Master Cleanse - Reenie Goes For It
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Last Day! (Day 10)   18 y  
Woooo hoooo!!!!
Yeah, I’m done. I did well with the hunger aspect, but I miss food. Perhaps next time I will go longer. I feel great, that is for sure! Renewed and revitalized! Full of energy and I feel glowing. I definitely feel the benefits and additionally I lost 10 pounds. Works for me! Now, unfortunately, I actually have a lot of work to do. So, I must get to it.... Ciao!   visit the page

So Ready for Food! (Day 8)   18 y  
I want fajitas!
Ok, I’m not starving or anything, but I’m bored. I miss food and my motivation feels like its winding loss of energy, just want to enjoy cooking and eating again. I don’t really notice anything dramatic, except energy and weight loss. I have 2 more days and I will complete those, but I can’t help questioning. There was a time here when I felt I would go further than the 10 days, but now I’m thinking no. I do feel, if nothing else, it has given my digestive system a rest. Perhaps it means I really am pretty healthy...I dunno. And I do appreciate the weight loss, eventhough it may ...   read more

Oh, my achin' head! (Day 6)   18 y  
Whew, glad the wedding is over!
Well, yesterday was the wedding. It was day 6. Its now day 7. I just didn’t feel like writing yesterday. I did well most of the day. Went for a run and did some grocery shopping....for lemons...what else!! I also found some cayenne capsules, but I won’t take them til after the cleanse and will stick with putting it directly in my drink. The bottle says to take them with food and I don’t want to feel ill if I put them in my relatively empty stomach. The wedding went well although my stomach did let out one really big growl during the ceremony! LOL! Not sure if anyone heard it or not. Oh ...   read more

Today was hellish (Day 5)   18 y  
Not a good idea to be home with nothing to do but think of all the yummy things I can't have...
Ok, ”hellish” maybe too strong a word. And it really started last night. Last evening, my friend and I had a great time at water karate. We splashed and kicked and ”hi-yaa!”ed it up! Lots of fun, but the rest of my evening wasn’t as good. I had an unsettling personal issue and it ended up keeping me up til 3 or 4am, so I decided to not go to work today. Not sure if this was truly the best idea. It is so much harder to be here at home, especially with nothing to do but think and sleep. I found myself to be twice as hungry and for the first time felt truly crummy. Being upset doesn’t help ma ...   read more

Do I smell donuts? (Day 4)   18 y  
I admit, some food fantasies are creepin in...
So, its day 4. I really am doing well. I did have a few food fantasies today so far. I saw a big truck with chicken nuggets, fries, spagetti w/ meatballs, etc. on the side of it...looked sooooo yummyyyy...but I told myself, as I read somewhere on here, ”the food will still be there once I’m done” and I was ok. When I got to work I swear I could smell donuts in the elevator...never been a huge fan of them, but they do smell good. I really have no problem passing up Dunkin’ Donuts. Blech! I do love Krispy Kreme I type my tummy lets out a mean growl. haha ok, enough of that tal ...   read more

Oh yeah...the Ice Age cometh   18 y  
I'm cold....
Yep, forgot to mention I, too, am getting cold...I really notice it here at work. My feet are cold and my hands...I frequently sit on them. The kitchen here for some reason is like being IN the refrigerator that is there! I will have to bring socks, perhaps even a space heater soon!   visit the page

Going Strong (Day 3)   18 y  
Still wonder why not much is leaving me. Me thinks I'm not of this earth...
Ok, well yesterday afternoon I did have some success in the bathroom around 4pm. I got pretty crampy and well, I’m sure you don’t want a full description, although I am a newly certified colon hydrotherapist and I don’t mind describing ”it”. Suffice it to say it wasn’t pretty, but it still wasn’t the amount I thought it would be. Then I went home (yep, I was at work) and felt good enough and energetic enough to go running with my fiance. It was really more of a jog, but it was good none the less....we went for 2 miles and I felt really great afterwards. I am really amazed at the energy. I ...   read more

A Day Late, But Hey...(Day 2)   18 y  
Going well so far, but why doesn't the SWF work? And I don't think I can do it again! YUK!
Yesterday was actually my first day of the Master Cleanse and I spent most of the day (in between working - haha) reading MissW’s blog about her experiences. Great blog, btw. I have to say my experience has started out a bit differently than hers. I got up a half-hour early yesterday, having pre-prepared my salt water flush (SWF) the night before, because I KNEW it would take me a while to get it down. Boy was I did take me 30 minutes and I thought I would die! It tasted sooo horrid! I used the sea salt from trader joe’s. yuk!!!!! I was nauseous for a couple hours afterward...e ...   read more


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