The 180 Plan
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Bumbling along the path of good health   18 y  
But a change is coming
So it’s been 8 days since my last post, and have I listened to all the advice given to me? To a certain extent. I’m not particularly strict or anything, but I am trying to improve my habits. I have all the information I need, it’s just trying to break free of old habits and social conditioning. Like for example, this weekend I spent time with friends, and we ate a lot of fast food. I could have adamantly refused if I’d stood my ground, but the social enjoyment in the moment was something I wanted, so I consciously ate the food knowing it was bad. On the bright side, I didn’t feel ...   read more

Angels in Curezone   18 y  
They guard me from my own folly
I love this place because of all the wonderful people here. People who don’t know me and don’t judge me give open arms of support and understanding. Absolute strangers are willing to take a little time and gently push you on the right path. It’s really inspiring, and makes you want to continue when you feel like giving up. It’s like free therapy ;) So thanks to all the wonderful people who’ve given little words of encouragement on the way. I know it probably doesn’t seem like a big deal, but believe it or not, these little words make all the difference between staying on track and ...   read more

Weak Souls Get Nowhere....   18 y  
....and I am the weakest of the weak.
Why do I have no willpower? Why am I unable to stick to a raw diet? I’ve been so down and depressed and resigned to the fact that I’m never going to succeed in this that I’ve just given up. Given up my exercise, given up my diet, given up my meditation, everything. Instead, I’ve just been carrying out food the last few days, vegetating in fronnt of the tv. I haven’t even tried to wake up early and go for walks, or even weighed myself in over a week. Before I used to check my weight almost everyday! I don’t know why I suddenly gave up, I can’t seem to think of a reason. I was ...   read more

*yawn*   18 y  
Blah, blah, blah.....yak, yak, yak......
Nothing new going on. Looks like I lost a pound this last one week, which is much slower than expected considering I lost about 5 pounds in a couple of days at the beginning. OF course, since life is getting in the way I haven’t exercised in ages (more than a week!) and my food intake isn’t exactly raw or healthy. Can you say McDonald’s??? But atleast I ate a salad with my chicken sandwich :( I better get on track day after tomorrow. I’d normally say ’tomorrow’, except there’s an international festival tomorrow with a ton of different food that I don’t want to miss. I’ve been look ...   read more

You just need a taco sometimes...   18 y  
Day 16, or so I say.
Today was a bad day. One of those days you want to tell everyone to screw themselves, and you just want to curl and sleep all day. Well I was so busy trying to fix other people’s screw-ups, that I was only able to eat a banana the whole day. I also haven’t worked out the last 5 days due to my sh!tty life getting in the way. As a result, I’ve been a stagnant 170 lbs almost a week. So anyway, I was so depressed that when I was on my way back home about 8:00pm, I felt the need for some comforting hot junk food. I ended up stopping at a Taco Bell and getting a meat-free taco and burrito. ...   read more

The Downhill Slide Of Shame   18 y  
A sugar loaded day 8.
Well I’m still on my healthy eating diet (sort of). I’ve been getting very quick muscle fatigue during workouts, and figured it was because I wasn’t eating much carbs. So I though I’d get a sort of ’carb treat’ for myself, namely a package of Snickers Poppables. You know, those little ball shape candies you pop in your mouth? I figured anytime I was feeling deprived I could eat a few candy balls. Well will power is a very important thing in a plan like this. I found I had none. In two days I polished off the entire bag. Technically that was 9 servings of candy *Arghhhhhh* Now it s ...   read more

I'm so beauteeeeful!!   18 y  
Day 6 of my 'healthy living'.
I’ve lost 5.5 lbs already! And the best part? I don’t feel deprived or anything. I’m modifying my diet as I go along. One day I eat mostly raw food about 80% (which means a very low calorie intake) and the next day I eat whatever I want. I was planning to eat mostly raw, but a few days back I binged and ate a whole crapload of junk like quesadilas and puff pastries. Rather than beat myself about it and restart my diet as I usually do, I just shrugged it off and thought I’d gain a pound or so. But I noticed I’m still losing weight. I’ve realized that this is because my metabolism i ...   read more

Effects of eating raw, well semi-raw anyway   18 y  
Who knew this stuff could actually work?!?
Well after yo-yoing back and forth about what kind of diet to follow, low-protein low-carb, high-fat, only vegetables, juicing, etc etc, I finally just decided to eat food that would sustain me through the day and yet still be healthy. I decided to do my own’s a High-raw, low carb, blood type diet. Basically I eat 50-70% raw, the rest of the calories coming from proteins and very little grains. Every single food has to fit in with my blood type guidelines. So far it hasn’t been a hardship. Yes, it takes getting used to, expecially the yucky raw vegetables. But it isn’t so ...   read more

Rapid Weight Loss Is Scary...Back to Square One   18 y  
Aaaaarghhhhh!! Loose skin? I don't want to lose weight!
I was supposed to start my diet today (or officially yesterday, seeing the time), but I wanted to really think things over twice. Should I go for fast weight loss? A slow and steady one? I was planning a fast weight loss, an EOD water/juice fast. The reason I stopped to regroup was this show I saw on Discovery channel: Before and After Plastic Surgery or something like that. What I saw was horrific. People who underwent rapid weight loss had these huge flaps of skin and boobs hanging down to the stomach. That horrified me and increased my need to eat, like as though eating more wo ...   read more

Why the '180 Plan'?   18 y  
Why I chose the title of this blog....
I just realized that the title of my blog may be misconstrued.....that a 360 is a complete turn around and that 180 is a partial turn around. My logic is as follows: A 360 is a total turn around, but you end up and the same place you started. With a 180 you turn around and go in a totally opposite direction, which is a metaphor of sorts of what I plan to achieve. Not that this makes a difference in any way, but just wanted to clear that up :)   visit the page

My 'Goodbye' diet....a disgusting display of gluttony   18 y  
A sickening list of the stuff I ate today. Here's hoping that I don't binge when I start my diet program.
I’m planning to officially start my healthy life tomorrow, so today I decided to eat whatever I wanted.....a sort of ’goodbye’ to all the bad food I love. When I tabulated everything I ate today, I felt sick at myself for being so gluttonous. Below is the list of everything I ate today: 2 McDonald Cheeseburgers 1 Large Fries 1 Packet Chicken Nuggets 2 Large Cokes 6 Large Snicker Bars 2 Packets Pepperidge Farm Cookies 1 Package of Buffalo Chicken 1 Large Cordon Bleu Bacon and White Sauce Stuffed Chicken Fillet 2 Donuts 1 Jamaican Beef Turnover I’m sick, sick, sick, and dis ...   read more

The importance of a good weighing scale!!!!!   18 y  
A new digital scale produces a horrid the usefulness of additional scale measures like body fat. My body stats are now updated :(
Wow, this is really eye opening! I had listed my weight as 165 pounds in my previous post. For my height range that’s obese, but I thought I was doing well since my all time high was 170. I thought over this last 2 weeks I lost 5 lbs. Well guess actual weight is 175. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Turns out my weighing scale was bad. I had suspected something was not right with it, which is why I went and purchased a really good $60 digital scale today (can’t really afford it, but I’m viewing this as in investment in my health). It can tell everything from body fat to hydra ...   read more

In the beginning.....a short history of my health   18 y  
A summary of my starting point and all the health issues I want to resolve.
Well, here goes entry #1. This blog was started with the purpose of documenting my path to good health. I’ve tried many cleanses, diets, and general attempts at eating better/working out, but every single time I’ve failed. I believe the reason is the lack of a support group and no accountability to anyone. I’m hoping this blog will not only hold me accountable for my actions to the public, but also that it may provide some support to people facing similar difficulties. Below is a summary of my health basics: Age: Mid-20’s Sex: Female Height: 5’3” Weight: 165 BMI: 38 (Well into ...   read more


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