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No, it did not kill the cancer   10 d  
My alt-med treatments for face cancer did not do the job, but the scalpel did.
I had a Basal Cell carcinoma, beside my nose, as it common. As my previous post stated, I was using various alternative treatments to try to kill it before the knives came out. I didn’t have enough time I suppose, because it was certainly much less visible than before my treatments. In the end, the Doc cut out a thumbnail size chunk of cancer. I am amazed at how big it was... in my face??!! Anyhow, I do not consider my experience a victory or a failure for alt med, it was just not enough time.   visit the page

Alternate Cancer Cures   17 d  
did I kill my cancer? Possibly, the coming week will have the answer. And a bigger challenge: pray for my niece.
    If you  or I happened to stumble upon a way to kill a cancer tumor, then What happens next?      I had a biopsy done on a sore spot on myy face , it was postiive for Basal Cell carcinoma [skin cancer]   , and then the sore spot became infected [bacterial] .      I wanted to to use my arsenal of alternative therapies to try to kill the cancer, so it was very disappointing that I failed to keep bacterial infections out of the equation,... but in fact the infection gave me more time before see if my ...   read more

Bed Vs Recliner - can't lay down?   29 d  
Laying down causes problems, I sleep in recliner - whats that all about and How about YOU?
 I know a few people with chronic health conditions who prefer to sleep in their recliner instead of bed.   They mostly 'found it more comfortable';   "Because bed is intolerable" - that is my reason for sleeping in my recliner.   Other people's beds don't seem as bad for the mental torrtures that I experience in my bed. It wasn't always that way though - I slept there in that bed for 8 years and then this stuff started happening. It could be a long story, so suffice to say that now I lay down, hear myself breathing, ...   read more

Basal Cell Cancer - Biopsy positive   31 d  
I have skin cancer, just got the biopsy news today. Dec. 21 2018
A spot on my face beside my nose, a stubborn sore spot turned out to be skin cancer - lucky for me, this is the easiest cancer to deal with. I might get a macho guy scar out of it - do the ladies still like that? Oh well, I have been good looking for long enough, lol.  But it is starting to act weird - almost aggressive white blood cell serum covers the area over - but then I apply a topical treatment such as Tea Tree Oil and it starts to peel off. It can form a hard layer in just a few hours.    So is that a bad thing to take the covering of serum off of it li ...   read more

Deniers hatch a conspiracy theory   46 d  
Canadian oil industry sees a conspiracy in DOGWOOD supporters
They have been the ones debunking conspiracy theories, exceot that they believe global warming is a conspiracy of scientists to get grant money. NOW, some of the Alberta deniers are saying:   ``American oil people are funding the envitonmental activism group DOGWOOD so as to crush the Canadian oil industry so it won`t be in competition with the American oil industry``  DOGWOOD writes a lot about global warming, warning us about the continued high level of fossil fuel emissions. Do they favor American oil over Canadian - sort of, in that the TAR SANDS are the dirt ...   read more

One point about opiates   65 d  
Opiates are for life. Deal with it!!
From my own experience, I think where we go wrong with opiates is that when someone has come to the point where they need to start opiates they should be told that they will be on it for the rest of their life. I base this on the fact that, to my surprise, after taking prescribed morphine for 25 years now, I have seen no damage done to my body or brain. The only problem I had with this drug is the three times I ran out. It sounds like a Cheech and Chong joke, but its true. ADDICTIVE drugs. Don’t stop taking them. Further to this idea is that only older people sho ...   read more

Opiate Overdose Crisis continues   70 d  
Bad policy is killing people with Fentynal
  There are some obvious problems with the way health authorities have handled the opiate overdose issue.     For example - The College [of Phys. and Surgeon] ordered Doctors to limit prescribed morphine [morphine is the most commonly prescribed of all opiate drugs]  to just 180 mgs per day. In fact, this policy might have been what put the wheels in motion for the flood of Fentynal that began shortl after the morphine reduction policy.    Obvious common sense solutions are not being used - people often comment that Doctors should stop STA ...   read more

Fibromyalgia and Flu   3 mon  
Flu causing severe pains for Fibros?
As I was saying in the previous blog entry, research into the causes of Fibromyalgia should have had some answers by now. I rarely get the Flu anymore, but my neighbor got the annual flu shot [I warned her!!] and the next day she had diarrhea, and I had flu symptoms. Some of the most severe pains I have known returned now, and it has to have a connection to the flu, if thats what is ailing me These pains I refer to are eurological pains - the nerves themselves are producing pain signals when there is no call for it. So did the US army make a bio-weapon that uses a virus to ...   read more

Chronic Pain/Fibromyalgia - Why No Answers yet?   4 mon  
Important information is kept from the public, and some of it is kept from Doctors too. Fibromyalgia and/or Chronic Pain conditions have a cause, and I believe someone knows what it is.... they are not telling us.
In the 1980s there were lots of theories, but nobody could say for sure what causes ”Fibro”, and there was no cure either. Medical Professionals used that lack of knowledge as the basis to declare Fibro to be a mental health issue. Welfare agencies declared Fibro people to be faking for ”secondary gains”. Spouses decided Fibro mates to be useless as wage earners so they divorced them. By the yr 2000 we were told there have been some new research, the cause and cure should be known soon... ”meanwhile, you HAVE to take Gabapentin or your welfare will be cut off” - ”you can;t do th ...   read more

Incel in the News   9 mon  
Incels, and sexual frustration, are an important issue, and a very difficult one.
It is unfortunate that we need to have a tragedy to raise an issue - the tragedy is the 10 dead and 26 injured in Toronto when a man who is enraged about being an ”involuntary celebate” guy drove a van down a sidewalk. ”involuntary celebate” = Incel.  The ISSUE is, partly, sexual frustration. Incels deal with a lot more than just the physical sex urges going unsatisfied, but this is a place to start at least.    At puberty we begin to feel that compulsion to have sex. Masterbation satisfies for the first few months, but alll too soon we are looking at women ...   read more

Saving Ourselves - He has to GO   15 mon  
Impeach Trump before he starts a Nuclear War w/ N Korea.
Are the Americans going to sit back and watch a nuclear war with North Korea unfold? Are you going to watch it from the safety of your T.V.? Maybe we can hope that the Senators hobble over to the President’s table and wrestle Pres. Trump into a jail cell, apologize to the N Koreans, and live happily ever after. But if they don’t, this thing is getting close, it might be too late if they wait until Christmas. There is no real problem with N Korea - Pres. Trump is just doing this because ”a war President’s approval rating always goes up”. Only this time it isn’t goin ...   read more

Positive   16 mon  
Positive energy is a good place to live
It is difficult to maintain the discipline of ”staying in positive energy” - some days more than others. I see how mach I complain about the things going on in the world, right here in my blog. It generates negative energy, and I thrive in positive energy situations. Also, it spreads the negative energy to others. But that is the way it is now - If it was a perfect world I would not have negative energy issues to deal with. Positive energy generates more of the same positive energy.We can gradually move towards that world. A few people can create a lot of energy, nega ...   read more

The HELP LINE is Putting Lives in Danger   17 mon  
Trying to kill off those who are suffering
I had the experience recently where I had begun to consider suicide. Everything I did to help myself seemed to result in making things worse, and Trigeminal Neuralgia pains were relentless and extreme. A better term than suicide would be "self-euthenasia" - my life really had become unbearable and there was no reason to believe things would get any better.  So I called the Crisis Line. This is in British Columbia, Canada, by the way.    The person on the other end of the phone asked me how I would do it if I decided to commit suicide. I think this i ...   read more

Personality Types, Life in Balance   17 mon  
Strong Ego, Parasites...Balance... Empathetic Types
   Preamble - I am no expert at psychology or whatever, but recent relationships have shown me something I want to communicate. I hope this rings a bell for you!!      There are those people who have a strong EGO,  they see themselves as being good at whatever they do and probably BETTER than the average person in general.     Then there are people who lack confidence and see themselves as "not likely to get it right the first time"; they look at other people as "better thans".    But ...   read more

The last group to be discriminated against will be...   18 mon  
Discrimination and racism are all about assuming someone has whatever traits just because they are "of a group"
    What group of people will be the LAST to be discriminated against? I think I have that answer....    We have made a lot of progress in reducing racism and gender bias and discrimination based on sexual orientation, etc. etc in recent decades. There is still lots of it about, but awareness is growing.     Most people seem to understand that it is WRONG to assume that every Asian is the same, or that all colored people are "good at sports but not academics", or that all Jews are Zionist, or to think that all N. A. Aborigin ...   read more

Trigeminal Neuralgia - "the WORST pain in the world"   18 mon  
Trigeminal Neuralgia is a terrible thing...
   Trigeminal Neuralgia - ”the WORST pain known to medical science”!! Google it if you don’t believe it.   ”Giving birth” is terrible at times, it can be easy for some women, but when it is bad it is breaking hip bones and ripping flesh and of course the 40 hours of severe cramping... it has got to be Hell.    What makes TN - Trigeminal Neuralgia - so bad?     In some ways it resembles torture techniques that are designed to cause maximum FEAR in prisoners - timing, for one thing - if they know the torture could start any time of day ...   read more

Local Anomaly - Magnetic Reversal   19 mon  
Magnetic Reversals and Local effects
It isn’t just the North and South poles - they are the two nodes for the gravitational field surrounding planet Earth. That field is a SHEILD for us from the Sun’s cosmic rays. The gravitation field also gives us gravity of course, so we fall down and not up. It is like an energy blanket around the planet... weak areas can develop in small areas of the blanket if the field becomes unstable. The Poles are moving - quote: ” The south pole has already left antarctica and the north pole is racing across the arctic ocean.” The change in the force of gravity in these weak area ...   read more

Pedophilia - "An epidemic. Rampant in the USA"   22 mon  
Pedophilia is rampant in the corridors of power
Pedophilia - "An epidemic in the USA" and "Rampant among Elites".    It is true. It is bad, and something must be done. We cannot deny it any more, just because mainstream media is not reporting it. Some guilty ones have been outed - such as Former PM of England Edward Heath - a convicted pedophile [and it barely made the news!![.     People who know say it is rampant, an epidemic, especially among the Elites. And no, this is not just some envy about their wealth - other politicians are saying so now. Even Pres. Trump is saying i ...   read more

Syrian Insider tells the TRUTH   24 mon  
Syria is being attacked by American proxi fighters
Copied in whole - Copyright © Mark Taliano, Global Research , 2017 Among Global Research’s most popular articles in 2016 by Mark Taliano author of a forthcoming book on Syria Two years ago, “Majd” wrote these words on a Facebook posting: “ I am Syrian… living in Syria in the middle of everything. We have seen horrors. It was never a revolution nor a civil war. The terrorists are sent by your goverment. They are al Qaeda Jabhat al Nusra Wahhabi Salafists Talibans etc and the extremist jihadists sent by the West, the Saudis, Qatar and Turkey. Your Obama and whoever is behind him or ...   read more

Clinton E-mails   25 mon  
Clinton emails show criminality of USA Govt.
Neither the Mainstream Media nor the Alt News sites have drawn the obvious conclusions from the treasure trove of criminal undertakings revealed in the Hillary Clinton E-mail server leaks by WikiLeaks. As in, for one example - the invasion of Syria. I will leave you with the quote and you have to figure out why it shows what it shows: Quote: An Email from Clinton, one of the many the Department of State was compelled to de-classify following the uproar triggered by the disclosures on Wikileaks, proves what one of the key objectives of the operation still underway. In an e mail dat ...   read more

We wonder if Russia had a hand in electing Trump...   25 mon  
USA Election curiosities, Trump helped by Russia, Clinton Crime Family voting machines.
Did the Don sell out to the Russians in return for their help on election night? Did the Clinton Foundation investment in electronic voting machine companies backfire? As in - the Russians hacked into it to turn Clinton votes into Trump votes?? If so, well LOL the cheaters got cheated!! Of course, Clinton Forces cannot say exactly HOW election results were tampered with, or even how they seem to know that there was tampering. Now with the Don also snubbing the White House Staff and the entire USA security apparatus by refusing to attend weekly security briefings, we can only wond ...   read more

Warriors in a World of Others   26 mon  
Warriors love you, their purpose in life is to protect others.
We are Warriors in a World of Others When someone takes up a challenge to right a wrong, to be a whistleblower, or to help others see through ”that which is not true” in the propagandist mainstream news - those people are WARRIORS. We might call them ”activists” today. A Warrior is not necessarily violent, and in fact there is no room for violence in the kind of battles we do today... and we would lose against the weaponry available to law enforcement. Personally, I believe that in today’s world if violence is used to make change, the new way will be condemned to violence. Vi ...   read more

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