Lana's Juice 'Fasting' Journal
by lanaray

Breaking the fast...   18 y  
End of fasting (for now)
9/24 - Well, this would be F10 would I have continued. However, I am breaking it this am for a few reasons... 1. i am hungry 2. i am snippy with seth way too much 3. hurricane rita is not as bad as i was fearing 4. i am getting sick of my juices Made it 9 days and 14 pounds - pretty good. I know I will gain about 7 pounds of water / poo, etc. in the next few days. Will try to keep it to 5, though. am now wanting to do a series of 10 day fasts through the years end, loosing about 10 - 15 pounds each time (net 5 - 8 actual loss). It seams that I need to build my ’fasting muscle ...   read more

Fasting Day 9   18 y  
Fasting Day 9 & wanting to eat
9/23 - well today is day nine and I must confess - my tummy is growling at me to give it some food! I wish I could come to love the empty feeling. Will she keep going or will she break the fast - I don’t know. Plus I am burping? Ick. I went back to the riverside park and walked for 33 minutes, again it was very very nice. I LOVE the outdoors, the woods, the forrest, trees - it does good things for my soul. Intake- fresh pineapple and orange juice tea with agave and lemon tea again tea again Weight - 200.5 Lana   visit the page

Fasting Day 8   18 y  
Fasting Day 8, my fasting seems small in comparison to the devastation that's soon to come....
9/22 - Fa La La La La - it is the first day of Fall - the best time of the year (IMO)! Today went well, I went for a lovely walk at the canal / river trail near my house for an hour - yes - an hour. I was tremendous! The leaves falling from the trees and the dappled sunlight and the perfect weather and the smell of the woods - just divine! I did have to battle thoughts of breaking the fast. But I have made a promise to myself to see it through landfall of Rita. I got so upset and distraught with the Katrina woe that I would have faired way better had I been fasting, I stressed and a ...   read more

On fat loss and fasting....   18 y  
No fat loss yet on day 8...huh?
Well, it is now the morning of my fasting day 8 and I have lost 12 pounds (at 202) and 0 - yes that is right 0 % bodyfat. I was 46% body fat when I started and I am 46% body fat now, on day 8. Can that be right? Can that be good? I know when one fasts, a small amount of protein loss is to be expected. But would not at least some of the 12 pounds be fat - any? Is is all water and lean body mass? Although I am a unsettled because of this, I endeavor to continue to a minimum of 14 days before I break my fast. I am going to try to do a day or two of water only. I feel that at this ...   read more

Fasting Day 7   18 y  
Fasting Day 7...Fresh pineapple juice to the rescue!
9/21 - Woke up to an icky metallic taste in my mouth - it could very well be detox, but it could also be that I used Tom’s of Maine strawberry toothpaste last night and it is in a metallic tube. Wow, enema this am was real productive. Amazing what can come out of a person even when they’ve not eaten anything for a week, huh? Mmmmm...fresh pineapple juice is soooo good. I was seriously thinking of breaking my fast this evening, but wanted to go ahead and juice that pineapple I bought so it wouldn’t go bad. I am super glad I did because it is delicious and it is really filling to my ...   read more

Fasting Day 6   18 y  
Fasting Day 6
9/20 - Well, the food thoughts/temptations demons are being held at bay, for now. Had to take Seth to his dentist check up this morning. Wow, that just about did me in. Do all 2 year olds strongly dislike dentists or is mine the only one? I am having a metamucil drink this morning because I’m not too sure if I’ll get to do an enema. Little man did not want to go to his nana’s house after his check-up trauma. He was still too upset, so no alone time today. I keep having thoughts of doing my 28 day fast in two parts, like 14 and 14 or 10 and 18. I think it’s more about me wanting to ...   read more

Fasting Day 5   18 y  
Fasting Day 5
9/19 - Rolling right along here on day 5. I know I’m going to get a cleansing crisis at some point but yeah for now! Seth woke me up from the soundest sleep I’ve had in a long time early this morning. I wonder if it’s normal for a 2 year old to still not have ever slept through the night? I wonder if it’s normal for a 35 year old overweight female to be awakened a minimum of 2 times every night and to not have had a full, consecutive nights sleep in about 2 and 1/2 years? Maybe that is part of the problem why I have such a hard time loosing weight? Dry fasted until 9am, had water, ...   read more

Fasting Day 4   18 y  
Fasting Day 4
9/18 - Dry fasted until 10am then broke with the oj - did not sleep well at all last night. Little seth man was having trouble breathing (cheese pizza believed to be main culprit) and I kept wanting to listen to him to make sure he was o.k. and move him around when he started having too much trouble. By the time he was doing o.k. (my nerves were settled), i was wide awake. Decided to do an enema in the wee hours (about 4am) but noticed that the enema bag was icky with mold or something else gnarly. Apparently i neglected to sanitize it properly at the end of my last fast. So much for t ...   read more

Thoughts on tempations and advisaries...   18 y  
Thoughts on tempations and advisaries...
Last night my inlaws came over bearing a yummy cheese pizza for the fam (which i managed to avoid). That is all fine and good, however, my DH apparently told my f-in-law that i was fasting (which i wish he hadn’t). Now f-in-law is a regular church-going christian who according to DH even fasted himself back in the day. You know, someone you would expect to understand and even applaud my efforts. Nope not him. He asked me how long i was planning on starving myself in his typical jerk/sarcasic manner. To which i responded, ”starve myself - what do you mean? juices are the most nutritiou ...   read more

Fasting Day 3   18 y  
Fasting day 3 (being typed on day 4)
9/17/05 - Took angstroms today - also had a bm this am as i was preparing to do first enema, will wait on enema for now. Did a 28 min walk with seth around neighborhood, was plenty - did good today, even though I had a total of 3 temptations that gave me pause. The 1st was for the mexican ”heartattack” fries that I made DH and 15 y.o. stepson, alex, the 2nd was for a hand scooped milkshake (again by way of DH and alex) and the 3rd for cheese pizza courtesy of nana and pa for alex, seth and DH. I tell you if I wanted to, I could weigh 300 pounds - easy! Hopefully, the temptations will soo ...   read more

Fasting Day 2   18 y  
Fasting day 2 (being typed on day 4)
9/16/05 - Still not too bad, woke up and headachey feeling from last night was gone. Had rumbly tummy in the afternoon. Added in some apple cider to the menu. Took a nap with seth from about 2:30p to 5p. This fast will be more spiritual focused than my last (28 day) fast. I endeavor to pray more, study scriptures more and read scriptures more. I also endeavor to not let myself think about food until day 28. I will try to think on other things when i catch myself fantisizing about foods. Intake- (always lots of water, which I’ll refrain from posting henceforth) pineapple & fresh oj f ...   read more

Fasting Day 1   18 y  
Fasting day 1 (being typed on day 4)
9/15/05 - Day 1 was not too bad at all, no real hunger, a little tired, napped while seth was at his nana’s house this morning. Head was a bit achey towards the end of the day, but no full blown headache ever came of it - yeah. Maybe the key is the not do 100% live juices at first like I’ve done in the past - too much detox all at once, me thinks. Intake- lots of water pineapple juice (canned) with fresh oj freezies - 3x odwalla b berry juice - 1/2 single serve container 1 tsp metamucil and water Weight - 214   visit the page

Intro - about me and why I'm fasting   18 y  
The whys and wherefores...
I am a stay at home mom of a wonderful 2 year old son, Seth. Now, two years after the birth of my beautiful little boy, I weigh about 8 more pounds now than I did then. Hmmmmm...I was supposed to loose weight after having the baby, not gain... Well, loose I have, about the same 20 pounds quite a few times over. This is my serious get-to-the-root-of-it solution to my overweight problem. Enough is enough. I am tired of feet that hurt from heavy weight on them all day long, tired of making the upstairs floorboards creak with every move I make, tired of the pasty-faced, double-chinned blah ...   read more


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