Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT) by Andrew K Fletcher
by Andrew K Fletcher

Spinal cord injury Inclined Bed Therapy Andrew K Fletcher   13 mon  
Video of a spinal cord injured mad, regaining movement and sensation by simply tilting his bed to a five degree angle John Cann walks on Carlton TV News after 10 years of paralysis.
Video News Clip on Youtube: John Cann Walks after 11 years of paralysis using a simple non-invasive free therapy, discovered by Andrew K Fletcher, who has shown beyond any shadow of doubt that gravity plays a vital roll in the circulation of fluids and that posture in relation to the constant direction of gravity is of paramount importance when restoring function to all neurological and non-neurological damage. Conditions this therapy has helped include: Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, spinal cord injury, short term memory loss, hear ...   read more

Tilt your bed for Effective Migraine Headache Relief Incline   13 mon  
Podcast video I found the cure for migraine headaches
Video Testimonials on Youtube: found the cure for migraine headaches! This video contains astonishing testimonials, confirming that migraine headaches can be cured by avoiding traditional bed rest. If you or a family member suffer from this debilitating medical condition, you need to watch this. Migraine is by no means the only condition discussed on this ground breaking research radio interview with Jason Homes, Andy Young and World Champion boxer Tony Moran on Raconteurs News. Jason describes how two months using this ...   read more

Inclined Bed Therapy Helps us Become Stronger and Healthier   13 mon  
Radio interview with Justin on Extreme Health Radio
Video on Youtube: extremehealthradio Published on 28 Jan 2017 Does inclined bed therapy work? Why does sleeping on a raised bed help to improve health? Can sleeping with your head tilted up 15 cm or 6 inches actually help to prevent disease? Can sleeping on an inclined bed help the body to get rid of disease? We talk about all this and more with Andrew K. Fletcher. The health benefits of sleeping on an inclined bed are almost too numerous to count. It’s pretty compelling when you start doing the research! Let me know if you sta ...   read more

Psoriasis Healed by Inclined Bed Therapy IBT before & after   13 mon  
Psoriasis Healing, A series of photographs, showing the effect of sleeping on an inclined bed.
Video showing photographic evidence of psoriasis improvments using inclined bed therapy   visit the page

Doctor Massey: Inclined Bed Therapy Increases Oxygen Sats   13 mon  
Video showing how Inclined Bed Therapy raises oxygen sats and positively affects varicose veins
Video on Youtube: Doctor Richard Massey and Patrick Timpone from ORN, discussing the use of a pulse oximeter to confirm  increased oxygen levels / sats increasing after raising his bed to a five degree head end up angle for just two weeks. Be sure to check out to read more fascinating testimonials. Please share this video   read more

Tilt your bed for Effective Migraine Headache Relief   13 mon  
Video interview with Andrew K Fletcher on Raconteurs internet radio station Migraine headache relief is discussed and much more.
  Youtube video link: Scientist, Andrew K Fletcher’s discovery is truly astonishing, does not involve using any drugs and is free for everyone to use. Yes that’s right, he does not charge anything for this groundbreaking research into circulation, that has been ongoing for over 23 years since he discovered how gravity drives our fluids and amazingly, it has still not been accepted by health services. While the headline states it is a miracle cure, this is not strictly the case, because as you know, miracles are not repeatable but sound science is, and t ...   read more

Dr J.P. Torre Study Into Inclined Bed Therapy   13 mon  
Independent analysis of inclined bed therapy results, conducted in an online self reporting format, to help determine if IBT can be introduced into mainstream medical practice. He is looking for people to simply raise their beds at the head end by using blocks, books, bricks or bed risers and sleep inclined for a minimum of 4 weeks, irrespective of whether participants have medical conditions or not.
Dr J.P. Torre is conducting an Independent Review of Inclined Bed Therapy. He is asking for people to join his online study. Please Help by sharing your IBT experience with him. This is very exciting and a long awaited breakthrough.   ”- There are convincing facts about IBT including NASA research and it is certainly intriguing that ancient Egyptians slept inclined.   - There are numerous reports that Inclined sleeping has resulted in health and well being improvements.   - It is important to explore ideas that come fr ...   read more


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Raising the Head End Of Your Bed to provide a level Inclined angle to boost your circulations and assist your body to repair and heal itself. Inclined Beds have been around for some 5000 years, buried in Ancient Egyptian tombs and displayed in museums.… more...

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