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Christian Nation -- Supreme Court "declarations"   17 y  
The proof of the Supreme Court "declaring" the United States a "Christian Nation" proves exactly the opposite
The latest argument from the forums (recently removed due to being argued in the improper forum) was that the Supreme Court had ”declared” that the USA was a Christian Nation. The poster who was making the argument then included an article which he believed proved his point. Ironically, the article shows precisely the opposite, and it does such an effective job that I wanted to save the article for posterity. The problem here by the author of the post is probably a failure to grasp what dicta are in a judicial opinion. As the author of the article explains, dicta (fully obiter dic ...   read more

Ignorance Ain't Bliss for the Rest of Us   18 y  
The kid gloves are off
You know, George W. Bush was never genuinely elected to the White House, but he had a lot of support from evangelical Protestants and other Christian groups which helped get him there. In fact, he still has their support. According to a survey I read last week, 52% of those who identify themselves as fundamentalist Christians still believe that George W. Bush is doing a good job. No amount of evil performed by the man or his administration is about to sway them, it seems. At least some of them are coming to realize that the man ”isn’t doing a good job”. That’s a euphemism for ”d ...   read more

Universal Laws   18 y  
What are they? Do they really exist?
I once asked a fellow to clarify himself, as his web site stated that there are three universal laws, but then he proceeded to name and explain only two. The three laws that he told me were universal were the law of free will, the law of cause and effect (karma), and (the one left out) the law of attraction. I’m wondering if ”opposites attract” is in there somewhere, too, but I’m pretty sure those were the three. The law of attraction was how likes attract, or how what you put out there is what you get back. It sounds similar to karma, if you ask me. In evaluating my life, as I do ...   read more

Ad Hominem Attacks   18 y  
What they are, why they're bad
Since 86.2% of all statistics are made up on the spot, let me just say that a massive majority of all logical fallacies committed in debate in public forums stem from ad hominem attacks. An ad hominem attack is one that is directed toward a person. In other words, instead of attacking the message, someone attacks the messenger. This kind of attack often occurs by questioning the motives of the messenger. Person A says something that Person B disagrees with. Person B knows that Person A is a member of Group C, which Person B also disagrees with. Person B then dismisses Person ...   read more

Higher Standards   18 y  
Now they want to legally torture people?!?
George Bush and Dick Cheney want to legalize torture. Color me not surprised. Isn’t America supposed to be better than that? The problem with giving the government powers that apply to ”someone else” is that, eventually, those powers get used on everyone. Some folks might declare that logical fallcy -- the slippery slope fallacy -- but history has shown time and again and again and again that, when it comes to government, slippery slope isn’t a logical fallacy, it’s a sad fact. Really, the problem is that this administration cannot make promises for the next administration. ...   read more

There and back again   18 y  
How to realize the dream?
So here I sit, with an idea so revolutionary that air particles tremble whenever I speak it. Yeah... The question is, how can I bring about a world where we all respect each other’s right to make one’s own choices for himself, a world where we treasure genuine freedom? Ever feel like an outsider? I sure do. It’s mind-boggling how uninterested people are in their own freedom. And why should they be? To deserve freedom, one must be willing to let everyone else be free, too. How many people are genuinely willing to take that step? Look at politics in America today. Groups fo ...   read more

Rape and Murder   18 y  
A discussion of *the* basic right of human beings
Rape and murder are wrong. I confess that you probably don’t need me to remind you of that. Rape and murder are considered among the most egregious of crimes that people commit. Have you ever wondered just why this is so? The thought exercise can be enlightening. I assume you know what rape and murder are. What they both have in common is that both represent an attempt by one person to enforce a choice on another. Rape is forcing someone to have sex who would not otherwise make that choice. Murder is forcing someone to stop living when the person would not have made that choice ...   read more


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