30 day juice fast
by annaconda

Day 8 - that's the end...   17 y  
Day 8 - I'm not making it to 30 days... Broke the fast
I crashed. After 24 hrs water fast over the weekend, Monday morning found me nauseous and weak, and I couldnít go to work. So I broke the fast. Thatís it for me. I knew it was too much - I couldnít even look at my juicer. So Iím going to start a new, restricted dieting blog, because Iíve loved this online community. Thanks for the support, everyone.   visit the page

Day 6 - water fasted 24 hr   17 y  
juice fast day 6
Since around 1/2 PM yesterday, Iíve had nothing but water. Juice just hasnít exactly interested me. We went to check out the wedding expo today and it was terrifying. We didnít even go in. It was packed, and there were a bunch of girls hovering around where the place where the fashion show was to happen, yikes! Everyone was there with their moms, the few guys that were dragged there met my finaceís eye with a terrified look, he told me. Itís all wedding business. What a racket. I wanted to go to win a door prize, but when I saw how packed the lot was, I realized that would never ...   read more

juice fast day 5   17 y  
juice fast day 5
Weekend time... Well today I realized that I actually stopped eating a week ago tomorrow, so Iím a little closer than I think. I mean, Iím going to come down really slowly anyway, so a day or two at the end will be totally dependant on how I feel at that point anyway. I sat through my first ĒmealĒ while other people ate and I didnít. At the future in-laws house, we thought weíd just go up and drop a car off, and Ēnot stay for dinnerĒ which gets us out of the meal requirement. but of course, they started whipping things up as soon as we got there, so I had no choice but to join them ...   read more

Day 4   17 y  
day 4
Definitely over the hump. Iím not really hungry anymore. Iíve drastically cut down on the amount of juice Iíve been drinking, and upped the water. But, itís friday night, and I miss my old lifestyle - come home have a snack, a drink, a cigarette, and relax. The weekend is almost harder than the week - I just want time to fly by and the instant gratification of having fasted for 30 days. Iíve got to say, those first three days were really hard and I almost didnít make it. Itís much easier now. Most difficult part is my fianceís cooking. Heís a masterful chef, and as he says to ...   read more

Day 3 part deux - anyone out there?   17 y  
ketosis, I think
This morning I felt horrible. But after some detox tea and a quickie enema (never thought those two would go together, huh?) I immediately felt better. Had some juice sips at 9:30, some tea at noon. I really like fasting tea yogi tea. Itís got licorice flavor (so donít get it if you donít like black licorice!) Iím not feeling hungry at all. I think Iíve gotten over the hump and am now in ketosis (burning stores). I know last night was a healing crisis, carried over to this morning. From the way I was living, I know there will be more to come. Toxins, get the hell outta here. ...   read more

day 3 for real   17 y  
day 3
OK, I just caught up with day 2 post which I missed. This blog is really helpful. IĒm also keeping a journal. Work is going to be busy today and tomorrow, which will either be a blessing or a curse. It seems to me the best thing is when time is moving and at work the clock moves (cause Iím busy). At home, it crawls and I think, am I ever going to get through thirty days? How is that going to be possible? My journal also helps me organize my juice schedule. I just get tons of organic stuff from the store then come home and juice it. Well it helps to chill and not put 30 ingredi ...   read more

day 2   17 y  
day 3
Iím actually writing the morning of day 3, but I missed yesterday. Wow. Itís getting much tougher. I have a lot of success during the day. I feel great, Iíve been drinking juices, and yesterday I had a little bit of euphoria that sort of pushed me through my day. I got home and tried to stay upbeat and positive but I started to crash around 8:30-9 PM. And not sleep crash, just attitude crash. My fiance wants me to be around and like normal and I canít do that. Iím trying to take care of my health, and overcome many addictions (most of which he shares). So itís really hard fo ...   read more

Fast day 1   17 y  
day 1
Hi again. First: Ginger, the cat, seems to be doing a bit better. Sheís nibbling on all her favorites, and came and sat on the couch with us to watch college football. This morning I tried to do a lot - get up, do yoga for 30 minutes, prep a sh*tload of juice for the day, shower, and make it to work by 8:30. I was only 15 minutes late, at the end of all that. I like getting up at 6, I just have to get up and not hit snooze, even once. Note - youíll want to prep your veggies and fruits at night. The fiance has offered to help me do this. Peeling oranges at 7 AM while looking a ...   read more

Pre-fast cleanse day 5   17 y  
pre-fast cleanse day 5
Or, fast day 1. This holiday weekend, itís really nice to be home. We just moved from NYC to Vermont, and vacation in VT is so much better than vacation in NYC. In NYC, you end up spending money like thereís no tomorrow. Not just on vacation, but all the time. In VT, itís lovely, thereís snow and sunshine, a big (well not that big) house to move around in, drapes to put up, drains to drano, a lovely cat to pet, and general niceness. Last night was a sad one, around here, as we realized the cat is not sick, sheís just slowing down drastically. Sheís nibbling at stuff, and sipping ...   read more

Pre-fast cleanse day 4   17 y  
day 4
Hi! So itís January 1, big day for new things. Yesterday I had mostly juices, but had some festivities to celebrate the new year. After seeing King Kong (do not pass go, do not collect $200, just go see King Kong! Itís awesome), we went out to dinner and I had a beer and some steak. But Iím back on the juices today, and by tomorrow should be nothing but juice. Today I made some awesome mixes - orange, grape and lemon. Also the veggie juices are tasting better. Iím currently sipping on spinach, celery, tomato, carrot and dill & lemon. Fiance loves the juices! Heís just sta ...   read more

Pre-fast cleanse day 2   18 y  
day 2
Hi! I came close to having only juice last night... But I had a pumpernickel sandwich with cheese and turkey. I did have some yummy juice with tomato, pepper, celery and cilantro. And some chamomile tea. So Iím on day two of the cleanse, and I woke up and meditated for a bit. My cat has really changed her appetite, and she came to distract me and I tried to encourage her to eat some. She seems happy, just not eating so much. I had a delicious juice this morning of carrot, apple and pear. I took some with me to work today and watered it down for a mid morning snack. I sh ...   read more

Pre-fast day 1   18 y  
day 1 of juice pre-fast
OK, hi everybody... or maybe just hi to myself. Iím transitioning into a 30 day juice fast with a 4 day pre-cleanse and a 5 day post cleanse. Motivation: Juice fasting seems so right. It answers a lot of needs I have - weight loss, learning about my body, spiritual awakening, self-reliance, breaking various addictions... I have a past with heavy drug use, which I was able to leave behind me. However, I never learned to control my eating. It seems like since high school (12 years or so ago) I have always had something in my life that Iíve had an out-of-control relationship with ...   read more


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