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It was Hep C   7 mon  
Hep C from 1976 blood transfusion
I asked, but they ignored me and for 40 years I have been infected with Hep C virus. My liver finally got bad enough that the doctors could not ignore it any longer     read more

It was Hep C   7 mon  
Hep C from 1976 blood transfusion
I asked, but they ignored me and for 40 years I have been infected with Hep C virus. My liver finally got bad enough that the doctors could not ignore it any longer     read more

Piling it on in the Covid years   16 mon  
An adventure - an unbroken string of medically disabling insults were thrown at me over these past three years.
It started, in ernest with real disabling pains, about three years ago.  I was disappointed all the more by the fact that I was preparing to delve into a music studio project, and the pain stopped me. It was no big deal, just my home studio and my own songs, and I play all the parts, but it was something for me to really chew on, and that is where I thrive.   That first one was a hernia, needing a ssurgical repair. Hernias do not always cause pain, but this one had trapped a nerve and it felt like my toddler had just knee’d me in the knackers again. As in ”an elephant is ...   read more

Leader's Brain Disease   19 mon  
Political and business leaders have limited ability to see certain negatives.
 You might remember a few years ago I blogged about a condition called "Leader’s Brain Disease". At that time, a few psychologists did some MRIs of the brains of CEOs, and found that most of them lack a particular circuit in the decision making pathways of the brain - a final hurdle that demands to know "Is this a good idea overall?" before saying YES to any proposition.   In business, and politics, not having that hurdle allowa the afflicted to exude great confidence -voters love that.    Lacking that encumbrance allows a business lead ...   read more

Are Fibromyalgia and Trigeminal Neuralgia related?   19 mon  
Curious if Trigeminal Neuralgia and Fibromyalgia are related conditions, I asked the TN group if anyone had Fibro too....
Are Fibromyalgia and Trigeminal Neuralgia related?   I posted this question on the Trigeminal Neuralgiia  [Facebook group] - "Does anyone here have Fibromyalgia?"  Everyone there had Trigeminal Neuralgia of course.... and in less than one day 103 replies said "Yes, I have both"   read more

Waiting for Medical appointments - Limbo   21 mon  
Waiting for medical appointments is being "in Limbo".
I have been posting on here almost as long as you have been Cure Zone members - and that TIME has gone by very quickly - so much has happened in the world.   And then, it sems, something happens that puts us in LIMBO. That might be too harsh a word in it’s original useage -”between heaven and hell”. Modern Definition of ”Limbo” - ”a place or state of oblivion to which persons or things are regarded as being relegated when cast aside, forgotten, past, or out of date”  And the apt example given was ” My youthful hopes are in the limbo of lost dreams.” ...   read more

Fibro - "Amplified Pain" and Surgery   24 mon  
Someone forgot to remove the old markers on the Map of the Body in the Brain.
 Yes, they says that Fibromyalgia [”Fibro”] ”Is a disease of Amplified Pain”     - but what does that mean, and how do we experience it?    How do we KNOW? There is not much to go on when comparing your pain to mine. It is widely assumed that we all experience pain, and other sensations, the same as everyone else, or within a narrow range of intensities.For most people, it does work that way.     For Fibromyalgia patients, it is a cruel farce that some people will deny the reality of amplified pain.   For medica ...   read more

Venous Stasis Dermatitis   24 mon  
Stasis Dermatitis - swollen lower legs
Today I removed a band aid and the skin came with it. That is scary. My lower legs have been bleeding from the slightest knock. The skin rips and it eventually forms a scab. I have a dozen scabs on my lower legs. One is as big as a quarter dollar. The band aid one is larger than that!! Another name is ”Weepy Legs” - that comes from the dribbling of white blood cells from the broken skin. I no longer feel comfortable in short pants in public. Oh well, I have always been uneasy around people. I believe this is the typical condition that follows years of stasis dermati ...   read more

Corona Virus Immunity existed before CovI.D. 19   25 mon  
asymptomatic but testing positive for Corona virus - they were previously infected with a Corona Virus
Headliner:  ”asymptomatic but testing positive for Corona virus - they were previously infected with a Corona Virus and are not contageous, and have immunity”  I watch a TV news channel and I get a different opinion handed to me, as compared to the opinion I form when I read the Alt News online.     TV news says the virus is novel, new, nobody ever had a viral infection like this before!!  But then they found a significant portion of the global human population were testing POSITIVE, but had no symptoms. ”Asymptomatic” they call it.   ...   read more

Handy Household Tips!!   26 mon  
Silly but usefull household tips - 3 of them. Quick read [for a change!!]
I am sure most people know these, but how about the next generation? Coming through the school system, do they hear trivial stuff that actually affects real life? No, they hear trivial stuff that will never affect their lives, lol. Tips!! - 1] Rinse dishcloth in COLD water - the bacteria count will be reduced 90% 2] Trouble swallowing pills with water? - try something like Yogurt in a table spoon, the pill on or in the yogurt - but DO NOT CHEW!! and RELAX. Swallow it all at once. 3]DO NOT drink of the hot tap!! Some people make tea with water from the hot tap, but that water ...   read more

Fibro - how do we talk to doctors?   26 mon  
I stumble and get defensive with talking with a new doctor.
I might soon be changing Doctors, and after 12 years with the same one I have not thought about how to introduce myself to a Doctor, until now. It is important not to ruminate on it, so I will get it out here...     "Hello Doctor Howdoyousaythat?" "Yes I have had Fibromyalgia for a long time, diagnosed in 1994 but I had it for at least 10 years before that"  "At least? - longer?" he asks.    "Well the signs were there since childhood, but I was run down by a drunk driver in 1976 and the pains start ...   read more

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