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by mizmac
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Status update   58 d  
End of the line for my parasite
My last cleanse produced NOTHING! What a relief to be free of parasites. Feeling happy and healthy. I will be doing another cleanse on the Dec. full moon as parasites are so easy to pick up! Best of luck to all.   visit the page

Time to Cleanse Again   5 mon  
June full moon is a great time to cleanse.
The June full moon is coming on the 9th this month. This is a great time to do a periodic parasite cleanse. Most animals are in full rutting mode and parasites will return to the digestive tract to procreate. My protocol will be as my Naturopath prescribed. It is a neuro toxic combination of chemicals so please do not try this without medical advice and support. I will be taking one day of pyrantel paomate, followed by 4 days of 200 mg of mebendazole, followed by 1 day of pyrantel paomate and mebendazole. Then I will do a digestive tract cleanse with a salt flush. I tend to do very inten ...   read more

Why I will be cleansing periodically for the rest of my life   7 mon  
Sources of parasites
Human Exposures to Parasites. Humans should not ingest water from or tied to open water sources, which are frequently in contact with local animal populations. The broken forest, suburbs, and a booming mouse and tick population can create an increased risk of Flagellated Protozoan’s (Lyme). The Borrelia parasite is rampant in forest settings, there are 300,000 infections per year in the USA alone. Pets (dogs, cats, horses, etc.) can come in contact with soil and can contract both round and flatworm parasite species. Breeding horses dewormed on a regular basis have seen a ...   read more

Great list of labs and doctors   9 mon  
Interesting link to a blog by another victim of parasites. Well written and very helpful.
This was forwarded to me today by a fellow parasite sufferer. It is a great resource for a list of doctors and labs.   visit the page

Thoughts on what has helped.   9 mon  
Different foods and supplements that seem to make a difference to me.
I’ve been reading some of my old posts and realized that I’ve done some things that I haven’t talked about. I listened to a webinar on healing auto immune disease. One doctor said that the best thing to heal the gut was eating 2 stewed apples a day. It sounded easy and cheap with no side effects. Food as medicine. So I did it for about 21 days. It is one of the best things I’ve done to heal my gut. It’s the pectin in the apple skins that seems to glue shut the leaky gut. I no longer belch and fart constantly and the digestion is smoother. Core and dice the apples, leave the skins on ...   read more

Pictures of baby and adolescent red tapeworm   9 mon  
Year old photos show possible immature stages of the red tapeworm
I searched through my old photos and found these two pictures. The photos are about a year old. I think they are immature specimens of the red tapeworm I just eliminated. It tells me a couple of things: 1. More than one tapeworm can exist in my system at once. 2. I have to pay attention to killing any eggs or immature tapeworms that are still in my system. I am feeling better than I have in years but I also know that these critters can produce symptoms that can be attributed to almost any condition. I am currently working on improving my PH levels and reducing my heavy metals load. On ...   read more

More F**king parasites!!   9 mon  
Red tapeworm shows up unexpectedly.
Pardon my french but you just get to the point where you are beside yourself with the extent of the infestation. It appears that I am peeling away layers of critters as I go. This time it was a hard shelled, red tapeworm. Very unusual. What was even more unusual was that I wasn’t trying to cleanse. I had done 5 days of mebendazole at the Jan. full moon and had found NOTHING. So I assumed that I was done, that I was free and clear. At the end of Jan. I was working on reducing my blood sugar and becoming a vegan on a low calorie diet. High blood sugar and obesity were my next targets in ...   read more

Fluke picture ?? Lab says no.   11 mon  
Pictures of possible liver flukes
Flukes show up again. %*&)(*__   11 mon  
Momma and her babies show up again at the full moon.
Dec. 14th was the full moon and one of the days when the moon was closest to the earth. If there ever was a day to hunt parasites, that day was it. Actually I started two days prior with my protocol. I took 100 mg. of mebendazole morning and evening. On Dec. 15th, I released a nest of flukes. Momma and some large juveniles. I will post a picture soon. Most came out in one movement. The next day I passed more. I continued to take the mebendazole ( I had a supply that I had ordered from Australia via Ebay) for a total of 6 days. Frustrated, I decided to see if the public health lab would ...   read more

Update on Healing my Gut   12 mon  
Link to IRT video on healing kids by changing the diet.
Watch this video and share. This is a great confirmation of the necessity of eating organic and going Non- GMO. Listen to the testimony of this doctor and these mothers of kids who got healthy.   visit the page

Recovery after parasites   13 mon  
Continuing the body detox after eliminating parasites.
So it seems that I finally got rid of all of the parasites. I was left with a leaky gut and general toxicity from the protocol. It took me a while to figure out that leaky gut was an issue but when I did I found some solutions. First I did a 3 day semi-fast, drinking turkey bone broth and eating popcorn only.I also took 6 capsules of activated charcoal before bed to bind toxins. I wanted to give my gut a chance to heal but not shut down digestion completely. After doing a parasite cleanse for 8 months, I was not ready for the rigors of a complete fast. Anyway, after the semi-fast, I ate ...   read more

Another visit with the Naturopath   14 mon  
Minor infestation is cleared up rapidly. Possible source discovered.
I asked my Naturopath for another herbal remedy for parasites as I had found a couple after doing a challenge test. He insisted that I see him. My challenge test was to take Pin X along with frozen cod liver oil. It produced some flukes. Very small ones. We agreed that I would take a 100 mg tab of mebendazole 2x a day for 5 days and retake the Pin X about 4 days after the first dose. I also did a colonic and continued with the frozen cod liver oil. On day three after taking the Pin X I also did a salt water flush in lieu of using a laxative. We agreed that I had probably been re-infest ...   read more

Flukes are back   15 mon  
The return of parasites from not following the protocol long enough or did I just get re-infested?
I didn’t follow the advice of Dr. Kalcker. I didn’t do the protocol for a year. I quit after about 8 months because I was parasite free and had been for 3 months. Recently I began suffering from my major symptom of parasites, extreme fatigue. I also knoew that I hadn’t followed Dr. Kalcker’s advice to do a parasite cleanse every 3 months. It has been about 5 months. So, it being the full moon time, I did a challenge test to see if I had parasites. I took a dose of Reese’s pinworm medication (avail. over the counter), Pyrantel paomate. I also took 12 caps of frozen cod liver oil. 48 hour ...   read more

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