Juice fasting with a purpose
by triplej

more gas and cramps   19 y  
Pay attention to what you eat
So this is interesting. Gastro intestinal system has no idea what to do with food now. I eat less. that is a good thing.   visit the page

What have I done!?   19 y  
Going back to food , while tasty, was most likely, not the best idea in the world.
Okay, so some split pea soup and some Vietnamese foods yesterday, brought about treachery today. Miserable cramping. My body telling me that there is something in there it didn’t like. I ate too much of the tofu noodle bowl, but it was even better than I remembered and I savored the wonderful flavors. I reintroduced dairy this morning as well, that is most likely the culprit. But that first cup of coffee in 7 days was absolutely wonderful. I think I will stick with some liquid foods, fibrous foods and avoid milk for the rest of the day today. I miss cheese though. we’ll see how it ...   read more

Day 7...   19 y  
I have decided to break this fast
I ate today. It was pure pleasure. I decided I would end this today after seeing great results in how I feel and my outlook on food. Yes I still obsess. I probably always will. I plan on doing the liver flush soon. Thank you to everyone for all your support.   visit the page

Day 6 morning   19 y  
Doing well and feeling better.
Well here it is day 6 I made it through the grumpy stage... Having a morning cup of tea and checking e-mail. The is a Nalgene bottle next to me full of lemonade cut with water... lots of water. Housekeeping: I also drank a lot of water through the night as I did a pb shake before I went to bed. Those things DRY you out. But I had a good movement this morning and seem to be okay. Still pleanty of water and ”chaff” moist likely some psyllium. Everytime I have a lovely case of butt pee, if you’ll pardon. I do notice an odor, the fetid odor of feces. I know this is good. Tongue still coate ...   read more

Day 5 evening and I am GRUMPY!!!   19 y  
Cravings hit hard today
I want to eat, I know I should not, that I should see this through, but visions of sugar plums and all sorts of terrible wonderful things keep dancing through my head. I was to eat everything, to drink a glass of cold fresh milk, to have a cup of coffee latte style. Everyone around me today ate their wonderful food provided by the employer. They had Mexicali rice, Chicken, Manicotti, Caesar salad, garlic bread, and huge cookies. They had candy apples and caramel apples with nuts, my absolute favorite. They had peanut butter cookies with peanuts in them, gigantic oatmeal cookies with rai ...   read more

Day 5 Morning   19 y  
it is all about me, isn't it? NOT
So I drank my Smooth Move tea last night and woke up at 3am, rain pounding down, and my intestines gurgling beyond measure. Some of the psyllium I had been taking came out. I am guessing the smooth move tea reeeeallllly moved that along. So some might say I am doing an ”ultimate fast” but I haven’t done a lot of the pb shakes. Just one or twwo a day. I have discovered that letting the psyllium rest in the glass of water will show you HOW MUCH it absorbs water. I drank some more water after it, but I still got a headache, from dehydration no doubt. I think that headaches are caused by ...   read more

Day 4 evening...   19 y  
thoughts on food
So today my evil boss asks me to help scoop ice cream for the ice cream social at work, and she knows what I am doing..... ugh The smell of the peanuts and caramel topping almost broght me down. It was rough. Head is a little achy today and I miss food. I think about it and look forward to being able to truly enjoy my food and look forward with great joy to eating. After seeing this through yet another day, I do want to make a change and not eat just to eat, but to savor and have something that will delight my senses. So I am finishing off the limeade right now, getting a bit of G ...   read more

Day 4 Morning   19 y  
Progress and a rant...
Not to be gross, but where did that stuff come fom? Excellent move this morning, and I need to go make my limeade and replenish my water bottle for the day. Sleeping well, not waking up in the middle of the night anymore, my body is getting rest. Limes again today, I am saving the rest of my lemons for the GB flush at the end. THAT should be interesting. My mother had her gall bladder out when she was my age, I was to prevent that. Darn Doctors already stole my appendix. I was having a battle with Chrohn’s (pre diagnosis) and then went in to take out my appendix. They saw the piec ...   read more

End of Day 3-- I'm hungry   19 y  
Hitting the food wall today
It is not suprising tht I am hungry and I have no desire to make more lemonade right now. Ready to drink smooth move tea and go to bed. I am suprised that I have made it this far. Tongue is coated.... gross. Food is all around and I made the mistake of going to Costco for more limes. (It takes at least 5 to make the limeade for the day. I do not like strong drinks, I usually just cut with water during the day.) But there is so much food around me, and it is hard to make that conscious decision not to eat when before, I never gave it a second thought, I shoved it in. That is an intere ...   read more

Day 3   19 y  
Background and a little about day 1 through 3.
I was scared to write the blog, afraid that I would not be able to make this happen, but here it is Day 3 and I am ready to let folks know what I am doing. So I will start with a little about me. Married to a meat eater, no children, one cat who is my light and life, a job that I sit on my backside all day, no exercise... I was heavy in high school, (puberty was the true onset of being heavy), and it never went away. In the last few years it has been worse. I was 160 through high school and college, then 180 then 200 then 220. Plateaus when I exercised, gains when I discovered a new ...   read more


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For my health and for my sanity I am doing this fast. Couple of hiccups at the beginning, but life is like that. more...

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