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Plagued by Parasites, Truth or Delusional? Part I   6 y  
Part One (Revised): Plagued by Parasites: Truth or Delusional? My Story and Its Impact for My Family
FYI: I am editing out information that is too personal. I am a graduate of Eckerd College. I had a home and made a family with my college sweetheart, E (married 10 years); we became proud parents to V (7 yrs) and F (3 yrs). In 2007, I had occasional diarrhea during my first pregnancy. We ate out often; I didn’t think much about it. After giving birth, diarrhea increased. I consulted two doctors. The first diagnosed me with IBS. The second diagnosed me with celiac disease. Neither indicated that it would be a problem if I got pregnant again; we had our second child in 2011. Durin ...   read more

December 2014   6 y  
Dangerous black out, Christmas Eve in the looney bin (thanks hon!), prayers for a miracle
In December, I continued to feel depressed for two reasons: 1. My children were exhibiting signs of being sick with strongyloidiasis and 2. My husband wasn’t listening. It’s easy when you don’t have strongyloidiasis nor hyperinfection to think that your spouse is a fruitcake. He does. He thinks I have lost my marbles but I have not. He is in denial, deep denial, over this situation. It’s really crazy because I have never been a nut case. I have had anxiety and depression but that’s it, nothing abnormal. I imagine my parasitic burden directly correlated with having anxiety/depression. The ...   read more

Only a Fool.....   6 y  
Angry, mistrusting spouse, ill children, strongyloidiasis
Only a fool would infect her children with an awful parasitic disease (strongyloidiasis and pork tapeworm), trichinella, tricuria (sp?), toxoplasmosis, to name a few that have been diagnosed in me. I never intended to infect them, never. I don’t deserve a Mother’s Day, and I won’t get one with my kids because my husband is frankly being mean. I didn’t mean to infect him either, but he didn’t believe I had anything infectious. He should take a look at that list of what I have, thus far, been diagnosed as having. The strongyloidiasis is next to impossible to diagnose that is why it is in ...   read more

So Scared   6 y  
Sleeping 26hrs, intestines not digesting, hardly urinating, help me/help my kids and husband somebody...
I slept 26 hours the night before last night. I don’t wake to urinate nor to even eat or drink anymore. I am so scared to die, but what am I to do when the parasites are not in my bowels but in my organs?! Taking Humaworm was a huge mistake. A mistake that is costing me and my children our lives. I have never slept 26 hours in all my life, I don’t think. I will share links at the end of why this is infectious. I have begged the pediatrician to listen but she does not. Nobody believes parasites are infectious, at least not in the USA. Please note: ”Strongyloidiasis Risk Factors: immunosuppr ...   read more

I Miss My Kids and My Husband    6 y  
Parasites, steroids
In three days it will be my husband, E, and my 10yr wedding anniversary. I would have never imagined in 2005, being so dire sick in 2015. I was thrilled to be marrying my best friend, the love of my life. I was a different person in 2005. Healthy, vibrant and happy. It saddens me to have gone through such adversities. I longed to have children, be a mom; try to be the kind of loving mom that my mom was. She was a real sweet mom. We used to call her ”church lady” because she was always doing something with the church and bringing communion to the sick. She was always there for us, her f ...   read more

Getting Too Weak   6 y  
Weak, sweats, chills, nausea, headache
Sorry folks, I am growing rapidly too weak to write. I can hardly lift my head off of the pillow. I haven’t been able to eat in days as I feel extremely nauseated and I am having diarrhea, despite my inability to eat. Dear God, please shine your face upon me. Show me your presence Dear Lord. This is very scary as I am suffering greatly. Please come to my side. I ask this in your name, Lord Jesus Christ. YOU are my only Lord and Savior. I know you must see my hardships. Please be in my heart Jesus Christ. I ask to be born again, in you and of you, and only you Jesus. Forgive me pleas ...   read more

Please God, Hear My Prayer   6 y  
My prayer for today
Dear Jesus, My husband meets with our children’s pediatrician today. Please allow him to understand that I truly do have a disseminated parasitic infection. The concrete evidence proves trichinella, toxoplasmosis, and blastocystis. Those are merely the ”diagnosed” parasites. There were a plethora more that he has pictures of from my H cleanse. I know he doesn’t believe me. It is SO HARD to be his spouse and not be trusted. The one time in life when I need him and the pediatrician to hear me and trust me most, in our 16 years of relating (hubby and I), is NOW. Our kids are in dire straig ...   read more

From Bad to Worse: Suicidal   6 y  
Suffering kids, suicidal, disseminated parasitic infection
I would never in one million years have thought that I, out of all people, would be suicidal. I believe in God, I grew up Catholic, and wanted our family to be part of the fellowship and worship services at our local parish. I would never have dreamed to hurt myself. I remember talking one year prior to Nov. 2014, to a friend (R.); he and I agreed that there could not possibly be anything in the world worth causing one’s self suicide. Ironically, exactly a year later (to the exact month), I tried just that, to kill myself. Why? Like I had said, there isn’t a reason for it in the world...or ...   read more

I Hate October 2014!   6 y  
Respiratory Troubles, Infected Children
In Sept., I was raced into TGH ER. I must say out of the NUMEROUS ERs I have been in, TGH might be the best. I ran in and screamed that I couldn’t breathe, I was shaking violently. I was raced into triage immediately because my EKG was abnormal. Then, I was raced into an ER room STAT. That usually does not happen in the ER unless it is serious. It was serious, I couldn’t breathe, something was going on with my heart. Fortunately, I had my husband at my side and a Reiki healer put her hands on me. She told me to envision the color green. I think that the divine interceded through her. It wa ...   read more

C.Diff Again, Raw Foods and NJ Doctor   6 y  
C.Diff Again, FMT Again, More Steroids, NJ MD
After completing the 30 days on H herbal antiparasitics, I followed their full body protocol. I took the herbal anti-virus and herbal anti-biotic, then the herbal candida cleanse. On the candida cleanse, I came down with a nasty sinus infection that I couldn’t shake. Dr.B put me on Augmenten and I wound up with C.Diff again. Ironically, I caught C.Diff two years in a row, on the same date, around May 28/29. So this occurred after the herbs that caused ”scattered” parasites. I was placed on vancomycin and hydrocortisone pills (NOOOO! NOT OK). The hydrocortisone makes disseminated disease ...   read more

Numerous Hospital Stays/ Parasite Detected   6 y  
Leaky gut, scattering, help save children
I just totally broke down. I’m really scared to death about death. It would seem I am gravitating towards the worst case scenario, but please hear me out...if you want. So I had C.Diff that apparently went away, although it did not feel that way. From the end of 2010 until Feb 2014, I suffered with horrendous diarrhea, like amebic dysentery. I was in and out of UF Health so much and on tons of IV steroids and oral steroids. Tons! My dear in-laws tried to help in every way: paying for FMTs, driving me to UF, driving me to many appointments, always eating out at gluten free restaurant ...   read more

How I Got Parasites :(   6 y  
FMT, steroids, C.Diff
Grab some tissues, or maybe I should?! My brother was trying to help when he could. He knew that I had C.Diff and recommended a fecal microbiota transplant (FMT). We had heard success stories of this curing patients who had ulcerative colitis and C.Diff. Then, we figured after all the antibiotics I took during pregnancy and having C.Diff that I might as well go for it (God bless my husband for hanging in there with me through all of this). There is a gastroenterologist doctor in Tampa, FL, who performs the FMT via colonoscopy in order to get the entire colon. My husband had some kind of i ...   read more

Qi Gong/ Ozone Therapy/ NAET and More...   6 y  
Ozone, NAET, Qi Gong, GAPS diet
I was determined after I saw Dr.H to do everything he directed. I bought poster boards and filled them in with which supplement to take and when, it was an all day long job of taking supplements and checking them off. The diarrhea subsided very briefly, maybe 4 to 7 months. I was only eating a couple of veggies and a couple of meats and pouring acidophilus on top of the food. I started looking locally for more help. I began going to a self proclaimed Qi Gong Healer. My poor husband was paying for so much to try to help me, and I was hardly where I wanted to be-- playing with my kids ...   read more

Entering the Functional Integrative Medicine World   6 y  
Functional Integrative Medicine
My brother, the dentist, had recently attended a continuing educational cutting-edge medicine course in Hollywood, FL. He returned from the course with excitement and news of a doctor, a functional integrative physician, he thought I should contact. He said that this doctor seemed very passionate about his field. I thought, ”Great! I need someone to help guide me and help me with remission off the steroids.” I called Dr. H, in Jacksonville, FL, immediately. I spoke with Dr. H and he really wasn’t taking many more patients, I told him about my brother listening to him, and he agreed to se ...   read more

Seeking help   6 y  
Entering the medical system
Well folks, I wrote this portion of my blog last night but lost it somehow. After I gave birth to my darling son, I was able to pursue medical treatments that were too invasive during pregnancy. I had endoscopies, colonoscopies, traveled to Charleston from FL for help, paid Dr. Dahlman for nutritional guidance. None of it helped. The Feb.2012 colonoscopy results were microscopic colitis (a fancy name for diarrhea of unknown origin). The doctor gave me Asacol. The D was so bad that the pill looked the same coming out as it did going in. I was in a miserable state, eating only lobster ...   read more

In 2010   6 y  
My son
It was around 2010, when a doctor told me I had celiac disease. He handed me some stapled papers and said avoid these foods. He didn’t go into any detail, so I figured, ”yeah, okay”. I didn’t change my diet. During 2010, I was running about 4 miles 4x/week. I could not get rid of my belly bulge. No matter how many sit ups I did (300!) it wouldn’t go away. Many times I had to run from the treadmill downstairs to the toilet. Let’s just say thank goodness I was usually in there alone. My gut was like a combustible bomb. I would then drive home in shivering cold sweats. What was making me ...   read more

About me   6 y  
In the beginning
Hi all, I am obviously not doing so well, or I wouldn’t be posting here. I am literally fighting for my life. Although this has been largely dismissed by the medical community. The doctors and nurses, even infectious disease folks, are not familiar with disseminated parasitic infections. I wish I didn’t even know what this condition was either. I have been let down by family, friends, and the doctors I trusted my life to. A lot of this blog may mention my children, they are all that matter anymore. In 2005, just ten years ago, I married the love of my life, E. We got pregnant in ...   read more

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