master cleanse-o-rama...3rd cleanse in 2 yrs
by mia

day one again...cold   18 y  
Made 24 oz of the concoction in a sports bottle. Am lazing around in bed, as it is quite damp and cold. Argh. Not hungry, just feel blah. My tummy is vaguely feeling weird.   visit the page

monday do overs!   18 y  
Starting the MC again on Monday...this time with a buddy.
I start this thing again tomorrow, having now found a person on this forum who wants to be my buddy for the duration. I am sooo ready.   visit the page

misery   18 y  
The aftermath of breaking the fast early...not a pretty sight.
I thought I would wait until period started to restart MC, but I feel so ill now after breaking fast that I probably want to do it tomorrow again. Take my word for it, it isnt worth it to break down. One can eat all one wants when it is over.   visit the page

utter failure after 2 days!   18 y  
How my female pms hormones broke me...and it wasn't even that great eating.
I will have to start over. I had these horrid protein cravings all day (I get horrendous cravings before and at the onset of my periods...get anemic during) I wasnt even that impressed when I ate. I am going to have a belly ache now and suffer the penalty. I did the false start last time, but ended up finishing the fast. I will get my butt in gear again.   visit the page

pet peeves   18 y  
In which I become cranky and want to bite the heads off bats...or just hit others in the head with a bat.
It is day 2. I am having the normal icky feelings associated with it. I am in bed mostly today and people are already asking WHY. I tell people why and they wonder why I want to lay down. I feel too ill to go out and they wonder if it is the MC or something else... :cough: I wonder if anyone else gets looks like you have sprouted another head when you start the MC? I wonder if they get harrassed about their sudden ’laziness’? Of course, I am just being cranky.   visit the page

DAY 2 OF MY MASTER CLEANSE-AM EXPERIENCES IN TOILET TERROR and NOT being a Burroughs purist this time.   18 y  
There's gotta be a morning after...arghhh!! The good, the bad, and the cramping.
It is now the morning of day 2. I have survived, big whining baby that I am. First of all, let me tell all of you that I made a choice this MC NOT TO BE A PURIST. How I define my ’impurities’: 1. NO SWF. My BP and edema soar waaaay high after those. 2. Yerba mate. I am drinking this with my senna/in place of senna. It has a total body tonic effect. 3. Unsweetened buko juice (coconut water). I lived off of this when I was in Asia. It keeps the kidneys healthy and the bowels moving. I was lucky enough to locate some here in the US. I use it in place of the water i ...   read more

more day 1 mc ramblings   18 y  
rambling on and on about the mc. It is day 1.
I have walked 3700 aerobic steps and nearly 8k regular steps today...which is good. Drank 60 ounces of lemonade (key-limeade, actually. I like the taste and it is easier to get juice outta those little citrus fruits) Still cranky. Since I’ve laid down again, it seems much better. Slight headache in front of forehead. Nothing major, knock wood. Bathroom travels highly successful, although I am now too tired to make the senna tea. My carnivorous meat-eating demon that dwells within my type O+ frame almost caused me to lick the aluminum siding of a neighbor’s house. As I walk ...   read more

day 1 mc...cranky, surly, premenstrual...and possessed   18 y  
Day one in master cleanse land. I am cranky.
I am mid-way thru day 1. Approx. 45 oz of the lemonade has been imbibed. Hunger is just a thing induced by mental boredom at this point. I did not SWF, as I detest it with a passion. I tend to get severe edema after taking the sea water swill, so I am substituting various other senna based drinks instead. By the way I have been tethered to the bathroom, it is working thus far. The biggest news/by-product to date is my temper. I am so cranky/crotchety/cross I think my head could easily do a complete rotation on my shoulders. I’ve TRIED to laze about in bed/to the toilet/in b ...   read more

maple syrup arrives via post and my journey begins tomorrow   18 y  
premenstrual rant about premaster cleanse. I think this will be pretty arduous.
Today the UPS guy deposited a box of maple syrup on my porch. Tomorrow my saga begins. I downed my cups of senna before bed and located my citus juicers and bottles of cayenne. I am premenstrual and my tummy is distended. I am cross and out of sorts. I pity the people who have to deal with my surly butt in the next three days. I am hoping to keep my step count above 7k per day. Yesterday I did 12k and the day before a whopping 15k. The step counters say that 7k steps a day is sufficient to keep from gaining weight. One needs to do more to lose. Wish me luck!   visit the page

MASTER CLEANSE, AGAIN AND AGAIN-an intro and pre cleansing ramblings   18 y  
Previous experiences w the master cleanse, as well as why I want to do another round. I cannot believe I am doing this again!
This is my third attempt (maybe it is the 4th, but can’t remember)at the cleanse. I did the first one in the Spring of ’04 for 10 days...the next was at the end of October last year for 9 or 10 days. The second cleanse helped me to quit smoking--and I continued to not smoke for three months. Sadly, I am smoking again. I feel like crap. I am a 36 yr old female who USUALLY wears a size 3/4/5/6 but is now a 7/8/9/and GASP 10 I did the other two cleanses primarily to lose weight...tho it really didnt do much to help me lose weight. The second cleanse was awesome, because I quit ...   read more


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