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The energywork Interview Irish Radio - Orgonite healing   7 y  
The energywork Interview Irish Radio - Orgonite healing
Life Force Energy Interview Tony and Sean - Out of the bag - Irish radio from orgoniteplusad on Vimeo. Jennifer and Sean in Out of the Bag Irish Radio - Plasterite - natural healing interview from ireland on Vimeo. Interview Jennifer and EK - A fragment from on Vimeo. The Sky Stealers from orgoniteplus ad on Vimeo. Amergin from orgoniteplus on Vimeo. Copter Vie4w from on   read more

facebook   7 y  
life force energy solutions
there are some groups on facebook who deal with natural life forc energy solutions.     did publish a lot of material there but that can also be found on     read more

orgonite plus down - again   8 y  
orgoniteplus down
as can be expected grassroots usually dont have a long life expectancy, the website/forum already had some difficulties, went offline regularly, but now it seems it has been pulled completely yesterday I finished all documentation, did some long post, including more scientific stuff esp on the polarizer, the life pillow. anyway, as I knew this would happen as it often happens with unique information, it tends to dissappear rapidly, I made a full inventory ,backup, of the whole forum and that is now available on the internet archive So if you go to ...   read more

The Blue Sky Broadcaster   8 y  
blue sky broadcaster plasterite life force energy
  Note the waterbucket is no longer needed Just use a cable, that gets the job done I noticed it also works without the appliance being ”on” /activated But it works stronger if it is activated that is correct. I use a small nightlamp for it about 6 Watts seem to get it pumping. A guarantee for blue sky although the orgone field generated is tremendous so you will have fly bies , those helicopters usually that s how it is so make a small one to start and later on make a big one once you are used to it           & ...   read more

the selenite story in depth   8 y  
healing, selenite, orgonite, energy , life force, gypsum, plaster of Paris, Crystals, Bovis, blue sky , chemtrails, radiation and the list goes on...
  ENGLISH   Info by Timo Reinwald The Selenite way the progress from artificial to natural life force energy   I was one of the first who built the artificial Orgonite . metal resin I build and sell now for 5 years no artificial Orgonite more . Since the energy cone has the artificial Orgonite replaced completely . The cone has the same effect as a large Chembuster , and work same time their reliability . Since the ...   read more

standing up   8 y  
chemtrails healing strength energy love
Feedback thousands of customers Plaster Orgonite   8 y  
Feedback thousands of customers Plaster Orgonite
By Energiekegel Germany The energy cone is a natural form of Chembuster. A Chembuster is used to dissolve Chemtrails to (artificially generated contrails in the sky) and to counteract. For those who want to know exactly what a Chembuster and Chemtrails, can be found right here on the side of Timo Reinwald: . The old types Chembuster are unnatural and artificial with the resins, whic ...   read more

Welcome by Josh - Orgonite Plus 201   8 y  
Welcome by Josh - Orgonite Plus 201
  Orgonite Plus.Net A place to share ideas and comments on how to create a better world, through Orgonite and other tools of light. Re: welcome by josh on Sat May 29, 2010 3:42 am Hello Stephen and welcome I do not want to push the plaster exclusively, because I work with the resin as well, but if the people find this to be working,; what a gift to our nose, and our pocket book, but there are pieces you cannot make with the plaster, like pendants for example. This is the site where I learn about plaster Orgonite: ...   read more

FAQ Plaster Orgonite/ Plasterite   8 y  
frequently asked questions Plaster Orgonite/ Plasterite
Frequently Asked Questions about Plasterite   What is plasterite ? Plasterite is a method to create Life Force Energy. It can be used for a lot of purposes. Too much to name here. Mainly, nowadays, it is an efficient method against this Geo-Engineering It makes the skies blue again, clean, gives back natural clouds, etc. Plasterite uses only natural means and is therefor more in harmony with nature the results are greater when using that method particularly ( in contrast to the artificial resin/metal protocol) How to make Plasterite ...   read more

Josh Life Pillow/Polarizer Tools of Light   8 y  
Josh Life Pillow a non electric polarizer
Orgonite Plus.Net A place to share ideas and comments on how to create a better world, through Orgonite and other tools of light. JOSH’S LIFE PILLOWS Post a reply 30 posts • Page 1 of 3 • 1, 2, 3 by monsoon gecko yO ...g’DAY Gifters. I have been trialing this sensational device for almost a month now.Most impressive. My earlier post has been incorporated in Josh’s new website: Yesterday, met up with Phd mate and showed him the pillow. He immediately reported he could feel energy running up his arm to a drainage point around the front area of his ...   read more

Orgonite Plus 2010 Selenite Healing strong life force energy   8 y  
orgonite plus 2010 josh healing plaster orgonite life force energy natural a breakthrough
              Orgonite Plus.Net A place to share ideas and comments on how to create a better world, through Orgonite and other tools of light. • Board index ‹ Orgonite Plus Forum ‹ Share Your Light Plaster orgonite A forum for sharing ideas on creating a better world. 280 posts • Page 26 of 28 • 1 ... 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28   Re: Plaster orgonite by josh » Sun Oct 16, 2011 Hello Renjit First, Plasterite and Or ...   read more


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