My Human Design
by Chef JeM

A New Human Network   10 mon  
Our Passage Through "The Circuit of Wisdom"
February 7, 2023 - ”The Structure of How We Relate” - ”While the general idea is that 2027 heralds a new era of the individual and a breakdown of our existing communal culture, it’s really more about shifting HOW we experience our individuality. This is a shift in the fractal arrangement of humanity, the structure of how we relate.”[1] And: ”We have outgrown patriarchy. - What comes next necessarily arises from the collective emotional field of humanity. We are moving into a global distributed network where consciousness moves between hubs of close-knit humans ‘being’ in collabora ...   read more

Integral Human Design   3 y  
Beyond "Jovianism"
January 6, 2020 - Just submitted the following question at the Integral Human Design site.: Was the initial Human Design revelation itself (that later became know as The Human Design System) originally given as a gift for all of humankind before Ra incorporated ”Jovian”?[1] Anticipating more to come on Integral Human Design. - *** Notes: [1] -   visit the page

From Data to Dance and Beyond!   5 y  
A Spectrum of Reference for Introductions to Your Human Design (and other introductions).
November 19, 2018 - ”Our common usage of the word information describes essentially ’raw’ data without context or meaning. Only when we gain an understanding of how such data is interrelated does it become informed. And only when a pattern is discerned within such information does it become knowledge.”[5] - *** April 21, 2019 - The Limitations of Data-based Information and the Increased Need For A True Knowledge and Understanding of Life! - “More Information hardly equates with gains in knowledge. Smart watches and digital health will deliver oodles more information. This, alo ...   read more

Neale Donald Walsch   6 y  
His Human Design BodyGraph
Earlier this past day got inspired to see the Human Design BodyGraph for Neale Donald Walsch upon thinking of whether he has a gate defined in ”The Channel of Logic”. I went to[1] and discovered that he has one of those two gates (63) plus the other two Head/Crown gates. Even more impressive is finding that he has nine gate activations involving an astounding eleven planets in his Throat Center! Those along with the four planetary activations in the three Head Gates leaves eleven remaining planetary activations for the rest of his BodyGraph and those are all found in h ...   read more

Donald Trump's Human Design   7 y  
"Government Is Force" and yet there can be a right use of force when guided by the right use of personal power.
November 11, 2017 - 1st (hopefully) Annual Update - I’m amazed that I’m inspired to post this ”update” exactly (virtually) one year after staring this particular blog-post. I was inspired to research the Human Design of Trump[3] in light of the following statement: ”Not only is Trump a man of his word, he’s rarely ever wrong and his instincts are killer.”[1] Firstly I looked at his Human Design Spleen Center as this center includes intuitional function. Trump has his Spleenic Gate 57 activated by his personality Jupiter at Line 3: ”Line 3 - Acuteness - ... The perfected intel ...   read more

131 Testable Hypotheses in Human Design For Starters   7 y  
What Human Design Will Tell You
”Human Design gives you the big picture all the way to the limits of the Universe and thousands of other pictures all the way down to the tiny, tiny subatomic particles of neutrinos. It has applications in psychology, history, physical and cultural anthropology, nutrition, astrology, spiritual systems, genetics, astrophysics, economics, sociology, communications, politics, marketing, business, personnel management, relationships, sex, family, children, and on and on and on. Its applications are infinite.”[1] ***********^*********** Notes: [1]   read more

Need Management by Human Design?   7 y  
Hexagram Line 6: "Where the ego is out of touch, the display of will power leads to disorder."
If you understand how Human Design truly operates - on a mechanical basis - (not on a ”reasoning” basis or an ”ethics” base) then you can begin to have a proper respect for the energy that fuels the mechanics of each and every individual regardless of whether or not you personally like the individual. Here is one example where if you don’t understand the mechanics then the mechanics you set in motion could possibly end up ”biting through” you! ”The 21st gate needs to be in control of its domain. In order to apply the strength and will of its ego to ensure the survival of the Tribe, it m ...   read more

The Bible Says How to Go to Heaven Not How the Heavens Go   7 y  
The greatest gift that astrophysics gave culture in the twentieth century.
March 22, 2018 - ”As the ancient astrologers have taught us, ‘The stars predispose but do not determine.’ Yes, the stars exert an influence, but human beings have the power to resist it.” - *** January 24, 2016 - Quantum physics (the Universe) intercepts the (cellular) DNA via (star born) neutrino stream after it passes through the planetary bodies of our local solar system (as above) and into our Human Design Centers (so below). All of this is integrated with correlations to the ancient wisdom of the I Ching and several astrological systems and more! This is the basis of The Hu ...   read more

"Neutrino Stream" Weather Reports   7 y  
"Give up the game of trying to allow our minds to control our destiny, as we prepare to step into a new cycle."
February 22, 2022 - ”We enter Gate 55, Line 5 at 13:00 UT today, February 22, 2022. Gate 55 - Abundance Gate of Spirit - The Quality of Spirit is in the Emotional Now _____________________________________________ Abundance is strictly a question of spirit. At any given point, Spirit is not a matter of comparison but just the wonder that the cup (life) exists at all. Line 5 - Growth Exaltation: The unusual ability in a position of power to accept advice and transform it innovatively. This gift in a position of power allows one to continue to lead rather than being perceiv ...   read more

Introductions to Your Human Design By: Chef-doctor Jemichel   7 y  
Your utterly unique incarnation process is most largely revealed in the BodyGraph/blueprint of your individualized Human Design and through treading upon the Golden Path through your Gene Keys!
November 23, 2023 - By formulating a unique composite profile of acquaintances this writer has allowed substantial insightful elements for his ongoing contemplation of others that has continued serving him as a counterbalance to his strong tendencies to project idealism upon other people. Having established this practice (starting with his initial protocol in his personal introductions and continuing with building healthy relationships over the course of the recent decades) he is convinced of the potential wisdom that is inherent within the unique individualized human designs of eve ...   read more

Light Transmissions   8 y  
We are designed to be enlightened and to enlighten the world! That's because in truth we are the light!
This just came to me today in the ”Journey with Omraam” subscription that I have with the Omraam teaching community.: ”... Humans have to develop new centres, and light new lamps within their being, so that they can cast a ray of light onto the objects and creatures of the invisible world, thereby making them visible.”[1] If you are already familiar with the Human Design System you may know that it anticipates the development of new centers. (I apologize for not having a reference at is time.) In any case mutation is a certainty and it will involve the Solar Plexus Center ~ especiall ...   read more

Human Design - Relationship Psychology   8 y  
+ The only way that individuals can get a message to the collective.
Inspired with my current reading from where I offer the following quote: ”The basic circuitries are simple but powerful – two collective circuits drive logic – the shared search for patterns to control circumstances for survival; and experience – the shared collusion to experience a wide range of possibilities and witness and share all that as culture; the large individualistic circuit – moody impulsive melancholic glimpses of the occult, mystical and unknown that often are glimpses of new truth not acceptable to community. The small survival circuitry – a crossover intent on sur ...   read more

Gene Keys   8 y  
From Human Design to authentic community!
November 2, 2023 - Syntropy - Syntropy — ”The universal principle through which collective intelligence transforms itself physically in order to become a synarchy. The law of syntropy holds that all energy in the universe is intricately ordered, even at its most chaotic. The essence of the law of syntropy is contained in the phrase: give and you shall receive. In a syntropic world everything is entangled with everything else and everything is responsible for everything else. In human terms, the collective embodiment of syntropy would mean the end of selfishness. When you give for the sa ...   read more

Community   8 y  
A new way to be introduced to people is firstly to look at their Human Design and work toward understanding that before making any judgements about the individual.
February 7, 2023 - ”the most potent force of human creation” - ”Emotional energy is the most potent force of human creation. It is activated by relationship, by family and community, by caring and wanting the best for each other.”[4]* - *** February 24, 2018 - Current Sun Transit at 37th Hexagram - Today the Sun entered Hexagram Gate 37 - the Solar Plexus gate within ”The Channel of Community” - one of the primary definitions in my Human Design. ”... Gate 37 is the most communal gate in the BodyGraph. When others recognize our power, we can hold both a family and a community ...   read more

Welcome to "My Human Design" (and Hologenetic Profile)!   8 y  
A personal introduction to the Human Design System and its many applications in life!
November 23, 2023 - Formulating Unique Composite Profiles - By formulating a unique composite profile of acquaintances this writer has allowed substantial insightful elements for his ongoing contemplation of others that has continued serving him as a counterbalance to his strong tendencies to project idealism upon other people. Having established this practice (starting with his initial protocol in his personal introductions and continuing with building healthy relationships over the course of the recent decades) he is convinced of the potential wisdom that is inherent within the uni ...   read more


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