Transformations With Chef Jemichel
by Chef JeM

Transformation Through The Shadows   12 mon  
"Decisions" are mental and very limited to just the mind. In contrast: "Conscious-choice" is akin to nine-centeredness which is all-inclusive of our whole being!
When “we are reacting from our needs, our hurts, from our buttons being pushed, or the way that we take care of others and not ourselves … we act from our shadow …”[1] A wisdom teaching I’ve deeply appreciated from the Human Design System (especially for Emotionally Defined Individuals) is always wait for your emotional clarity[2] before deciding anything that will impact you and/or others. The Gene Keys book identifies 64 Shadows. ”the secret to every Gene Key in this book lies in harnessing and accepting the energy latent within each of the 64 shadows.”[3] Acceptance is the firs ...   read more

Transformational Sessions   17 mon  
The great work of personal transformation can be very well supported with both aura-to-aura sessions as well as with written reports.
Personal Transformation sessions can begin with an introductory session (or more sessions as needed) for the Individual to understand their nine Human Design centers. An Individual with an undefined Spleen Center who is also interested in being healthy needs to be completely familiar with the limitations and sensitivity of having an undefined Spleen Center. A good friend whom I’ve been working with for several years has an undefined Spleen Center. I just complied a twelve-page description of the an undefined Spleen Center especially with my friend in mind. *** October 12, 2018 - Ce ...   read more

Transformation - The "Mother" of Prevention   19 mon  
12 Steps to Preventing Illness
If we realize that we have multiple dimensions to our being (most simply stated in the trinity of mind-body spirt) and that these dimensions intercept and interact with each other then we can understand how suppressing our thoughts, feelings and/or emotions can impact the body via the mind-body channels. I’m familiar with how this works from life-long personal experiences of suppression that began as of about age one. My initial impact manifested in my speech. ”... if you let fear sink into the body, you have war in the body. Inflammation develops, so you use antibiotics and antipruriti ...   read more

Preparing For The Great Mutation   24 mon  
To everything there is a "season" including a time for your personal transformation!
January 20, 2017 - Both the Human Design System and Gene Keys reveal that we are in the midst of a great mutation that will complete itself in 2027 (only ten years from today)! These two systems also speak of the need for personal transformation (in preparation for and simultaneous to societal transformations) and that personal transformation requires a whole seven-year cycle. I personally have reason to say the seven-year cycle is a minimum time-frame and that this could just as well be a nine-year cycle. If we think in terms of nine years then those who wish to prepare have about one ...   read more

Reiki Plus Communication Dyads   26 mon  
The importance of client feedback
November 26, 2016 - I recently received the following feedback on the combination of a Reiki session followed by communication dyads. ”Thank you for holding space for healing touch for me and our Dynamic dialogs.” The first live feedback right after the Reiki was ”I feel more grounded and centered in my body; less in my head.” I’d like to combine these two forms from now on. *** August 4, 2017 - Another session with the same client with whom I shared a full Dyad round after a full Reiki session. The Dyad inspired me to identify a new dyad. Before I state the new dyad I h ...   read more

Transformations With Omraam Mikhael   29 mon  
Partake of the language of light that conveys the truth of self and life that sets us free!
October 8, 2018 - ’... What we call miracles or wonders – all these events appearing to go against the laws of nature – are neither supernatural, nor supranatural, nor anti-natural. They simply obey other laws, which are just as natural and which are those of spirit. Make an effort to purify the matter of your physical and psychic bodies, and you will also feel ‘miracles’ of spirit taking place within you.”[] - *** December 9, 2017 - ”Alone, and left to themselves, human beings cannot evolve: they need stimulation from the outside world, from nature, from events, and of cour ...   read more

The Human Design System   31 mon  
Brief History, Organization, Learning and References.
The Human Design System is a logical, mechanical, and graphically illustrated system which maps each individual’s unique genetic matrix. Human Design is the study, application and experimentation with the tools of the Human Design System. Strategy according to type, and inner authority[5] for decision making are the primary tools offered by the Human Design System. According to proponents of Human Design, when someone experiments with their strategy and authority, it transforms their life, one decision at a time. Through each decision they can begin to discover their uniqueness, and the ...   read more

Be Still and Be Amazed!   3 y  
Still racing after all these years?
Silence: Stillness ”If we could slow down and stop for 10 minutes a day, we’d be amazed by the transformation.”[1] I just came across this site - however I was thinking earlier today about the need to be still (at least a moment or two) during the day. Even at home I witness housemates who essentially run around the house. They pass by me with hollow words like: ”hey. how’s it going” without making any eye contact and not even slowing down at all to allow for a reply! It’s gotten to the point where I largely ignore the ”inquiry” as meaningless! ”Hello Goodbye!” ***********^ ...   read more

Transformational Communication for Self and Other   3 y  
How dialogue relates to transformation.
Thoughts on a conversation today with an intelligent gentleman who happens to be my housemate and a budding new friend as well.[1] The conversation included mention of a couple systems that my budding friend has seen used by communities that have successfully addressed emotionally-charged needs. After listening to his summary on the ZEGG Forum[2] I saw that the most essential thing that this and other techniques support is dialogue. I see dialogue engaging individuals in multi-directional ways. We can have inner dialogue with our selves as well as inter-dialogue with others. I’ve posted ...   read more

Your Sun-Rise!   3 y  
Identify the first Siddhi in your Human Design!
From the perspective of the Gene Keys we have three major ”band waves” (my term) of frequency that we can be riding upon at any given time. These frequencies are known as the ”Shadow”, the ”Gift” and the ”Siddhi”. The overall ”game plan” here is that we face and embrace the Shadow[2] to release the Gift (within that Shadow) and through the Gift we can embody the Siddhi. If people only knew what is meant by the Siddhi I would think we would have more people choosing to face and embrace their Shadows. I have had at least one good taste of a Siddhi. I for one can say there is nothing in the w ...   read more

Manifesting Miracles - 101   4 y  
Thought is creative. You can focus your creative thought into written goals that you program into your subconscious mind.
I have the booklet by this title by Stuart Wilde.[1] Once you have written your goals you can accelerate your daily practice by encoding each goal with a code word or short phrase. Then program your subconscious with the codes and from then on you can simply speak the code words to recharge the goal! Doing that further activates the magnetism of the subconscious. Especially when you’re working with the awareness of your higher self as you speak your code words. *** March 25th, 2016 - ”In any situation in which you are uncertain, the first thing to consider, very simply, is ‘What ...   read more

Right Timing   4 y  
Transformation is at the core of understanding that I offer individuals regarding right timing.
Have you heard that there is a time/season for every purpose?[1] If so then it follows that our timing of our urges for immediate action can be synchronized with the optimal time in accord with the true purpose. Omraam teaches: ”wait for the right time”. I agree! Otherwise our action for something we want may be likened unto picking fruit before it’s fully ripe. Patience may be required (although it may be the one thing many people are a ’smidgen’ short of). A deep universal reason for impatience is due to ”the raw force”[2] of our natural human desires. ”Desire” is the Shadow of the 30 ...   read more

The Mayan Cross   4 y  
An ancient light for modern day realizations!
Inspired with a birthday card I had received that has two elephants on the cover both with their trunks extended and grasping a stick together. The elephants inspired me to discover the Mayan sign of the sender: my Dutch daughter! After generating the ”Mayan Cross” for my daughter I did the same for myself. From my reading I’m now inspired to make special note here of the following.: Acceptance - ”You may find a heightened ability to accept negative or challenging traits in a partner or family member simply because you now understand them, and yourself, at the soul level.”[1] Tha ...   read more

Transformational Contemplations   4 y  
The essence of autobiographical work in dyad communication.
10:53 PM PST - I just conceived of something new for my transformational work with dyads. I call it the Autobiographical Dyad Series(ADS). I thought of this while I was blogging a moment ago at: ”Creme de la Creme”.[1] The ”series” can essentially take two forms. One would ideally be weekly dyad sessions. The other form could be a one, two or three-day intensive. My suggestion is to focus on one particular seven-year cycle for each series and (if possible) starting with the first seven-year cycle - from birth up to age seven. I’d also suggest allowing about twelve hours or so of actu ...   read more

Transforming Our Relationships With Food   4 y  
Food for thought and for the renewal of mind & body: aka transformation.
Transformations, in my life, have impacted all my relationships - including all aspects of my relationship with food. My relationship with food has become sacred. The blessings are countless! I wish to share the blessings with others. I’m designed with idealism. Idealism is part of how I think as a ”chef” and when I write on the subject matter of food and all our relationships to food. The following written piece is inspired by my vision for a shared transformational experience with food. It includes some of the benefits that this kind of transformation can offer people in general and e ...   read more

Change Is Continual!   4 y  
By way of the circuitous routes of Mercury; now Retrograde and at other times as well.
This second entry comes 14 days (half a lunar cycle) since my initial ”Welcome”. Now with Mercury retrograde in Gemini and in light of all its aspects - ”we are facing a philosophical transformation.”[1] That means it is a most excellent time to think, to deeply contemplate and allow this ”messenger of the gods” to work his quicksilver through our lives. Change is inevitable now. You can locate this change in your Human Design Body Graph as Mercury is now in Throat Gate 35: The Gate of Change! According to Lynda Bunnell the influence of this Gate activation can allow ”clear sharing ( ...   read more

Welcome to "Transformations with Chef Jemichel"!   4 y  
Celebrate Being transformed by the daily renewal of your psyche!
March 8, 2018 - Work With The Planetary Phases - ”It is important to learn to work with the different phases of the moon. During the waxing moon, the physical and psychic energies that nature has deposited in humans help them to manifest as a conscious, active, and self-willed being. Then, during the fourteen days of the waning moon, their energies tend to descend in order to nourish their roots, that is to say their stomach and sexual organs. ...” - These two lunar phases have not only preexisted before the ”arrival” of Man on Earth they have also been acknowledged throughout reco ...   read more


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