by want2bfree

Day 17 and 18   17 y  
I will try not to bore you all LOL
Mornin all, I guess I will somtimes post 2 days at a time, as I feel I get repetative and I don’t want to bore people. Really nothing dramatic has gone on. I do feel really really good. I have not got weighed yet again. My cold is much mush better. I think I got over it much quicker than if I had not been fasting. I am really trying to look, study, and learn now, about the rawfood lifestyle. I would like to know of any books out there that are the best on Raw food. I know that plenty of you have completed long fasts and are now eating raw. I am almost halfway to 40 days now. I can’t belie ...   read more

Day 16   17 y  
I really am feeing like I shed old skin
Day 16 here. I can’t believe I have gone this long. I do feel clean and still have odd looking stuff come out in the toilet. I feel like I am a different person now. Julie had mentioned thistoo, but I do feel cleaner and lighter. Mostly I notice a stability of my moods. Things don’t get to me quite as bad as they would have if I was eating big macs and fries. My emeotions seems to be dulled, and that is a good thing I think. I teneded to be an overly emotional person. Or maybe the sugar was making me that way...anyway I don’t fly off the handle quite so bady about small things. That is a d ...   read more

Days 14 1nd 15   17 y  
sorry people I skipped a day posting
OOPS I didn’t post for 1 day sorry. I tried to do the lemonade yesterday but it just didn’t hold me well so I went back to juices today. I swear I don’t know how people do like 30 days of just the master cleanser. ANYHOW I am wanting to chew...getting board...wanting food. If I don’t watch close I am gonna end up cheating and I don’t want to. Still at about 16 pounds. I am wondering how this weight is gonna stay off. Julie has it stayed off with you? Dazzle? Hanna   visit the page

Day 13 what do ya think?   17 y  
I think I am gonna switch to the master cleanser
HEYYY, I just got back from the big birthday bash. I made it through with flying colors. The whole family is asking questions now, because of my weightloss and my skin and eyes. I think they all want to fast now LOL. I have felt pretty good today. it is still hard not to eat the bad food though. I can’t say my appetite has ever completely gone. I am thinking I am gonna change to the Master Cleanser with lemon and maple syrup. I feel like I need a change and it will help me to stick this out. I feel that I have been on juices long enough that the transition should be easy. If anybody has a ...   read more

Day 12 power is on and off.   17 y  
I am back in the light for a moment LOL
Well, Let’s see if I can type this withought the power going off again. It has happened 2 times already. Day 12 is pretty similar to day 11. I can say though...when I look at food and goodies, I do still desire them. I had to buy some gift certificates at Tim Hortons for my brother in law. My eyes roamed the whole place and STUCK on the sticky buns I saw. I found myself day dreaming about what they would taste like, but knew, it would make me sick as a dog to eat one. All I have to do is look in the toilet after my enemas, and that tells me I still have much to accomplish. Sorry to freak ...   read more

Day 11 fraid we are gonna lose poer   17 y  
Yikes wind is blowing to hard! WHAT IF I CAN'T JUICE
Hey all, I wanted to post before we lose power here. We are having a terrible wind storm and oh so so cold. God today hasn’t been to bad. I slept better last night than I have in years. I am worried though. What if we lose power and I can’t juice. I just got home from work so I soon better run to the juicer and stock up!! Back to the sleep issue. I didn’t realize how crappy my night sleeps were until I slept like I did last night WOW, I felt so rested. I also think people are starting to notice some differences in me at work. I had the secretary push, and push for me to eat a home made do ...   read more

Day 10, blah blah blah   17 y  
No drastic changes
Hello all, Today is day 10. I don’t feel as good as yesterday, but not horrible either, pretty mundane really, LOL. I went to get my hair cut, colored and highlighted. She styled it a bit like Cleopatra, in which I wasn’t impressed. Got home and messed with it,it looks better now. My hair upset me so much on the ride home, all I could think of was Chinese food LOL. No kidding, in the past a bad hair day wood have sent me on a feeding frenzy. That is how I coped with disappointments, stress and joy. It was always there to celebrate with me, and hold my hand when I was feeling sad. This tim ...   read more

Day 9, plugging away   17 y  
yes I am still hanging in there
Hello all, Day 9 here, and I am happy to say I am feeling better. Not 100% but a heck of alot better than yesterday. I did take my enema today and had more than the water come out. That may have been the culprit in yesterday’s ordeal. If I had taken the enema in the morning, when I felt yucky, maybe my whole day wouldn’t have been ruined. Oh well, live and learn right? I still have the yucky taste in my mouth. It was to funny, yesterday at work I would keep rinsing my mouth out with the Tom’s mouthwash, every hour or so. My daughter, who is 16, had me so paranoid LOL. I think she exagerat ...   read more

Day 8, anyone around?   17 y  
I really don't enjoy how I feel.
Hi all!! At least I hope I am not alone. I am once again feeling really crappy this morn. I am very discouraged, so I decided to post early in the day. I am really asking myself WHY people fast. I am still waiting to be enlightened but have not come close. I still have no energy, the scales have not moved for 2 day, and I am feeling depressed and sorry for myself. I do hate to admit that, but I must do it. I am so wanting food and wondering what the payoff is for this suffering I am putting myself through. I am questioning everything in my life right now. Especially this juice fast. I feel ...   read more

Day 7,   17 y  
feeling a wee bit better today
here I am on day 7, first of all I would like to thank everybody again for all their support. It really does help. I am feeling better today, not 100% but better than yesterday. I am still a little down in the dumps. I am wondering if it may be PMS. I have not detoxed long enough to get rid of PMS so I am thinking that is part of the culprit, I wonder if anyone else has had that problem. I got up early and took my 4 month old Golden Retriever for a walk this morn. It was cold but beautiful, She dragged me across the ice...that is...until I broke through up to my knees and fell down. I d ...   read more

Day 6 YUCK   17 y  
Wanted to throw in the towel.
It shall be a short post today. I felt horrible up until noon time, teary eyed, tired and over all unwell. In the past, day 6 has always been the day that I could never make it past. For some reason everything really kicks in or is a major detox day. It isn’t the time to drive through micky D’s and smell the fries and burgers. On top of everything, my daughter informed me that my breath smells TERRIBLE. I don’t know what else to do...I have been useing baking soda with my toothpaste but nothing really seems to take it all away. I guess I could get some Scope, but just not sure if it gets i ...   read more

Juice fast day 5   17 y  
It's a great day to be alive
Well here I be at day 5, slept better last night but not great. I won’t get into the enema this morning. ANYHOW, I don’t feel to bad. I do have some strange feelings in my stomach but can’t say I am really hungry. I looked in the mirror, AH HA what bright blue eyes I see. My eyes..The whites are already whiter and the blue is bluer. My skin looks quite good also. I did hop on the scales this morning. I couldn’t resist as my pants felt baggy. To my great surprise I am down 8 pounds. Not to bad for 4 days. I know the weight loss will slow down as my body focuses more on healing. As I stated ...   read more

Day 4 of my juice fast   17 y  
I am determined to make this a go
Here I am. I was up early this morning. I didn’t sleep well last night. My heart was racing and I felt achy all over. I was DETERMINED this morning to have results from my enema, which I had not seen any results for the past 3 days. So, here we go. I took in 2 quarts and held it for 15 minutes. When I stood up, the damn finally broke. I must of spent more than an hour on the toilet. I would think I was done, get up and get ready for work and BAM I would cramp up again. Horrible cramps almost made me throw up. At first I was concerned when I looked in the toilet because it all had a reddish ...   read more

Day 3 of my forty day juice fast   17 y  
This is my life changeing juice fast.
Hello, day 3 here. I didn’t start at day one but days one through 3 can all be combind. IT’S ROUGH!, cravings, hunger, headachs and basically just wanting to be left alone.I guess I am to blame for these miserable detox symptoms. I have abused my body for many years with sugar, coffee, some alcohol and to much stress. NOW I must pay the price, at least for a week or so into this fast. Then I am in hopes of brighter days, weightloss and better health. I do have about 40 or 50 pounds to lose. The scale says I have lost 5 in the last two days. I shall try not to hop on them to often as it ten ...   read more


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