Water Fasting to Cure Alcoholism
by MelonSoda

Days 33 - 37 of my 40day water fast.   5 y  
Journal days 33-37 of my 40day water fast with daily results!
Day 33 , 217lbs Waist 99cm Chest 122cm  My weights gone up again which is odd. I think it happens when I'm not drinking properly. I'm feeling pretty okay other than my hand still hurting. I'm yet to fix my poor sleeping though.   Day 34  216lbs, Waist 98cm Chest 122cm Slept 11 hours today. I feel better having done so but i definitely couldn't do that everyday. Sadly I couldn't get to sleep until 7am, so i spent the whole day asleep.   Day 35 . 214.8lbs, Waist 98cm Chest 122cm I've added so ...   read more

Days 27-32 of my 40 day water fast (Results included)   5 y  
Days 27-32 of my 40 day water fast! Weight and measurement results included.
Day 27. 219.6lbs, Waist 100cm Chest 123cm  Feeling good. I'm having trouble getting in my water though and it's been pretty humid. I've been a little dizzy at night so i imagine it's to do with not having enough water. Day 28 . 218.6lbs, Waist 100cm Chest 123cm  Happy I decided to continue the fast. I feel the best i've felt in years and I don't want to lose this feeling. Sadly doing a longer fast might be dangerous so I'm hoping to say in ketosis while I refeed so i can keep this feeling. Day 29 . 218lbs, Waist 99cm ...   read more

Days 23 - 26 of my now 40 day water fast with results.   5 y  
Days 23-26 of my now 40day water fast with results!
Day 23. 222.6lbs, Waist 103cm Chest 123cm  Looking forward to my 1-2 weeks of refeeding at the same time I want to stay in ketosis. So I'm not sure how i'm going to go with this. Part of me wants to try for 40days then do the refeed, but i've never done more than 30days. I think i could do it. I'm not getting acid reflux anymore. Day 24 . 221.6lbs, Waist 103cm Chest 123cm  I've decided to extend to 40days before I have a refeed break then i will do another 30days, perhaps 40 again depending on my boods and what not. Feeling so f ...   read more

22 days of water fasting results! 8 days to go.   5 y  
Days 20 -22 of my water fast. With details
Day 20. 225, Waist 104.5cm Chest 123cm Had an interesting day. Lot's of walking as i had to meet up with an old friend in the city. Almost did 25,000steps which I really shouldn't be doing but I don't go out often with old friends. I sat with her and her partner while they had lunch. It was a massive plate of deep fried food and chips. I just had my ice cold water. We went to a cafe about an hour later and she wanted me to have a milkshake and a cake and I told her I really didn't want to break my fast by eating something that could cause problems a ...   read more

Water fasting to cure alcoholism days 16-19   5 y  
Days 16- 19 of my water fasting journey
Day 16. 227.4lbs, Waist 105cm Chest 123.5cm Feeling pretty good today. I'm not sure if it's been bad that I'm doing 10,000-20,000 steps per day but I'm enjoying it which is why i haven't stopped. No acid reflux today, no hunger or pain. It's been a good day. Day 17. 227lbs, Waist 105cm Chest 123.5cm  Got my results back from my GP. I used to have issues with anemia but this time he said I'm really healthy despite the water fast. The only thing he has an issue with at the moment is that my cholesterol  is a little higher than ...   read more

Days 13, 14 and 15 of water fast. Scales slowly moving   5 y  
Days 13, 14 and 15 of my water fast.
Day 13.  229.6lbs, Waist 106cm Chest 125.5cm Really worried about my heart. It hurts when i breathe in. I think it could be a number of things at this point. It could just be a pulled muscle or it could be something serious. Drs appointment in 3 days and we'll see how everythings going. I've had two micro naps today. A total of 9 hours sleep, which is much better then me getting the 4hours that i've been getting since i started this. Day 14.  229.6lbs, Waist 106cm Chest 125.5cm I feel so good today. I haven't felt this good since I was a ...   read more

Water Fasting to Cure Alcoholism days 7 - 12   5 y  
So this is my progress of my water fast. Days 7-12. Wish me luck with this up coming weekend!
Sorry i've been posting them as comments on my other entry as i didn't know how to post a new entry XD so here's my progress so far. Day 7. 231lbs, Waist 107cm Chest 127cmm Feeling really tired all the time and the acid reflux is getting worse. I've been walking over 10,000 steps everyday. Wondering if I should stop? Day 8. 229.8lbs, Waist 107cm Chest 126cm Slept until 3pm today. Then at about 10am I fell asleep. I'm still so tired, might look for some powerade zero tomorrow. I've noticed my h ...   read more

Long Water Fast to stop alcoholism first 6 days   5 y  
Days 1- 6 of my water fast showing weight and measurements as well as a short journal on how i'm feeling. I post every few days to show you all how i'm doing on this journey and hope to make it to 90 or 120 days =D
Hi everyone. So I've done water fasting before and I've found that i really enjoyed it. The last fast I did was 90 days, in groups of 30, giving myself a week in between. At first i didn't set out to do it, I actually had surgery and couldn't eat and I noticed I felt so much better not eating. I lost weight, My skin cleared up I stopped having back pain, migraines and my IBS felt as if it were cured. So I kept going. The past few years though, I've gone back to a really unhealthy life style. I lost my job, moved state and started drinking a bottle of vod ...   read more


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