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A New Therapy for Health & Energy V5 has now been published   8 y  
Includes 2 new chapters with a new method for pain relief and a look at the gifts and abilities of the original brain.
a free book available here... https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/476033 V5 has 2 new chapters: Part 5: Honey and Batteries uses the energy from these for pain relief, the type of pain associated with modern living and life and, 9) The Original Brain looks at the gifts and abilities of the brain that we are born with, before what is acquired through education and learning. Have a look and hope you enjoy it. Regards, Richard   visit the page

A New Therapy for Health & Energy V4 has now been published   9 y  
Many people have tried it over the years and received benefit and it's hoped you will as well. Enjoy...
Available here...   visit the page

The Therapy, Its Principles   9 y  
Being ready is important. Ready to move on and ready to change.
* Massive exchange of energy replacing bad, dead environmental energy the body/immune system can’t use and is harmful due to its presence and action with good beneficial, life supporting energy the body, bone marrow and immune system can use in the creation of health, strength, internal evolution and the regulation of body functions. * The therapy has to be simple, safe, easy use at home, no special skill needed, no side effects, effective, as inexpensive as possible and deliver results verifiable by medical science. * Energy that supports the processes of life only comes from living ...   read more

How The Therapy works   9 y  
In all this the immune system of the body is key. Part 1 frees it. Part 2 strengthens it and Part 3 changes it to transform the mind, emotions and behaviour.
Part 1 removes polluting energy from fossil fuel and its derivatives from a person. Part 2 replaces and restores by passing energy the body can use into a person. Part 3 works on the mind, emotions and behaviour. These are established after a person’s born from the energy of food. Part 1 of The Therapy is used by the immune system to remove dead environmental energy from the body and draw the energy of insect bites out of the bone marrow so it can function correctly. Dead environmental energy, which comes from fossil fuels and its derivatives, is also drawn from bacteria making the ...   read more

Salt Energy   9 y  
Salt has a very unique energy and, if it’s true life on Earth started in the seas, sea salt, and it’s energy, is essential to life.
All energy is connected. The energy of salt in humans is connected to all salt energy, everywhere. This is true of all energies they’re all 1, connected. The energy of salt links humans to the oceans which transfers and absorbs certain types of energy such as stress, agitation, anxiety etc, which are all products of stimulation, from humans to the oceans when the link’s in place and strong. These energies, left in humans, produce unbalanced behaviour, and the transfer of these energies to the oceans acts to balance people, maintaining equilibrium. At least it does when the salt ...   read more

The Therapy Part 3: Personal Development   9 y  
Personal development means the elimination of all distortion and damage in a person so development can follow a more beneficial path.
Introduction: Please note, as with The Therapy Parts 1 & 2, nothing in Part 3 is consumed - ever. The materials are used in the same way as in The Therapy Parts 1 & 2. Personal development means the elimination of all distortion and damage in a person so development can follow a more beneficial path. The Therapy Part 3 is to help all people who wish to change their behaviour and covers everything internal from mental disorders through to behavioural problems, although, obviously, a person must consult a Doctor, Physician or relevant health care professional first about any pr ...   read more

The Problem of Health   9 y  
The damage energy can do.
As said the bone marrow stops processing life supporting energy into something the body can use for health. The material energy of the body gets used up and as it’s not being replaced by the bone marrow the body looses strength, energy and shape. Bones become brittle, joints wear, discs rupture, ligaments, muscles, cartilage and tendons are easily torn and the body becomes prone to accident and injury with repair and recovery slow or not at all. The body appears worn out. People seem to catch every infection going around and are tired all the time. People eat more but it doesn’t res ...   read more

Life Supporting Energy   9 y  
A bit more on this.
The living energy of Part 2 is used to repair damage done to the energy the material body is made from and raise the general level of health. For this oils, vitamins & minerals, earth, rice and battery energy are used which go directly into the body and is also processed by the now correctly functioning bone marrow due to using Part 1 of The Therapy. The information from the living energy of Part 2 also feeds into the blueprint of the body through the bone marrow correcting the distortion brought about by dead environmental energy.   visit the page

Viral, Bacterial and Fungal Infections   9 y  
Damage caused by them.
Some illnesses are actually created by the bone marrow by processing and reprocessing dead energy where it combines with insect energy. This process changes and damages the working of the immune system letting in viruses, bacterial and fungal infections which cause massive damage, especially to the throat, which is the gatekeeper to the body. This quite often happens in childhood. The throat invests food passing through the windpipe with the bodies energy converting it from something outside and unacceptable, into part of the body and acceptable to the immune system. The windpipe ...   read more

Skin Conditions   9 y  
The energy of skin conditions.
Skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema and related nerve conditions can be helped by The Therapy. Putty and battery energy has a very soothing, stabilising effect on skin and nerves. ***** Other Conditions Parkinson’s Disease may involve dog flea bites to the forearms & lower limbs on their left side and may be the reason why more men suffer with this as they tend to be dog owners. Multiple Sclerosis may involve cat flea bites to the inside of the forearms, a direct way into the bone marrow, which can happen when people stroke cats held in their lap. More women may suffer ...   read more

Water in the Body   9 y  
Conditions related to the water of the body.
When using The Therapy on water conditions, especially lung and breathing problems such as cystic fibrosis, 100g (4oz) bags of silica gel should be used as set out in the supplement section that follows after the guide to Part 2. Clean water in a clean environment carries the energy of that environment into a person and into the stomach. From there water with this vital energy distributes around the body. Insect energy in the water destroys this vital energy. Due to insect contamination, and chemical energy, in drinking water, water is no longer being changed into clear fluid by the ...   read more

The Bodies Electrical Energy   9 y  
The human bodies natural electrical energy.
Mains created, erratic, electrical energy enters the body through absorption by the skin and eyes, food cooked with electricity, or carried in combined with fungal energy, has a tremendously damaging effect on the stored electrical energy the body has generated for the body to function as humans are effectively walking batteries. This damage can cause the stored electrical energy our bodies have generated to leak from the body a factor in MND. This looks like the mirror image of the random spraying out of electrical energy from televisions and monitors. The damage also appears to cau ...   read more

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