Fasting for major weightloss
by kjeanm are my measurements.   19 y  
I need my mouth stapled shut!! Stay out food!!
Okay, itís a bit weird but I havenít lost any more weight (because I keep shooting myself in the foot by sneaking food!) but Iíve lost a few more inches. I have always heard that you lose inches before weight so thatís probably the case. Here they are... WEIGHT- SAME AT 153 NECK- 13.75 ARMS- (R) 10.5 (L) 10.25 CHEST- 35 UPPER ABS- 31.75 WAIST- 34.25 HIPS- 37 UPPER THIGHS- (R) 23.25 (L) 24 LOWER THIGHS- (R) 16 (L) 15 CALVES- (R) 13.5 (L) 13.5 TOTAL INCHES 274.75 INCHES LOST SINCE LAST MEASUREMENT 6! All I need to do is quit sneaking food and Iíd be doing a lo ...   read more

Starting over after a little fun.   19 y  
Rededicating on my day 7!
Well, I ate a little for 2 days and now Iím starting over again. I only regained 2 of the 7 pounds I lost so Iím still ahead 5 pounds..Hooray! Iíve been pretty good today. I only had 2 bites of a banana and lots water. 2 liters to be exact! Iím not a big drinker at all so 2 liters seems like a lot to me. Anyways, Iím going to redo my measurements again on Saturday instead of tomorrow because of my little binge and see if Iíve made any improvement. Iíve been walking over 200 calories off a day since Monday and keeping the house clean while taking care of an infant and a toddler. I ...   read more

UGH!! I caved today!!   19 y  
fooood!!! yyuuuummmmm!!!
How awful!! I finally made it to day 5 and I cave. I was so weak...I ate a small bowl of salad, some boiled broccoli, and a tiny bit of spaghetti. I know, I know..I shouldnít of. I will resume my fast tomorrow. I did get on the treadmill and burned over 200 calories and hung christmas lights outside my house (which caused quite a bit of sweating). I think Iím going to do some pilates too just to help burn the calories I ate in a sense I wasnít TOO TOO bad. Still...weíll just have to move on and keep trying-no sense in totally giving up because of one little faulter. Itís ...   read more

My day 4 measurements!!   19 y  
4 successful days so far!!
Alrighty...Iíve made it to day 4 and Iím very proud to say that Iíve been very good and I havenít eaten a single thing. Here are my results so far... WEIGHT- 153 LBS NECK- 13.75 ARMS- (R) 10.75 (L) 10.5 CHEST- 35 UPPER ABS- 32.25 WAIST- 35.25 HIPS- 37.75 UPPER THIGH- (R) 23.5 (L) 34.25 LOWER THIGH- (R) 15.5 (L) 15.25 CALVES- (R) 13.5 (L) 13.5 TOTAL- 280.75 TOTAL INCHES LOST- 6 TOTAL POUNDS LOST- 7 So far I donít think thatís too bad especially since I didnít even exercise over the weekend. Iím going to try to incorporate a little bit of cardio over the w ...   read more

Day 2   19 y  
I made it through day 2!!
Well, Iím coming to a close on my day 2!!! I didnít eat one thing either...I guess the only way I kinda cheated was I chewed some gum today. Iím not really eating anything but I just needed something to occupy my mouth and take my mind off of the hunger pains. I told my husband I didnít want to cook today and for him to eat leftovers of that awesome spaghetti I made last night. Well, hopefully I can make through another day tomorrow!!   visit the page

Ending day one   19 y  
Rumble rumble in my tummy
Wow...For most people day one isnít so bad...but it turned bad when I had to whip up the best smelliní batch of spaghetti for my husband and kids!!! Iím proud of myself because I didnít even taste the sauce or anything..but it sure did cross my mind about a billion times. Right now I have that crumbly feeling in my tummy. Itís so tempting for me to want to reach in the refridgerator and eat a slice of leftover pumpkin will is hopefully stronger. Weíll see how day 2 goes for me tomorrow! Good luck to everyone out there fasting..itís not easy!   visit the page

Here's my starting measurements   19 y  
Let's see those starting measurements!!
Okay here we far Iíve been doing okay on my day 1!! Hereís my measurements... WEIGHT 160 LBS NECK 14.25 ARMS (R) 11 (L) 10.75 CHEST 36 UPPER ABDOMEN (RIGHT UNDER MY BREASTS) 32.25 WAIST (AT THE BELLYBUTTON) 36.25 HIPS 38.25 UPPER THIGH (R) 24 (L) 25 LOWER THIGH (R) 15.25 (L) 15.75 CALVES (R) 13.75 (L) 13.5 TOTAL INCHES 286.75 On Monday (my day 4) Iíll remeasure and see what the changes are, if any. Itís going to be tough resisting the normal weekend slop but Iíll just have to stick to my guns and resist!!!   visit the page

End of day one   19 y  
Currently I'm losing the temptation battle!
Well..I stink.. I ended up eating after my husband called and asked me to make cheesedip tonight for the football game. I will have to start again tomorrow and tell my husband that I canít make anything delicious for the next few days. If anything Iím definitely going to make a commited start this Friday the day after Thanksgiving. Iím a retail manager here in my local mall in a store that sells teenage clothing. I might be a mother of two but Iím required to wear our clothes and look good in them (because you canít sell something if you look awful in it!!). I go back to work on Janua ...   read more

Fasting for the first day   19 y  
First day of fasting going okay so far..hope I can resist the food temptations!!
Today Iím water fasting for the first day. Iím going to fast for two or three days and then break it for Thanksgiving (because it virtually immoral to fast during the best food day of the year!!!). My sister and I then made a pack to fast for at least 10 days together starting the day after Thanksgiving. She has some very stubborn fat she wants to lose and I just had a baby 3 weeks ago and I have 40 pounds to lose! My plan is to water fast at least 5 days, then juice and water the next 5, then I read about a woman losing 100 pounds by fasting one day, eating just raw veggies the next d ...   read more


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