. I am not sure why. In the past I was able to successfully start and complete my fasts. In any case, I went to see the new James Bond movie. Now, for those of you who have not seen it and plan to, I won’t be spoiling anything by telling you this. When Bond realizes he has been poisoned, he grabs a salt shaker and a glass and runs to the bathroom. Of course I immediately figured out what he was about to do. He downed the salt water and promptly threw up, in an attempt to get the poison out of hi ...   read more

I Broke My Fast For a Salad   17 y  
Well, I said I would try and go past 10 days and I did, I went to 13. Do you feel better? That's the true test.
Sorry for the late update, but I have been away from the site. Well, I said I would try and go past 10 days and I did, I went to 13, then I broke down and had a salad. I know it’s an odd choice, not a cookie or something else more tempting, but a salad. Prior to that I had been drinking the fresh OJ so I do not feel like I made a mistake per se by not having the vegetable soup. however, I do advocate following the book which is what I have done in the past. In any case, I have been going to the bathroom regularly since breaking my fast. That was always a concern of mine but it seems my ...   read more

The Master Cleanse is my Saturday night date   17 y  
Having found Molasses more to my liking than Maple Syrup I may go past the 10 day mark.
Day 8 & 9 ½ I am in the Hamptons for the weekend and ran out of Maple Syrup so I went to the health food store/restaurant where I often shop. They were out of Grade B! Is everyone doing the MC? What’s going on? I’ve bought it there before. So as a substitute I bought Wholesome brand Molasses (blackstrap). Maybe I will like this better anyway because I found the Maple Syrup too sweet. It’as also a lot less expensive. I made it through Friday nights Art Opening at the Nightingale Gallery, luckily like most Art Openings there was no food just wine (Yippee.) It was hard giving up the Fr ...   read more

Chocolate Smooth Move + Yoga = Salt Water Flush   17 y  
Giving up a party or dinner with friends will all be worth it in the end, believe me this is my 4th MC.
As promised in my previous post, here are the ingredients for Chocolate Smooth Move: Senna leaf 1,080 mg. Proprietary blend: roasted breadnut seed, licorice root, cocoa seed dry extract, roasted carob pod. Day 7 was really tough for some reason. I got up in the morning and the Chocolate Smooth Move (CSM) was already moving me. Still I did the SWF which also moved me only not as much as on prior days. I had been avoiding parties to avoid temptation. But Thursday evening there was something I really wanted to go to. Well, the h’orderves looked soooo good they were really hard to pass up ...   read more

Chocolate Smooth Move   17 y  
Chocolate Smooth Move is not as bad as regular SM, but not as good as real chocolate (something I LOVVVVE). Obviously it's not made with real chocolate.
It was easier than I thought to find Chocolate Smooth Move but then again I do live in NYC. I am about to take my first sip which I am sharing with all of you who read this. OK well it’s not as bad as regular SM, but not as good as real chocolate (something I LOVVVVE). Obviously it’s not made with real chocolate. In tomorrow’s blog I will list the ingredients just in case anyone is wondering. Now back to dissing the taste of regular SM. Like so many others I hate the taste of it. Back in October during my 3rd fast I had a boyfriend, Tom, who said the taste was not so bad. Well, I got ...   read more

Salt water shot made me throw up   17 y  
I made it to Day 5 but this morning the salt water shot suggested by other members made me throw up. It's not a good feeling as many of you know.
Well, I made it through Day 5 but I cannot stand the taste of the Lemonade. Go figure ... it’s my 4th fast but I just can’t take the taste, so I am now mixing drinking OJ and drinking the MC. I imagine this could be construed as some form of cheating, but it’s all I can do to keep going. Also, according to the forum board, other people do it. This morning I tried the salt shot method and ended up throwing up before I could even finish my second glass of water. So much for that. I guess it works for some and not others. Anyway, it’s back to the original SWF method for me. I may go out and b ...   read more

Made it to Day 4   17 y  
Days 2-4 were a lot more challenging than in my previous MC. Does it ever get old?
Day 2 was not so bad. I woke up early to do the SWF, which took a total of 2 and a half hours. During that time I posted a question in the message boards regarding alternatives to doing the SWF everyday. I did not think I could do it the next morning and be OK for work. More on that later... I was nervous about going to work but I made sure I did not break my fast by locking all my coins and singles in my car. Otherwise I may have been tempted by the snack machine, which was the case on my prior two attempts to start my MC. Day 3 I did the SWF after reading a response to my post from Z ...   read more

NYCGirl...Starting another Master Cleanse   17 y  
Starting my fourth Master Cleanse was not as easly as I had envisioned it.
After two failed attempts at starting my fast, I am finally up and running. However, I am very irritable and probably not at my best today. Hopefully that will pass. I lost $15 which I think fell out my pocket at the gym. While I blame it on the MC, I know this is irrational. But it was a big test, will I give in to a craving for comfort food. No. Instead, I sat down at the computer to write this. I tried for the past two days to start another MC. This will be my fourth. The first one turned out to be easier than I thought and gave me the courage and fortitude for the second fast. The thi ...   read more

NYC Girl - Grocery Shopping   17 y  
Another SWF Olympics consumes my weekend, but that does not stop me from going out and shopping for groceries.
  Day 7, 8 & 9 All over America Saturday is considered the great date night and in New York it’s really no different. That’s mainly because jaded New Yorkers believe the night is for amateurs, so the perfect excuse to venture out is on a date. I ended up at the movies seeing "Capote" with my boyfriend Patrick. Both the movie and the date were great. Even though Patrick tried to offer me popcorn knowing I was doing the MC. Of course I declined. But then I had to sit there as he shoveled into his mouth and poured every last kernel down his throat. You’ve seen t ...   read more

NYC Girl-Dreaming of food...waking up to reality   17 y  
The trials and tribulations of staying on the MC while working and socializing in NYC.
Day 5 & 6 of the MC Last night I had a dream that I broke my fast and ate something. It’s hard to remember the whole dream, but it seems like I ate an entire gourmet meal just like on the Food Network. It was so vivid at the time. Luckily I woke up to my 6th day of the MC and realized it was just a dream. I did not do the SWF this morning because I could not make it through work the previous day. I know you have to do it each day, but you also have to keep your job. Speaking of which that same tin of cookies was still sitting out at work begging to be eaten. I had to pass it several t ...   read more

NYC Girl - SWF Olympics   17 y  
Staying true to the Master Cleanse while living the life of a NYC Girl
The morning of my 3rd day was probably one of the worst SWF experiences of all my MC’s. I spent a record four hours back and forth to the bathroom. If there were a SWF Olympics, I would be in contention for the Gold. But I am neither deterred nor concerned. My usual time is between two and three hours. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the experience made me cancel my evening plans. Well, who needs another night out with canapes and cocktails. My fourth day of the MC was also my first day back to work after starting my fast. It was not easy, I got up super early to do the SWF which o ...   read more

NYC Girl   17 y  
Staying true to the Master Cleanse while living the life of a NYC Girl.
This is my first Master Cleanse blog, but my third MC. I was able to complete my first 10-day MC over July 4th weekend, with lots of help from members of CureZone. Day One was Sunday 2/12. It started out like any other Sunday, I woke up late after going out on Saturday night and telling anyone who would listen that I was about to start my ”fast.” Much to my surprise, Andre, a friend I see occasionally tells me he also does the MC. He started a few years ago after a prostate problem. It’s so nice to meet a member of the club. Anyway, Sunday was a breeze. I drank my MC all day and watched ...   read more


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