Master Cleanse Journal - Brooklyn
by 11211cleanse

Day 11 - Hmmm... is it the scale? - no weight loss.   17 y  
No weight loss in 4 days. Weird.
I now weight 157. Itís day 11 and Iíve been 157 since day 7. 8lbs in 11 days. Last time I lost 15lbs in 10 days. I got my period on Monday, day 8 so maybe that has something to do with it. I am still having two semi large bowel movements a day. I am exercising on my elliptical most mornings - 80min this week and Iíve been walking & bike riding. I donít get it.   visit the page

Day 7 - Half way! Weekend. Mirror Happy.   17 y  
Pot, weekends, more or less drink to detox better?, throwing out old clothes.
Original weight: 165 Weight today: 157 Loss: 8lbs Iíve still been smoking pot every day. I havenít cheated on the cleanse w/food or alcohol though. Yesterday I went on an hour walk and did a bunch of dancing and rocking out at home. The weekends are always the hardest because of the boyfriend. He has a fulltime job so heís not around so much during the week but on weekends itís like a ritual for us to eat together. As difficult as it is, this second time around isnít quite as hard as the first was. Iíve been wondering lately if you detox more if you drink more glasses of the l ...   read more

Day 4 - what happened yesterday?   17 y  
Lethargy, marijuana, prioritizing, weight gain?
After writing the post about how I had stores of endless energy it all evaporated. Yesterday I ended up going from pepped up in the morning to totally lethargic for most of the day. I wanted to work but I ended up napping and resting all over the place, just throwing myself down most of the day. Around 5pm my energy returned and I was able to get a bunch of stuff done but by 10pm I was ready to collapse again. Anyone got any input as to why I was so laid up? I have theories... sometimes when Iíve done enemas in the past it made me exhausted and lethargic afterwards - does the SWF do ...   read more

Day 3 - Extraordinarily active!   17 y  
Stats - weight to start, last time, so far. Exercise & diet habits. Expectations.
Itís day 3 and I havenít been flushing enough out, not enough BMís. I did get the íGet Regularí tea to drink last night but it was too hot to drink when I layed down so I fell asleep w/o drinking it. Now Iím afraid all the toxins are just sitting in me and going to be reabsorbed. So - I am doing the dreaded salt water flush this morning. Taking the onerous concoction right now. I didnít do it yesterday or the day before because I needed to clean and have productive mornings those days. I know this thing is going to lay me up for a couple of hours. Some stats: Within the past year ...   read more

Master Cleanse, second time around : Day 2.   17 y  
Day 2, cramps night 1 - switching tea. No probs.
Here I go again! I think I need it. I really feel like doing the Master Cleanse the first time around was a major step in a recent lifestyle makeover Iíve given myself but I feel like I need to do it again. Not quite there yet. I want to celebrate on Valentines Day so I started yesterday and hope to go at least 14 days, maybe more. I only went 10 days the first time around in November and wanted to go longer but holiday obligations limited me. Yesterday I started midday so I didnít do a lax tea the night before and I had a cup of yogurt for breakfast but Iím going to count the day re ...   read more


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This is a daily account of my personal experience with the Master Cleanse- Lemonade Diet. This is the second time I am doing this cleanse, the first was for 10 days in early November - about three months ago. I will be as informative as I have time. Good luck everyone!Ö more...

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