60 day water fast.
by SunsetDreamer
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Day 5   5 y  
Day 5
things are going fine. I am still hungry but not eating and consuming a lot of water. My weight today is 306 with a loss of 8 pounds since the beginning of this fast. all together a loss of 36 pounds   visit the page

Day 3   5 y  
Day 3
Day 3 was ok but I did almost cheat because I could smell sausage this morning. But I had a big glass of water and a few sips of milk just for a treat....a couple of tablespoons only. Then I went to bed after my night shift. When I woke up the hunger had passed. Tonight I am working overtime for a night shift. This is good because it will get me past that Day 3 hunger. Tomorrow I should not feel hungry at all. I really do need to start using the bike more though. I have been lazy about it so tomorrow when I wake up after my night shift, I am going to go on the bike. Then go fo ...   read more

Day 2   5 y  
Day 2
Day 2 went well. I have energy and am doing well. I was hungry from time to time but I drank water each time I had a hunger pain. Really the worst part is the habit to eat, not the actual eating. Its like having a bad addiction to food. snacking and eating the wrong food has been a challenge for me. So I have to fight it and listen to my body after the fast so that I eat right and within the boundaries of weight control. I did not go on the bike today but I slept for my night shift so tomorrow i will do the bike. My tongue is not yet white and I have a headache but its probab ...   read more

Day 1 went well.   5 y  
day 1
The first day went well. A little bit hungry but nothing serious. Tonight at work there were endless donuts and cookies going around but I did not have any. I did enjoy a coffee with a bit of cream though...small sacrifice instead of food. I am sick with a cold still but coping on my night shift. I have had to have some halls so I don’t know that that will do but I cannot go without them right now...we will see. I feel a bit sick to my stomach but I think it will pass with some extra water tonight. Its really important not to vomit as that would lead to dehydration and I cannot ...   read more

Day 1   5 y  
Day 1
OK so its in the morning on day 1. I have my water jug all filled up and ready to conquer a long fast. Today so far I am hungry but I am fine with the water. I did have a coffee this morning and that made me feel good. I am starting this fast at 315 pounds probably because i weighed myself after I had the coffee and water. I have still maintained a almost 30 pound loss from last months fasts too which is great. ok wish me luck   visit the page

PREFAST DAY...Tommorrow starts the extended water fast   5 y  
prefast day
I didnt realize that people could not message me or comment on my post until today. I have now updated my settings so people can message me and comment. Do not be shy lol Ok so today I ate strict keto, no milk or dairy and no fruit. This green veggie and chicken start is to get rid of all that potato I had at thanksgiving. Today I weighed in at 314. I feel good with the keto I ate today. I have a bad cold though so I am hoping it clears up quickly due to the fast. I had blood work yesterday, a chest xray and heart tests. My heart is great but I have high blood pressure. No ...   read more

Fast did not start today due to turkey stew lol   5 y  
fast starting soon
Yesterday I broke my fast for one day to eat turkey dinner. It went well accept I stuck to turkey, gravy and veggies. It was very nice. In a couple of days, I am embarking on a long fast of 30 days. Today I weighed in at 315 for some reason, probably because of the turkey and milk etc. I am ready now from all the little fasts I have done wish me luck   visit the page

day 13   5 y  
day 13
Today was good. No food and my tongue is white. I have a real dillema for tomorrow though. I am making thanksgivng turkey for my family. Geez, do I not eat at all and look weird or break my fast and have thanksgiving...hmmmmm Dammit I have no idea what to do about this. Although I could break it to eat the turkey and then start immediately again but embark on a 40 day fast!!! So I think that is what I am going to do..... Tomorrow I will break and eat turkey dinner and then start immediately again on a 40 day fast!!! I am ready!! So, I will weigh in not tomorrow but the ne ...   read more

Day 12   5 y  
Day 12
So day 12 went really well. I have lots of energy. I am working nights so it is much easier to stay away from food. I sleep all day and go to work with a packed tea in my thermos and a great deal of water. I have no nausea anymore which is great. My stomach does not growl and I am not hungry at all. My tongue is white and my mouth felt a bit chalky today but I used mouth wash and brushed my teeth about 3 times today. I am not having to use suppositories as I manage to have a small bowel movement each day. I have no idea where the waist is coming from haha. This fast is going so m ...   read more

Day 11   5 y  
Day 11
So this is the end of day 11. I feel great today. I am not hungry at all. I am noticeably smaller and can move so much quicker and without back pain!! This is amazing. I guess I should have measured myself. Maybe I will add that in tomorrow to see inches come off. I have a white tongue but my mouth feels fresh and fine. My skin is clear and overall I feel great! I am so happy this fast is going so well. I am menstruating normally too so I am not going to weigh myself as I do know I will be on a plateau. These plateaus are very normal. Its important not to get discouraged. ...   read more

Day 10   5 y  
Day 10
Today i am up and feeling fine. i feel a bit weak but i drank lots of water and am having a coffee now. my energy is not a lot but it is good. my tongue is white again so perhaps i am on my second set of cleanses for this fast. my lungs are feeling good with no cold symptoms anymore. my knee is sore where i hurt it last year which could mean i am in the tissue cleanse part of the fast. this is a good time to stick to it and rid myself of all those extra useless cells. research suggests that this cellular cleanse rids the body of irregular cells that potentially lead to cancer. so ...   read more

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I am attempting a 60 day water fast to help with weight loss and a reset of fat thinking and body memory. more...

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