My 10 day juice fast
by Miss Scarletwhiskers

Take Two: Day Three...   17 y  
Back in the saddle again...!
Hello Everyone! Well, Iím actually GLAD I didnít stick with the last juice fast, because I ended up working INSANE hours that week and I would have been TOAST. But now, here I am at it again. Day three. It has all been very easy. No real temptations or issues. Iím feeling real tired is all. I need alot more sleep than usual, is this normal? Even so, I am dragging. Everyone keeps telling me how tired I look....donít you love the reminders? As if that big shiny reflective thing in the bathroom didnít tell you enough! :P I think I will go to bed early tonight. Friends want ...   read more

Day Four   17 y  
Whoopse. Can't believe I did that.
I donít know what made me do it. Dammit. I ate an avocado. Funny, it actually made me hungrier to eat. After work I figured Iíd indulge, so I ate some baby romaine and some raw veggie soup. Iím sorry you guys. I feel like Iíve let everyone down. But I am NOT giving up. I am hopping right back on the fast come thursday, and will be going strong! (I work a double tomorrow and a triple the next day, so....not til Thursday. Honestly, it wasnít really hunger. It was just BOREDOM. From now on I will pick up the phone and CALL someone when I feel the urge to eat. Talking on t ...   read more

Day Three   17 y  
I woke up with my tummy rumbling around a bit. Sounded like a battle was going on in there. Coldness stayed with me all day. Matt and I drove into St. Paul today and went to the Science Museum and saw an Omni (gigantic dome theater) movie. Then we went to a play (Cannibal the Musical --by Trey Parker, one of the writers for South Park). It had us laughing very hard and that felt good. I didnít feel much hunger at all today. Just COLD. Then my friend Sherri and I went out to a bar and I was DD. (Being a raw vegan with candida, I get pretty used to it.) It helps me to stay busy ...   read more

Day Two   17 y  
Had to work a DOUBLE this day! Yikes...
Itís actually day three right now, but Iíll tell you about day two in this post. Day two was such a busy day, I was too busy to blog! I worked a double, both a lunch shift and a wedding at night (banquet work at hotels). It wasnít as bad as I had thought it would be, but right before I was going to serve dinner I drank some green tea. It made me soooooo nauseus, I seriously thought I was going to throw up while serving people their food! Blak! But I started feeling better shortly after. No more of that kind of tea, I guess. It felt like I was reacting to the mold on the tea or so ...   read more

Day One...   17 y  
I'm journaling each day of a ten day juice fast. My goal is to heal my poor digestion, food sensitivities and candidiasis.
I am done thinking about it. I am done contemplating it. I am done attempting it. I am done failing it. I am now embarking on my first 10-day juice fast. Itís the first day today and so far I have zero hunger. In fact, I feel full. The point of doing this, is to heal my digestive system. Sixteen years ago I developed IBS. My triggers were greasy, fattening foods. Seven years ago I developed systemic candidiasis, along with multiple food sensitivities, chronic fatigue, abdominal bloating, constipation, etc. My health practitioner told me my gallbladder is congested, th ...   read more


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I will be journaling my experience with my first extended juice fast. The goal is 10 days. If I feel inspired it may go longer, but ten days will do. more...

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