Letting My Body Heal Itself- 60 day water fast
by Itslikerubber
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Day 26 of My 60 Day Water Fast   6 y  
Results Thursday!
Today, Iím thirsty for water. So Iíve been drinking as much as I want. Reminds me of when I first started. Iím really bored of being on this fast. I canít wait for it to be over. Oh itís weigh in day. Today 176 lbs July 11 186 lbs July 4. 188 lbs May 28. 197.6 lbs Start. 212 lbs So 36lbs- 40lbs to go. Really Iím going to stop when my waist reaches the measurement I have in my head, whatever weight that is. I just want to get rid of the belly fat. Iíve been sleeping fine. Iím tired though. I canít wait for my day off. This Saturday I have the long hard shift ...   read more

Day 25 of My 60 Day Water Fast   6 y  
Salt Water or Pickle Juice
Where did I come up with 60 days? In the past I always pined over 40 days. Today I feel strong again. No hunger whatsoever. No tearing raw pain wrenching my stomach to my mouth like yesterday. Yesterday I couldnít take that pain. On my way home from work I started thinking about other comments and material from the internet talking about salt water. I canít drink salt water. The thought makes me want to vomit. So I thought about pickle juice for some reason and I stopped and bought a jar of the zesty kind and came home poured a quarter cup in a champagne glass and sipped it. I could fe ...   read more

Day 24 of My 60 Day Water Fast   6 y  
Wake Me When It's Over
I think I had it too easy there for awhile. It seems so hard lately. Before it was really only hard on the days I was off, but now even at work I feel the pain of being on a water fast. Water tastes sickening. Itís not helping. I noticed awhile back that I donít drink much water at all. Iím not really ever thirsty. Just in general I was never one to drink much fluid. Yuck I hate the water!!! I wish I could sleep until it was over. Is it supposed to get harder? Depending on how much weight I lose by the 40th day, I might switch to a mix of juice and water for the last 20 days. Iím worri ...   read more

Day 23 of My 60 Day Water Fast   6 y  
Just Do It
Itís a weird thing not to eat for so long. Today I was looking at my body and started thinking at this rate I might not be able to do the whole 60 days. I was starting to convince myself 40 days will suffice, but I think thatís me just be scared and overthinking it. I need to stay in the present, stick with the plan, and when the time comes Iíll know. I donít need to replan my plan. All the contemplation and research to get to this decision has been made. Now itís just DO. The taste of nothing in my mouth bothers me. Oh last night I slept and slept and went back to sleep, so that I actu ...   read more

Day 22 of My 60 Day Water Fast   6 y  
8 hours of Slumber!!!
I finally slept 8 hours!!! A friend suggested I take tryptophan. I used to take it to stop night time cravings. Itís easy to take in a capsule, but for some reason I bought loose powder and it tastes and smells like rotten eggs, but I finally took it last night and it worked. I could feel the sleep coming on, which was around 8 pm and I slept until 2am, and FELL BACK asleep until 4 ish oíclock! When I woke up I peed a lot. I looked a lot slimmer than last night, but Iím also menstruating, so that is probably contributing to being less bloated. Also,I think the fact that I didnít work th ...   read more

Day 21 of 60 Day Water Fast   6 y  
One-Third of the way where
Whatever I just wrote got lost. I didnít sleep last night. Iím hungrier than normal. I have lost a lot of weight but I am 45 lbs overweight right now and itís depressing, why am I hungry today? Oh I think because itís my day off and I have nothing to do. I definitely prefer being busy. I just want to SLEEP!!!!!   visit the page

Day 20 of 60 day Water Fast   6 y  
Reaching A Milestone
Last night was the closest Iíve been to breaking my fast. I was having a day of cravings because at work they had pork pot roast cooking in a crock pot all day. Pork is one of my favorite things and anything in a crock pot! Since about day 12 of the fast, all I crave is eating vegetables and fruits, especially salads! I canít wait to have a gourmet salad sprinkled with nuts or a shredded homemade cabbage salad. I canít wait to eat those things and drink some homemade watermelon juice or a little pea purťe. Oh and cherries and grapes! They are my favorites... But thankfully I stuck it ou ...   read more

Day 19 of 60 Day Water Fast   6 y  
Results Thursdays!
Well, today is the day to weigh-in. Iíve been debating whether or not to weigh myself because this week I get my period and in the past I never see the scale move down on the week before my period starts. And I definitely feel bloated right now. Regardless, I decided to toughen up and not be discouraged so drums please..., Today = 186 lbs June 4 = 188 lbs May 27 = 197.6 lbs Start = 212 lbs Even though I didnít see a huge loss I can see my shape changed, but like I mentioned in an earlier post, I have a long way to go. I also think I did too many strenuous activities last we ...   read more

Day 18 of My 60 Day Water Fast   6 y  
Stick Out Your Tongue and Say Ahhhhhh!
Itís official I just woke up and had this weird normal feeling in my mouth. I brushed my hair, slathered green clay mask on my face, stuck out my tongue AND!!!! Itís PINK! Pink and soft smooth looking. No long papillae, no tinge of white anywhere and I didnít have to brush or scrape it and suck on cinnamon altoids to get it red. I have had a white tongue since 2005. But today for the first time it looks healthy and pink and kissable. I can tell Iím shrinking, but I still feel huge, but definitely lighter. My hips are still big. Iím losing weight like how the shape I was when I was teens ...   read more

Day 17 of My 60 Day Water Fast   6 y  
Dear God, Please Let My Period Come Now!
First off I have to say that Iím an emotional wreck today. One minute Iím laughing the next I canít stop crying. I canít handle this ride in Doomsday Park! Ok, breathe Today after brushing my teeth and tongue, my tongue was PINK!!! I noticed when I cry my mouth salivates. Lately, I was just holding water in my mouth trying to get relief. Iíve switched to tap water. Definitely my tongue is better than before the fast, but not all the way healthy. Sleep is bad. Three hours a night. But energy level is really good. Iím breaking out a little on my face. Oh! My hair on my eyebrows have ...   read more

Day 16 of 60 Day Water Fast   6 y  
Just Bored
I havenít been getting as much sleep as Iíd like and Iíve never been one to take naps- I just canít nap no matter how tired I am, but today is also my day off. Iíve got so much done. Iím really proud of myself. He organized and packed up and at the same time I reorganized the house, since itís just me. Almost all his stuff is packed by the front door, so it should be fast! Iíve had a nagging persistent dry cough for a week now. I usually only cough in the morning and night, but today I had a coughing fit and something big was trying to come up but I donít know how to spit it out and I s ...   read more

Day 15 of 60 Day Water Fast   6 y  
A Quarter of the Way There!
I think I over did it today. I was busy organizing the house and doing yard work. Itís so hot here and I sweat and drank water non-stop. I felt funny, l donít know how to describe it, but like I drank too much water and water wasnít quenching my thirst. Right now, Iím pooped and sore. Speaking of poop, I had a bowel movement on my own. It looked like honey mustard. Ok ... Iím done for today.   visit the page

Day 14 of 60 Day Water Fast   6 y  
More energy and still plugging away
Ok, this is going to be a short one, because Saturdayís I work a very labor intensive 10 hour shift and today I actually went from work to my volunteer assignment and I am absolutely tired. Good energy today. This Saturday is the most energy Iíve had since I started working there last month. But Iím sore!! Iím going to try to sleep right after I finish this. The weather was so hot and I drank the most water I have drank on this fast- probably 3/4 of a gallon! I drank so much I got a side ache, but I was thirsty and sweating a lot. My pee is still like the color of Tang-ish. I didní ...   read more

Day 13 of My 60 Day Water Fast   6 y  
To Cheat or Not To Cheat
Day 13, I woke up panicking. I thought I had broke my fast. I had accidentally taste tested a recipe, rationalized that I just cheat and begin to eat a small portion. Then I realized Iím still in bed and it was a dream- or nightmare! I felt more energy today, because I got more sleep. Sleep is critical for me to be able to work. At lunch time I felt a slight tinge of hunger. It only lasted 15 minutes or less. I heard that when itís time to break a fast you will feel Ētrue hunger.Ē I donít quite know what that means. Maybe itís when the hunger pains remain all day long... I guess Iíll fi ...   read more

Day 12 of 60 Day Water Fast   6 y  
Results are in Thursdays
Late last night I had the first real cravings. They werenít intense. They were similar to how I felt on day 4 and 5. The night of day 5 I actually dreamt of eating the most fantastic foods. I woke up and told myself, Ēsee, you ate at night, so now you can fast in the day.Ē Well Thursday is my weekly weigh-in and since I started this blog on day 10 I figured Iíd put here the results since I started. After suddenly and unexpectedly ending a 14 year relationship the night of the 20th, I decided to fast to get out of my bodyís way and do it how my body is made to do... I had ate on the 20 ...   read more

Day 11 of 60 Day Water Fast   6 y  
My experience during this journey
Today is the 11th day and I feel better than yesterday. Last night, I bought a dry brush and changed out my soap and shampoo to detox friendly ones with natural ingredients. They have things like clay, Rosemary, and nettle in them. It finally dawned on me I was detoxing and washing my body with chemicals! Last night I got more sleep than I have been these last couple days, so I didnít struggle through work, but I really just want to go home and lie down. My tongue is so yellow and white! It looks like itís caked on, but when I use my tongue cleaner nothing scraped off. Iíve used that to ...   read more

Day 10 of 60 day water fast   6 y  
Day 10 experience of 60 day water fast.
Yesterday, I felt like I needed to poop. I felt that way a couple days in and wasnít able to do it on my own, so I had a colonic. I expected to see waste come out, very little did- more like sludge, not solid, but I felt much better. So today, I decided to have a colonic and I was shocked to see how much came out and it was like big solid balls coming out. Towards the end it was loose kinds. It felt so good to get it out! Oh and the hemorrhoid I had has shrunk considerably. Some days are so easy, like day 7 when I mowed the lawn and went for a 2 hour moderate hike. Even the next da ...   read more

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