Self Cure With Herbs
by damaniindia

Knowing the Organ and the Disease   18 y  
A clear linkage is to be established in the form of a cause effect relationship for teh disease and the effect on your body.
Having identified the organ infected or malfunctioning is half the cure is a common saying.It works well for the doctors and experts.But here we are talking of self cure.In self cure we will have to not only exhibit a lot of patience but also require lot of courage and innovation. The best part is that since we are going to practise it on our own body we have full complete and thorough knowledge of immediate effect of anything that we do.We are the people devising the cure and so know all the steps that we are going to take and have taken. A professional or qualified Doctor is a person ...   read more

Knowing the body part that is diseased.   18 y  
Identifying the part or the organ on the body causing the disease.
Once you have identified as to which part or organ of your body is sufferring from ailment you have to understand the organ its working procedure as well as the other issues relating to the same. Deciding upon the cure will depend on the organ concerned.Say for a sore throat the treatment would be differrent from that for a vaginal infection.Even though both are bacterial or viral infection they require different appoach to treatment because of the organ concerned. We can make lot of herbal decoctions or inhale special aromas or apply differrent types of medicated and herbal oils on the ...   read more

Locating the Place of Disease by studying Symptoms 1   18 y  
Like Modern medicne and Allophathic doctors, Self Cure depend on detailed diagnosis in order to analyze disease symptoms. The diagnostic goal is to discover the underlying cause of any illness.
Analysis and study of Symptoms Like Modern medicne and Allophathic doctors, Self Cure depend on detailed diagnosis in order to analyze disease symptoms. The diagnostic goal is to discover the underlying cause of any illness. In all Traditional Alternative medicine the physician works to discover the body organ in which a disease is situated and to evaluate the proper and smooth functioning of the body. The energy level within the body is also of primary importance in planning the most effective course of treatment. There are basically three ways that diagnosis of body functioning ...   read more

Symptoms Classification   18 y  
A logical study of Symptoms Helping to identify the organs sufferring and the disease.
Symptoms to be understood need a very sharp observation of the person concerned. Many a times the symptoms are not clearly defined and may be pointing in altogether a wrong direction. Understanding them is very important in such cases to attempt self-cure with herbs. It is very difficult to classify the symptoms in any logical basis. Still we can try doing the same with an idea to understand the principles underlying the various kinds of discomforts, which can be classified as pointers to some disease or ailment. Routine habits, all the every day habits that form a part of our ever ...   read more

Looking for symptoms and analysis of symptoms   18 y  
Understanding Symptoms better and their significance in self cure.
No one enjoys feeling poorly, or suffering and experiencing pain. Symptoms are unpleasant. We have been taught to view them as bad and we seek ways to alleviate them as quickly as possible, but it is often without regard for our health or without understanding their role in our health and well-being. It is important that we understand that pain and symptoms are not always bad. Our body was designed with an intricate warning system in order to make us aware of injury, harm and danger.It is like having an expensive fire alarm system in your home and disconnecting it before going to sleep ...   read more

Analysis of Symptoms to diagonise the Disease   18 y  
Watch out for the Danger signals coming from your BODY.
The first step in trying self cure is the most important one.Just like you have a standard and Phathological tests to identify deviations, in self cure we have to spend more time to study our disease. No disease unless by accident or injury is caused in a day.It takes time and our body gives us signals which we tend to ignore or pass them away as insignificant.Now we have to start looking carefully at any abnormal changes in our routinue life.Two days before you have a full viral infection you start to feel uncomfortable on the inside.You do not sleep properly or do not feel hungry or jus ...   read more

Self Cure for Diseases and Ailments.   18 y  
Getting to the Root of the disease or ailment.
Self cure is becoming more and more a necessity rather than a Fad. With ever increasing new information availaible on the Internet and every other person having his own set of problamatic conditions it becomes relevant to have a unique and seperate cure for every individual on planet earth.Every disease has a seperate ideal cure for each differrent Individual.Since no doctor can afford the time to fully understand and fully diagonise the patients illness, a series of Pathological tests are performed.With a clear cut definition of the normal values any deviation is considored to be the tro ...   read more


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