30 day juice fast
by But God
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I'm still here   17 y  
thinking about 6 month veggies,fish & juice
Weíre going to start a new juice fast. Iím excited about doing this. I know what to expect now, and I still see such good results with my weight, Iím gonna be the youngest looking grandmother in the state of florida, new york, ohio and alabama :) My skin is still kinda dry. I got some fish sent to me from New York so I could eat fish with my meal. Iíve even considered doing veggies, fish and juice for 6 mos. Iíll know for sure by the end of the month of March. Iíll keep you posted. getting tired, gonna have some green tea, no BM for 2 days I think tomorrow Iíll do coffee enema. ...   read more

Hi guys, I'm back, day 26   17 y  
The best thing I've done for me in a long time, JUICING
HI Guys, Iíve been overwhelmed here, I just got flooded with stuff ta do. Iíve got some new projects Iíve been doing. We JUST found out New Orleans is going to be a no no. Iíd been eating the one meal and still juicing, then 1 or 2 days I didnít have any carrots (the heart of ALL my juices) well except fruit juices. Iíve maintained good weight loss. Havenít gained but havenít lost. Iíve missed only about 2 days excercising. My husband told me tonight those 18 days did me a lot of good, I seem to be sooooo determined and dedicated to my juicing and excercising. I actually love ex ...   read more

day 20   17 y  
missed a 19 blogs, out late.
Hey guys, I had a really busy day yesterday, ended up getting home about 12:40 am. Duty called. but Iím still here. feeling great, little bit light headed though and legs still tired, not quit sure why. Iíll be back later, gotta take my daughter to the dentist. just ckeckin in. But God   visit the page

Day 18-BLUE TOE NAILS????????   17 y  
YEAH, more weight loss
Hi everyone, Itís Saturday morning and I hope everyone has a good day. Iím logging in rather early today, I noticed yesterday my toe nails were looking rather blue, theyíre usually peachie or blush pink and white. Iím just curious thats never happened before. going to have my carrot & orange juice this morning, I had 1/2 banna with some water, still no desire to eat. Iíve lost 3 more lbs, when I started I was weighing 220 or 222 lbs, now I weight 200 lbs. YEAH!!!!!!!. Iíll chect back shortly to see iff any of you have any suggestions about the blue nails. Thanks for being there guy ...   read more

Day 17, sorry guy didn't mean to confuse ya :)   17 y  
In a nut shell, I sure DON'T to stop
Hey everyone, Iím still here, thanks dazzle & Julie. I didnít mean to confuse you all. Okay, let me see if I can make more sense. These last 3 days I havenít been hungry AT ALL. I donít quit seem to have the energy though, Iím not drinking the juice like I should, so I did go out a buy some frozen wheat grass. I donít even have an appetite for water Iím making myself drink it. I REALLY want to finish the fast , what, 13 days now, itís right around the corner. The fact that Iím not hungry makes stopping easier because Iím not being motivated by my flesh (will). But the feelings of ...   read more

day 16   17 y  
Time to stop, I really want to finish :(
Hi everybody, I had a really good day, out all day, kinda tired. I think we might be going to New Orleans together (hubby & me). My fast has to come to a close. I have mixed emotions. I havenít been hungry day 15 & 16 and now I have to come down. I ím thinking I can still have 1 raw green, and still juice until I know for sure (I think I do). Anyway, need help breaking, or suggestions for me mentally. I think I had a feeling yesterday, that might have contributed to my feelings. I feel 16 days is a great accomplishment but only 14 days to 30, MAN!!!!!!!!! :( God is still GOOD, ...   read more

DAY 15, can't believe it 1/2 there!!   17 y  
today was a major accomplishment
Well, can you believe it 15 days. I was so siked about getting to this day, and for some reason Iím not that excited. I havenít been hungry today at all (of course I thought about grilled salmon). Today was really a spiritual day for me, not like everyday isnít, but some days somethings different. This is one of these days, I spent the day listening to God, I just went to the beach, looked at the water, walked in the sand. I woke up with that on my mind, the beach wasnít crowded the wind was cool and crisp. I feel good about my day. I should have know my day would be so enriching ...   read more

Day 14, A good idea?   17 y  
all those who've succeeded, you inspire me
Hi everyone, Well if youíve been reading the last blogs you know my husband has been having THAT day. Weíve both had some hungry spells, and some days it seems like I think about grilled Salmon almost all day. It got so bad, when I was reading my bible every time I saw the word ĒsacrificeĒ I though about BBQ or grilled food (HOW ABOUT THAT). Anyway, today I decided for Valentines day to have a candle light dinner, check this out...chicken broth, five leaves baby spinach,and 2 forks of noodles (I cut them up for a infant). To us it was a steak/salmon dinner. Didnít drink any water fo ...   read more

day 13 pt 2, trouble in fasting paradise   17 y  
My husband's having THAT day :(
Iíve had a great day, still feening for grilled salmon thought, but Iím not hungry itís just mental. Iíve had good energy did my exercise tried some new juice mixes. I think Iíve got a favorite, orange and carrot. enema didnít go well today though I seem to be rushing to get done and my body stayed kinda tense. But, I still got some good results. I canít believe I still have bowel, especially because I cleanse ALOT. I guess the best boost I had was 1st thing this morning, my 4 lb weight loss, what a great encouragement. It makes those tough days a better victory. Okay enough about me ...   read more

day 13   17 y  
4 lbs overnight? I think God felt sorry for me, because my husband lost about 30 in 6 days
I just wanted let everyone know God must have felt sorry for me not losing enough weight 12 days (about 11 lbs). I weight this morning I lost 4 lbs in a DAY? Just wanted to share the good news with the gang. Iíve had some juice, water and about to have some green tea, done some worship (meditation) and reading (my bible). Iím off to a good start, gotta go do some exercises and daily enema and read some blogs. see you all later. But God   visit the page

day 12, pt 2   17 y  
We did it guys ANOTHER DAY, one at a time.
Iíve had a wonderful day, still having spats of hunger though, My husband and I are laughing alot about the thoughts weíre having about food. When we go out to get fruit/veg we smell everthing, including chinese food (in china) :).....spices, oil, everything!!! Itís making it easier between my hubby and czone to go through. Thanks for all the support. Iím drinking a lot of water today, my lower back (kidneys)is hurting just a bit, I think maybe the hyssop tea is detoxing me and Iím not drinking enough water. My husband weighted himself again, scale only 2-3 lbs different, he still los ...   read more

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I started my juice fast yesterday (feb 1, 2006) I haven't fasted for 30 days since I was about 26 now it's 20+ years and I really need a support team. more...

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