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"It never ceases to amaze me..."   15 y  
We are different, let’s face it, our thumb prints are totally unique, our noses are different, and our bodies are ……………..
It never ceases to amaze me. What I find incredibly fascinating is how on one level we go to great lengths to look different and stand out in the crowd. We endure all sorts of tortures to have amazing hair styles of varying colours, shapes and sizes. We have “face furniture”, I even saw 3 studs in a chin the other day, I am sure I would be even more shocked at the ones that are not visible to the naked eye! And of course tattoos – the more outrageous the better. Not to mention stylish and unusual clothing (aren’t Brits fantastic here, individual, and have some of the best fabulous cr ...   read more

“But it’s my birthday………”   15 y  
....I had to have it – it was my birthday”, like someone forced open our mouths and rammed a lot of unhealthy food and drink in against our wills....
“But it’s my birthday………” How often have I heard (and used! the excuse “I had to have it – it was my birthday”, like someone forced open our mouths and rammed a lot of unhealthy food and drink in against our wills. A birthday can bring a new beginning, why not use your birthday to think about the rest of your life, a life living to your full potential, doing what you are really meant to do and which brings you joy and fulfilment. To be your best you must eat foods that nourish your body and mind. Healthy food that nourishes you at all levels of your being. Having devised the Yoga ...   read more

“Does my Arse look thin in this?   15 y  
...help you change your fat mind into a slim positive mind.....change your thinking.
Blog – “Does my Arse look slim in this? Have you ever asked that question? I bet not! You have probably, like me asked the other question of “Does my Arse look FAT in this!” It may be something that you feel is absolutely out of your range possibilities to ask if your arse looks slim. However do not give up thinking I am asking too much of you, just read on, and then think about it. What I am going to ask you to do is something which will help you change your fat mind into a slim positive mind, which will work for you, not against you. Sometimes we have to be very cunning with ou ...   read more

Be Do Have   15 y  
Be (thoughts) x Do (actions) = Have (results)
Be Do Have Three little words forming a short statement which can dramatically improve your slimming regime and life. Let me explain…. It’s like a formula, Be (thoughts) x Do (actions) = Have (results) If you want to get great results change your thoughts for success. Positive thoughts, lead to positive actions, which lead to positive results. Positive thoughts in slimming can be knowing and believing in your ability to slim, sweeping aside all the “failed” attempts which net you into that negative cycle of “I can’t do it because I failed last time I tried”. Positive action ...   read more

Be desirable again! - March 12th   15 y  
...weight loss advertisements and spam emails .... are false, misleading ....
Blog 5 – Be desirable again! I was incandescent with rage today, (well I wasn’t quite that bad but I read once about how one of the British royal family was incandescent with rage and I felt it was something to aspire to!) but I was pretty mad. Many of the weight loss advertisements and spam emails that I am getting are false, misleading, manipulative, and preying on people who are unhappy with their size. But the above statement “be desirable again” was on an advertisement in the local paper here in Manila, with a picture of an overweight unhappy person. (In case you wondered, I am Br ...   read more

Uplift your spirits   15 y  
The 3 Yoga for Slimmers principles, help you to relax, exercise mindfully and gain greater awareness of who you are. I will help you to want to enjoy eating healthily and will help you programme your mind for success.
Last night I gave a talk at my speakers club, the theme of the talk was to “uplift the spirit” I am putting my speech below and I hope it uplifts your spirit for the day. x Welcome to my talk on uplifting your spirits – for slimmers, imagine me with you now shedding some light on how we can make our slimming journey happier, turning it from a miserable experience to a journey towards not only a slimmer body but also a better life. I, like many of you, have been a professional dieter all my life. It’s not a happy life is it? Always feeling as though you have the wrong body on! ...   read more

Why diets rarely work   15 y  
Awareness is the key....any kind of “Authority” imposed on you is doomed to failure
BLOG 3. 9TH Feb 2005 Why diets rarely work Dieting is all too frequently a self-defeating venture, causing a cycle of miserable yo yo dieting. You cheat on your diet, feel depressed, eat something to ostensibly cheer yourself up, and you feel you have cheated again on and on ad nauseum! Sadly sometimes literally. I maintain that any kind of “Authority” imposed on you is doomed to failure, and this includes dieting! To demonstrate this let’s use the well worn saying “don’t think of a pink elephant” – what do you do? You can’t help it, you immediately think of a pink elephant! ...   read more

To Weigh or not to weigh – that is the question!   15 y  
To Weigh or not to weigh – that is the question!
Blog 2 – 1st Feb To Weight or not to weigh – that is the question! Weighing myself has been a despairing occupation throughout my entire life. I nearly broke the wash basin once in my futile attempt to lower myself more gracefully onto the scales in order to weight less (I also once went to give blood before a slimming club meeting). (Didn’t work). So frequently when I owned my health club people would say “I am now 47 and I want to weigh what I did when I was 21”. They were so adamant regarding this that nothing else would do. It is possible that they will never be able to weigh ...   read more

Weight Loss a Different Way – 22nd January   15 y  
Stress free slimming
Weight Loss a Different Way – 22nd January My life’s work is to help women lose weight, in a fun way, a pleasurable way (impossible I hear you say!); (Not true, think again I say!) I have a book out – Yoga for Slimmers, now selling in 9 languages. My name is Celia Hawe. I help people to slim at all 3 levels – body, mind and spirit, and without working on all 3, you will never lose weight effortlessly and permanently. So as I tread the precarious path of weight management I will share my path with you, some of it funny, some of it enlightening, we will have fun together - and in my ...   read more


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Helping women to lose and maintain their weight, a new way - ”slimming from the inside out” which will help them get their lives in order so that they are not comfort eating, based on a yogic approach, of eating healthy foods to nurture the body, mind and spirit.… more...

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