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Day 30 waterfast   7 y  
Broke waterfast with parasite cleanse. Maybe I still do have bipolar symptoms:/
Cucumber and parsley smoothie broke my fast. Gave thanks before I partook. It was the most glorious cucumber and parsley Iíve ever tasted.† I became convinced in the last week of my fast that burning fat for fuel promotes Candida. I had multiple symptoms (putrid flatulence - on a fast!? And my face was still congested and having flare ups of Rosacea. Plus, leading up to full moon my insomnia returned full on - more a symptom of parasites than Candida). There is evidence to back this Candida being fueled by ketones. Google Chris Kessner. Anyway I wondered how/if I could go right into ...   read more

Day 25 Waterfast   7 y  
So ready to break this fast. Preparing myself mentally to do it right. Landed on the FODMAP diet moving forward.
Challenging days. Intense desire to break fast. Anxiety around breaking it carefully, slowly, with self control. Iíve wanted to go out and do more things and I have done, but in the past days this has resulted in coming home so fatigued. †If I think back, though, not very different than the energy levels before I started fasting and I never wanted to do anything. Going out was such a chore. At least now Iím interested in living. An active participant in my life. I went to a clothing swap today. Cleaned out my own closet, which Iíd been procrastinating about. What a fantastic purge! ...   read more

Day 20 waterfast   7 y  
Contending with heartburn and nausea successfully. Healing crisis in my lower back and hip. Food-p 0 r n . Nearing the end of my fast.
Nausea and heartburn have been an ongoing issue for the past week (?) Lots of opinions on why this happens. Itís not so uncomfortable that I will break my fast and Iíve found some ways to manage it. 1) no more lemon in my water. Iíve been pretty staunch about taking nothing except water for 20 days except for the lemon (and I tried Himalayan Salt once - disaster!). Iím convinced that the lemon was effective at the beginning of my fast but it definitely irritates the heartburn. 2) Iím boiling my water and drinking it warm. So far no heartburn. 3) the nausea is my biggest co ...   read more

Day 15 Waterfast   7 y  
Level moods are so great! But so is mania! Low energy can be worked through. I'm just going slow. Methodical waterfast :)
Busy long weekend! On the holiday Monday my cat needed an emergency c-section (i breed Savannah cats). Text book stressful situation. I was so calm and level! But definitely manic by dayís end - just too much stimulation (all the kittens made it and mommy is taking good care of them $3500 later).  On the upside - that adrenalin/mania was the best i felt since Day 3 of the fast lol. Anyway, it ended very quickly.  Yesterday I was back to the same weakness/fatigue. Still itís not terrible. To be expected. Iím walking way further than I could when I started. I was so sedentar ...   read more

Day 10 Waterfast   7 y  
Detox requires endurance of some terrible detox symptoms. But what is the alternative? How did I feel before I started fasting?
Terrible detox day. Mother of all migraines. I felt a shadow of it on day 8 and 9 but did not drink nearly enough water that day! And stayed up too late. Perfect storm. Oh regret! Maybe it was unavoidable. I get migraines associated with bipolar anyway so itís not like I would be better off not putting myself through this fast. It sapped me of energy. Any exertion made my head pound harder so I had lots of rests in between chores I wanted to get done. Two Epsom salt baths. My husband cracked my neck like Iíve never heard it crack before. Like keys on a xylophone. Went for a walk. But I s ...   read more

Day 9 Waterfast   7 y  
Keeping busy during detox has its challenges. Sitting is the new smoking so I don't want to be totally sedentary while I fast.
Unremarkable day. Still detoxing. Mostly through my mouth and skin on my face. Still have the so-called metallic taste in my mouth and white tongue. I can feel soft chunks in my teeth and on my tongue and wondered if I was imagining food caught in my teeth. But after an examination under flashlight I can see my throat is producing white stuff. Not phlegm. Soft white solid chunks. So I oil pull, brush and mouthwash more and scrape a glob of it off my tongue. Gross but hopeful sign. Iím detoxing! Yay!† Overall pretty comfortable day other than weakness and fatigue when trying to do an ...   read more

Day 8 Waterfast   7 y  
Been doing a lot of reading on waterfasting. Here are some quotes of what I found useful and highly motivating.
Some of my reading states that Days 7- 10 should see the end of detox symptoms. Not there yet as of today. The roof of my mouth is sore today and the bad taste intensified yesterday. Iím oil pulling and brushing and mouthwashing at least twice a day to keep my toxic load in my mouth to a minimum but itís a constant battle. Other than that, Iím not terribly foggy headed and my skin is clear. Just weakness overall. Menstrual cramping today and yesterday was nearly non-stop and brutal. Way worse than fasting discomforts. But I did not take any meds. Tried a castor oil pack under a hot water ...   read more

Day 7 Waterfast   7 y  
Aches and pains are diminshing even menstrual cramps are lessened. No PMS - though I did start this crazy fast my husband may argue.
I was glad to start this fast in the middle of my cycle reasoning that some of the harsher days would be past and hopefully some of my usual menstrual symptoms may be diminished or even gone. Instead my visitor came a week early. I had none of the usual PMS which effects my bipolar in the craziest ways that I experience bipolar. Like I try not to go out or talk on the phone because I sound crazy. I definitely donít make decisions and have alerts on my phone to remind me a week before I ride the crimson wave. But then again, most of my friends and family would think this fast is crazy and ...   read more

Day 6 Waterfast   7 y  
Detox symptoms are difficult to endure. My protocols for protecting my will power from the eroding effects of detox.
For anyone keeping track, yes, this is my second post today only because I didnít post my Day 5 on Sunday so did that this morning. Day 6 and my insomnia, which is chronic, has fled the past 3 nights! Deep, dreamless sleep through the night. Fantastic! I wish this meant that I would wake refreshed and clear headed but detox has another agenda. What a difference, though, from not wanting to jump out of bed for detox symptoms and not wanting to face my life because of depression. Night and day. Iíll take detox symptoms, thanks. Iíve been in a protracted, deep depression for so long. E ...   read more

Day 5 Water Fast   7 y  
Made it through the weekend! Temptations abound. Coffee with friends inside McDonald's! Shopped & meal planned at Superstore!
So far so good. Busy weekend.  Used up my energy grocery Shopping, meal planning for hubby and spending a little time with friends.  Energy levels fluctuating. My lower back pain sucks a lot of the energy I do have. If Iím moving, itís fine but sitting or laying down is uncomfortable. And of course, I canít keep moving all day. My back starts screaming at me after awhile. Not taking any pain killers. An enema and Epsom salt bath can completely alleviate the pain until I go back to activity. I also wonder if the fast is causing a healing crisis in my lower back. Iíve had in ...   read more

Day 4 Water Fast   7 y  
Day 4 of my waterfast. Bipolar mania is gone. No depression.lots of detox symptoms but lots of motivation also !
My will is good! Yesterday was tough. Very tired all day. Napped hard at 5 pm and awoke to terrible mouth taste/ feel Iíve had from the start but more intense. Oil pulled twice yesterday and will continue to do so. Maybe even thrice. By 10:30 the foggy, sandy headedness was tighter; even into my eyes. Wasnít sure if Iíd be able to sleep but sleep I did! Right through the night. Sweet, dreamless slumber. Lower back was very painful by bedtime. Rubbed some ozonated olive oil into it. Fantastic product! But i fear Iíve got a long healing time ahead of me and no easy way around the discomfor ...   read more

Day 3 Water Fast   7 y  
I stuck to the plan and pulled it off. Onto Day 3 of journey through waterfasting.
Day 3 I start into Ketogenesis. Fat burning. Yay! My Rosacea is flaring. It was before the fast began. Definite reaction to the junk I was eating. But itís a testament to how lethargic my liver is that two days and three enemas in , I think itís gotten no better at all. Super flaky skin all over my face but especially T zone. Crimson cheeks beside my nose, red chin. Bumpy, rough skin that is congested. The congested patches lead to peeling a couple days after. One thing thatís changed is no more pin sized white head pustules. So progress I guess. My lower back is still so tende ...   read more

Day 2 Water Fast   7 y  
Water fasting to overcome bipolar depression, effect weight loss and detoxify my poor liver. Action Plan in the works
Day 1 went  predictably. I drank my water whenever I had hunger pangs, kept myself distracted and formulated a loose plan on how to tackle day 2. I was pretty chilly all day yesterday. I live on the West Coast in a rural wooded area. We heat our home with a woodstove. Iím used to the damp rain coast but fasting definitely makes this a challenge. More tea, sweaters and firewood. Also, I love Epsom Salt baths. And, oddly, I find enemas comforting. Not sure if they are really necessary for any reason past the first or 2nd day but weíll see. I often use them for my migraines. Pretty cer ...   read more

Water Fast Day1   7 y  
An agreement with myself to commit to waterfast.
No small decision this journey into waterfasting. Necessitates a written agreement with me, brain and self. Hoping thatís all of us   read more


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