Letting My Body Heal Itself- 60 day water fast
by Itslikerubber
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21 Day Water Fast: Day 1   8 y  
21 days fasting
Weight 168.6 lbs Last night made it to bed without a meal after 7pm. Iím hungry today but feel strong that itís time. Itís been two months since my 40 day fast and I still have weightloss goals, namely 15-25lbs, whichever looks better at this age -- 40s. Here I go. Day 1   visit the page

Day 54 & First day of My 21-30 Day Water Fast   8 y  
Results Thursday!
I hope this isnít getting confusing, but 54 days ago I successfully went on a 40 day water fast and lost over 40lbs. I knew I needed to lose 70+ pounds so I set my goal at 60 days knowing in the back of my mind that the magic number has always been 40 days so if the weight loss became less than 1lb a day I would not continue on water only. Well itís been exactly 14 days of eating since the 40 day water fast and I just weighed myself & took measurements. I want a 26 inch waist like i had before. When i met him, my waist was 23-24 inches. Iím not going for that. I was too skinny then. I h ...   read more

Day 52 & 53   8 y  
Keep On Keeping On
Day 52 Dance class, ate soup for breakfast, and salad and gourmet grilled cheese leftovers from yuppy dive bar at a birthday party from Monday. Day 52 i ate a lot. Craving all day and nibbled all day. I didnít feel good eating that much. Day 53 21 day Water Fast starts tomorrow. I lost 42 lbs during the 40 day fast a couple weeks ago, but the majority of that weight was lost within 30 days, so that also is why i ended the water fast at 40 days. Ok ive lost another pant size since I started eating. So this next phase is more about inches on waist then weight. Tomorrow is Th ...   read more

Day 51   8 y  
Iím so glad I took the additional days off. Every day since I have had a meeting or a social event that I have been happily able to participate in. Tonight is a birthday party at a restaurant Iíve never been to and everyone is talking about how good the food is.   visit the page

Day 50   8 y  
Lonely and Waiting
Slept 4 hours. Had an early meeting. Then hung out with a friend for 3 hours. I was really sad today. Sad that i am alone. As soon as period is over i will start the 21 day water fast. Yesterday i inline skated for 3 hours and i made the skates too tight on my ankles, so my left ankle is hurt and swollen. I think Iím going to go to the store. Oh and i told my family about the break up today.   visit the page

Day 49 New Plan   8 y  
Going With The Flow
Will start 21 day fast on last day of period, so that means in the next 2-3 days.   visit the page

Day 47 & 48   8 y  
Sustainable Attainable Nourishment
I actually ate on the 47th day and decided to eat until my period comes instead of fighting cravings due to PMS. Since I started eating I actually lost another pant size. I crave salads, nuts, seafood, and completely healthy clean eating. So as soon as period starts the next day I will begin 10-21 day fast.   visit the page

Day 46 of my 60 Day Water Fast   8 y  
Round 2; Day 2
I keep forgetting to put my weight down, but I weighed 173lbs on Day 1 of Round 2. I got 3-4 hours sleep. I was up until midnight talking to a friend and after we hung up I was hungry. I have a couple packages of my favorite mussels on the freezer and an extra large can of cream of mushroom soup. So I got out a big pot combined the 2lbs of mussels with 1/2 the can of soup boiled it, purťed it, and refroze it. I just needed to cook. I didnít need to eat it and I didnít have a drop. So now I can write about Day 2 😊 Iím not hungry this morning and Iím not tired. I have some err ...   read more

Day 45 of My 60 Day Water Fast   8 y  
False Start. Ready. Set. Go. R2D1
Okay Day 45 is now the new start date for Round 2, which is today. Yesterday was my day off and I met up with a few friends to do a dance class and afterwards it was so beautiful out and the class and company were so fantastic that I decided to live a little. So we went to the waterfront and had salads. Whatís one more day? This is my timeline, my life and when great opportunities, like that night happen- Iím going to enjoy the journey! However, this morning my stomach was rolling and hurt so bad. I ate a huge Cobb Salad at 8pm at night! I took home what I couldnít finish and ate it lat ...   read more

Day 43 & 44 of My 60 Day Water Fast   8 y  
Round 2! Goal 30lbs or 26in Waist
I just realized I missed yesterday. Yesterday was another Ēload day.Ē I was suppose to take an out of town friend and her family to her favorite new restaurant when she is in town. It is Szchewan Hot Pot and I already know that even though it is day 3 eating that I cannot eat the spicy greasy Hotpot, so I planned to get a different soup and let them all enjoy. For some reason she was too busy with church and her husband had errands and the kids were wanting to be with friends so we ended up not going. Instead I went to her church and we talked in the pews. Afterwards I was to meet my ...   read more

Day 42 of My 60 Day Water Fast   8 y  
What's in a Name; Round 2; 30 days
Iím still counting to 60 days for the name of this blog, but I start Round 2 which will be 30 days on Monday July 6th. I lost the most amount of weight within 30 days during Round 1, which I made it 40 days water fasting and went from 212lbs to 169lbs. The last 10 days of the 40 days were least productive. I lost about 4lbs and no real health improvements. Actually my tongue got worse the longer I went after the 30th day. Now that I am taking this3 day break after making it 40 days, my tongue is more pink than it has ever been. Permanent changes have to come after a water fast to sustai ...   read more

Day 41 of My 60 Day Water Fast   8 y  
Self Reflection At 40 days!
So, since about the 3rd week I have been contemplating going on juice after day 40, my thought process was that if I was losing less than 1lb a day or not seeing a shift I wasnít going to remain on water, especially given that I donít actually drink that much water. Well, Thursday I noticed my clothes fit better, but I maybe lost 2lbs; however, it is the week before my period. Anyways, I decided to celebrate my 40 days on water by having some shrimp and avocado purťe. Which led to a mango and avocado puree, which led to stir-fried fresh green beans with oyster sauce that I had frozen be ...   read more

Day 40 of My 60 Day Water Fast   8 y  
My Wish Has Come True
This is the day Iíve been waiting for my whole life. Itís here. Iím proud. Iím going to start my period and I still have 35 lbs to lose. I need to change results day to Saturday. I think I have a cold too. Clothes fit better but scale doesnít look more than a couple pounds lost. I feel like I taste metal! Maybe itís my metal fillings. Itís so intense it burns and it eminates from the rear bottom teeth. Iíll just be updating throughout day.   visit the page

Day 39 of My 60 Day Water Fast   8 y  
My back hurts a lot today. I donít know if itís PMS but I feel uninspired to write here. Tomorrow is weigh in. Was tired today.   visit the page

Day 38 of My 60 Day Water Fast   8 y  
The Routine
Tired today, no sleep, throat hurts, and Heís gone,   visit the page

Day 37 of My 60 Day Water Fast   8 y  
Three Days Makes All the Difference
Three Days Until 40!!!! I remember when I was just trying to make just 3 days!!! So many times I failed. And here I am. Iíve come a long way, but in the scheme of things itís minuscule... minute in time. I calculated since my birth, Iíve eaten roughly 14,500 days. Thatís just days; not meals! So what is 60 days in 14,500? Itís Nothing And Everything all at the same time. I canít stress enough the importantance colonics have made. It doesnít feel good to be gaseous and constipated. I actually really didnít think I would need to poop if you arenít eating, because you always hear how you p ...   read more

Day 36 of My 60 Day Water Fast   8 y  
The New Normal
Yesterday night, I went to Fred Meyer because I was bored and Iím not going dancing until Iím dancing on my 60th day! Anyways, I was in the British specialty section and bought a jam, mint sauce, and Vegemite. Three things I always wanted to try. I got home and stuck them in my fridge for when I get to that point in refeeding. I have food in my fridge. So, I finally froze what was still good and disposed of rest. I pushed myself hard last night, so Iím tired today. I went to bed a little after midnight and when I woke up and it wasnít dark. It was a little after 4am. I feel like Iíve be ...   read more

Day 35 of My 60 Day Fast   8 y  
Coincidence or Divine Intervention?
Twice now Iíve arranged to break/cheat on this fast for social reasons and both times something last minute happened to make it so the ĒeventĒ didnít happen and allow me to continue on my fast. Someone or something wants me to accomplish this for myself. I am so grateful for this gift. I am so thankful I had the courage and am being supported every step of the way. Today, Saturday is my long arduous day and Iíve grown to love it. I always feel accomplished afterwards. I still feel hunger during the normal eating times: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It just goes away after 15 minutes and ...   read more

Day 34 of My 60 Day Water Fast   8 y  
2 Hours Sleep Again
Ugh not again! I went to sleep at 11PM PST and I woke up at 1:00AM PST. Actually I woke up before that. I am wide awake now that itís almost 2. Oh shoot. I forgot Results Thursdays. It was 172 lbs so 4 lbs for the week. Iíll do the whole list thing next Thursday. I hate being alone in the early morning! I managed to fall back to sleep for another 3 hours, so I feel rested right now. I think Iíve hit my stride. Iím feeling like I can go the distance. 60 days here I come!!!   visit the page

Day 33 of My 60 Day Water Fast   8 y  
Emotional Roller Coaster
Maybe itís the lack of sleep, but Iíve been bawling like a baby since 9 pm PST last night. I called my Ex to work out a time to give him one of the cats and in the process I started to cry about the loss of what we had. Even though I donít want it back. I know with my whole soul that this break up is the best thing that has happened in 14 years. I see how unhappy Iíve been and although my culture stays together unhappily to the very end and thatís what I was doing I guess I couldnít and I chose me and ended it for both of us. Why do I mourn the loss of something so bad it consumed m ...   read more

Day 32 of My 60 Day Water Fast   8 y  
Keep On Keeping On
Slept 3 hrs last night. Decided to go inline skating on the trail at 5:30 AM PST. Since Iíve been up since 1:45 AM PST. Nothing really new to add. Rashes are clearing up. Water tastes ok again. Actually drank a bunch the last 2 days-- guesstimate 8 cups each of the last two days. Feels like another easy day. Just have a bit of gas and s lot of boredom. I have that birthday party to go to. Iím going to try to take a nap before the party after work, but since I was a little girl I have never been able to nap.   visit the page

Day 31 of My 60 Day Water Fast   8 y  
Another Day Another 2:00 AM Wake Up!
Yes, I woke again at 2:00 AM PST. I really really wish I could stay asleep longer. I think itís the loneliness. I have a feeling, besides for needing to poo, that Iím going to have an easy day. I canít wait for weigh-in on Thursday. Last night, the hike really did Ēa body good.Ē A little sweating really helps take the edge off. I have a short week this week. Iím done at noon on Thursday. Oh I have a birthday party to go to Wednesday. Iím just going to drop off the present, since itís at a restaurant and I donít want to be the one only having water. So far it hasnít been too hard in the ...   read more

Day 30 of My 60 Day Water Fast   8 y  
Half Way Home
Iím so ready to be there on the finish line of day 60, but Iím so thankful that I was able to do this and the results that I see in my body. I have a lot more weight to lose. I really hadnít realized how much Iíd let myself go. There is a nickel size patch of dandruff near my forehead that has reappeared. I had palm size rashes on my shoulders a few days back, but they are gone. There is a painful patch on my left armpit. I thought it was maybe stretchmarks shrinking. I canít tell itís red and inflamed and burns and itches sometimes. Plus, on the right side of my neck there is a red inf ...   read more

Day 29 of My 60 Day Water Fast   8 y  
Another Day
Last night, I went to bed before 9pm. I woke at midnight, but fell back to sleep quickly. Then I woke at 2am PST. I truly hate waking up when itís dark out still. I didnít think Iíd be able to go back to sleep, but by 3:30am PST I could feel the sleep coming over me and I let it happen. I woke up at 6AM ish and I decided to start my day, even though this time I was groggy. Today, I am nauseous again, but not as bad as yesterday. I really hate the taste of my mouth. It helps to brush my teeth. Iím thinking about doing something about it. Also, I absolutely hate the taste of ALL WATER. I ...   read more

Day 28 of My 60 Day Water Fast   8 y  
Everything Smells
Everything is making me nauseous today. The thought of smells make me want to vomit. I just threw up my vitamins and now I feel better. Before when I would lose weight with diet and exercise I would have so much stomach acid I would throw up in the mornings. This isnít like that. This is more mental. Iím not hungry today. I tried to oil pull this morning- thatís probably what actually initiated me throwing up. Iím looking forward to working today. We always go for a walk on the trails and I love doing that even though it takes effort. Exercising on a fast burns off that numb feeling in ...   read more

Day 27 of My 60 a Day Water Fast   8 y  
Appreciating the Journey
Ok, I was taking too much sleep medicine. Since the breakup May 20 Iíve taken a cocktail of pills to get to sleep and the last couple days itís been giving me a mild headache. Last night I skipped that nightly ritual and I fell asleep at a decent hour and got 6-7 hours sleep and I feel much better. I need to start praying again and being thankful for this gift of fasting. It truly is a miracle many donít understand and Iíve been taking it for granted. Itís something Iíve always felt called to do, but until this breakup was unable to do for even three days and I feel truly supported and ...   read more

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