GUT INSTINCT: Most Important Health Finding of the Century
by drna

5. No Constipation Yet   13 mon  
I need to cut down a little on protein and fats in my diet, it seems, i.e. not over 60 or so grams each. I haven't had constipation for a few weeks now.
Hereís my main daily diet constituents for the past week. 4 Eggs Fibr Prot Lipi Carb 0.g, 25g, 19g, 1.4g 5oz Salmon 0.g, 27g, 7.g, 0.g 1# Kefir 0.g, 17g, 16g, 20g 8ozSCrm 0.g, 5.5g, 43g, 10g 2 Bananas 6.g 1 pc Celery .9g 1 teaspoon Rice bran 1.g TOTAL 8gF, 75gP, 85gL, 33gC I got the data from:   read more

4. Better BMs and New Direction   13 mon  
I've been taking garlic powder, turmeric powder and olive leaf extract once a day with meals to help kill or control Candida. But yesterday I got some licorice root capsules too, which are supposed to help that, I think, and help support the liver and kidneys. I wanted yucca root caps, but I had to order them, as they weren't in stock. That's supposed to be the best killer of Candida.
My source says amla berries, also called Indian gooseberries, are the best source of natural vitamin C, which is more efficient and stable than synthetic, because of its nutrient matrix. Another good source is said to be camu camu and third best is acerola cherries. There are others too. So I donít plan to take any more than 1 capsule per day now of vitamin C, 1,000 mg each. I was taking it for its laxative effects, which seem to be rather good, but the above source says the best laxative is slippery elm bark powder, I think. So I plan to get some again soon. I got some rice bran yes ...   read more

Overcoming Constipation   13 mon  
Having success with low carb, low fiber diet for hopefully ending constipation.
Iíve been following the GutSense low carb, low fiber diet for a couple weeks now plus a Candida control diet for a month or so. Yesterday and today my bowel movements have much improved. Yesterday the stools were getting softer and I didnít need extra laxatives to get 3 bowel movements. Today I had 2 bowel movements so far and also no extra laxatives and theyíre remaining softer. Theyíre also not bulky like they used to be. I donít have to strain much now either. So I think low carb, low fiber diet is probably good for me, if not everyone. The microflora do need some soluble fiber to fe ...   read more

3. Toward Gut Health   13 mon  
I've used Applied Kinesiology to test my body's needs. My liver may need help. Vegan diet probably gave me Candida, or worsened it. I'm working to heal my gut by killing Candida, while taking high dose natural Vitamin C, magnesium citrate, yucca root, amla, rose hips, lecithin granules, rice bran.
Occasionally, from 2010 to 2012 I went to Applied Kinesiology practitioners who use the bodyís muscles to test what the body needs. My body supposedly had poor liver function, so enzymes etc were suggested. As I learned more about physiology etc, I gathered that my previous 20 year vegan diet had given me Candida yeast infection of the gut. Or the diet contributed greatly after my early years of occasional antibiotics, mercury fillings, vaccines and a few psychoactive drugs etc. I attempted to cure Candida with olive leaf extract and L-Glutamine etc at one time, probably in 2012. But I ...   read more

2. From Alternative Doctors Newsletters to Internet Findings   13 mon  
Alternative Doctors used to have some great newsletters. Maybe most of them have gone online by now. Dr. Mercola's online newsletter has been of major interest to me. But he doesn't seem to discuss some good items, like black salve and MMS and ACV, which have helped me.
For a few years starting around 1998 I subscribed to several alternative Doctorsí newsletters. The most informative seemed to be those of Dr. Bruce West who recommended protomorphogens from organic meats and plants processed by Standard Process Labs. I tried a number of the recommended supplements, but didnít notice much if any effect from them. I studied herbal Doctor Richard Schulzeís literature too and found that cayenne, which he recommended for a number of health problems, sometimes had strong effects such as for stopping bleeding. I tried some of his cleanses, but didnít seem to get ...   read more

1. Transition Away From Veganism   14 mon  
(Low Fiber Diet is the Finding of the Century - I'll explain next time.) I was vegan 20 years and had mercury fillings, then serious symptoms hit me. I added eggs etc to my diet and had my fillings replaced and my health began to improve a lot.
Iím 67 but look and feel much younger. I was vegan from 1976 to 1996, but started to have health problems in the 90s. In 96 I read Dr. Hugginsí book, Itís All in Your Head, about the dangers of amalgam fillings. Then I bought his hand book on how to get amalgam fillings removed or replaced safely. Then I got a test to see what replacement fillings would not give me allergic reactions. Then I got my 6 fillings removed all in one day and I got 5 of them replaced with ceramic or something like that. Huggins said vegetarians donít recover from mercury poisoning, but I remained vegetarian an ...   read more


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Fiber is okay in the short run, but in the long run too much may damage the gut lining and destroy microflora, although microflora need some soluble fiber and fiber provides silica. Fiber is found mostly in carbs and we already know excess carbs are bad.Ö more...

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