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Natural Birth Control: Neem Oil for men & women   17 y  
Vaginal creams and suppositories made with neem oil are quickly becoming the birth control method of choice in India. (Paranjapo and Paranjapo, 1993); (Garg, et al, 1993); (Riar, et al, 1993). They are non-irritating and easy to use while almost 100 percent effective. It's important to note, however, that even toxic spermicides are not 100 percent effective. When tested against human sperm neem extract (sodium nimbidinate) at 1000 mg was able to kill all sperm in just 5 minutes and required only 30 minutes at a 250 mg level. (Sharma, 1959); (Khare, 1984); (Lal, et al, 1987); (Riar, et al, 1988); (Sinha, et al, 1984). They have the added benefit of preventing vaginal and sexually transmitted diseases (Upadhyay, et al, 1990); (Garg, et al, undated); (Lal, et al, 1985); (Sinha, et al, 1984).
Neem has a proven ability to prevent pregnancy (Juneja, 1990); (Sharma, 1959a/b). Neem oil has also been shown to work well both before and after sex while some purified extracts only worked before sex as a preventative. (Riar et al, 1991) Neem oil appears to be the most effective form of neem for birth control, particularly hexane extracted neem oil. After a single injection of a minute amount of neem oil in the uterine horns, a strong cell-mediated immune response reaction produced a long term (up to 12 months) and reversible block in fertility. (Upadhyay, 1994);(Garg et al, 1994) There ...   read more

Chikungunya & Neem Oil   17 y  
5. Natural oils such as neem, citronelle, eucalyptus, or garlic have mosquito repelling properties and can be used in various ways, either applied directly on the body in the form of cream, ointment or spray, or heated (e.g. as in electric 'mats' or in aromatherapy) or burnt (e.g. in candle form, or directly in a fire) to create mosquito-repelling va-pours in a room. If used in candle form, several candles must be placed within a few feet of where people are sitting. It is important to know that while neem and citronelle oils are effective in repelling mosquitoes, the application of unmixed oils on direct unprotected skin should be done with caution. There are several methods of extracting oil from plants; one method uses solvents. Sometimes, traces of these solvents may still be found in the oil. Some people may develop allergic reactions to the oil or to the solvent used in the extraction process. On no account should these oils be taken orally, unless they are specified for that pu
Mosquitoes and chikungunya. Posted on Friday, May 26 @ 06:08:57 GMT by MauRIsUN Health The mosquito species that transmits the Chikungunya virus is the Aedes albopictus, commonly known as the Asian tiger mosquito or forest mosquito. It is generally more aggressive than other mosquito species, and often outcompetes them. The adult mosquito is small (about 5 mm) and has a rapid bite that allows it to escape most attempts by people to swat it. There being no vaccine or preventive drug for chikungunya at present, the best way to avoid the infection is to control the mosquito populati ...   read more

Neem for Untreatable Diseases    17 y  
Hepatitis is another disease helped by neem. This often-deadly disease can be transmitted through blood or by ingesting contaminated food or water. Recent studies indicate that neem extracts can block infection by the virus that causes the disease.
NEEM IN HEALTH NEEM’S MEDICINAL USES NEEM AND HEALTH LIST OF DISEASES NEEM’S MEDICINAL USES Medicinal properties of neem have been known to Indians since time immemorial. The earliest Sanskrit medical writings refer to the benefits of neem’s fruits, seeds, oil, leaves, roots and bark. Each of these has been used in the Indian Ayurvedic and Unani systems of medicine. In Ayurvedic literature neem is described in the following manner: ‘Neem bark is cool, bitter, astringent, acrid and refrigerant. It is useful in tiredness, cough, fever, loss of appeti ...   read more

Scabies: Neem Oil & Tumeric   17 y  
Ayurvedic medicine Research Ayurvedic treatment & Chronic Ulcers and Scabies Researchers at the Medical and Cancer Research and Treatment Centre, Nagercoil, India have used Ayurvedic medical herbs Azadirachta indica ('Neem') and Curcuma longa ('Turmeric') to help heal chronic ulcers and scabies. The 'Neem' and 'Turmeric' was used as a paste for the treatment of scabies in 814 people. In 97% of cases cure was obtained within 3 to 15 days of treatment. These results indicate that 'Neem' and 'Turmeric' offer a very cheap, easily available, effective and acceptable mode of treatment for the villagers in the developing countries. No toxic or adverse reactions were noticed, so far. However, further research is needed. Charles V; Charles SX The use and efficacy of Azadirachta indica ADR ('Neem') and Curcuma longa ('Turmeric') in scabies. A pilot study. Trop Geogr Med (Netherlands) Jan 1992, 44 (1-2) p178-81   visit the page

Enamel Loss: Neem Oil & Neem Leaf Extraxts   17 y  
Neem Tooth Paste Neem Tooth Paste Numerous researches conducted on neem, to test its efficacy in treating dental problems have led to the conclusion that it is indeed, a good- naturally occurring plant helping to maintain the oral hygiene and keeping dental problems at bay. Neem oil is used to manufacture toothpaste, it is also being used to make medicated toothpastes.
Neem Tooth Paste Neem Tooth Paste Numerous researches conducted on neem, to test its efficacy in treating dental problems have led to the conclusion that it is indeed, a good- naturally occurring plant helping to maintain the oral hygiene and keeping dental problems at bay. Neem oil is used to manufacture toothpaste, it is also being used to make medicated toothpastes. High quality herbal neem toothpaste are being manufactured and marketed the world over to meet the growing demand for natural products away from synthetics and which are more effective and also have no side effects. N ...   read more

Neem Oil: Hair Loss & Other Herbal Oils   17 y  
The traditional healers of Bastar region informed me about the use of Neem oil both internally and externally for hair care. Internally, the regular intake of Neem oil is suggested upto one month. During this period, the patients are advised to take more and more cow milk. According to the healers, the intake of milk helps in absorption of Neem oil in body organs. Externally, Neem oil is applied on hairs. This use is popular among natives. During visits to rural and forest areas, while interaction with the natives you can identify the specific smell of Neem oil coming from the hairs. Due to its typical smell, its internal use is not much popular. Also, the natives living in urban areas hesitate to use it.
Research Note - Pankaj Oudhia © 2001,2002,2003 Pankaj Oudhia - All Rights Reserved Through recently conducted ethnobotanical surveys in different parts of Chhattisgarh, I have collected a lot of information on traditional uses of common herbs and herbal formulations used in Hair care. In previous articles, I have written a lot on this aspect but it seems that I have to conduct more specific surveys and write many more articles, to document all the available information in Chhattisgarh. The traditional healers of Narharpur region informed me that the seeds and barks of common tree Kusum ...   read more

Growing Hair! Finally Neem Oil   17 y  
I started researching ways to grow back my thinning hair about a year ago. I found Apple Cider Vinegar and started using it to rinse with and I have been taking it with cinnamon for about a year. I liked the way ACV makes my hair feel healthy and full of life but I was not growing any new hair. I created this blog eight months ago and someone posted something about neem oil and it reminded me an email I received about how neem oil helped helped grow hair when nothing else would...
I only recently purchsed some neem oil to try it out. I put some oil in my hand and rubbed it into my scalp. I left it on all day. It smells something awful but I was willing to give it a try. I tired it for two more days but the smell was so bad that I gave up. A week went by and I happened to see myself in the mirror from a weird angle and thought there was something fluffy stuck in my hair. I brushed my hands through my hair and it just felt different. I looked closer and it was hard to see that part of my head but there is a whole flock of baby hair growing in! I will report on it more ...   read more

neem/coconut oil:mosquito repellent   18 y  
Field studies on the mosquito repellent action of neem oil.
1: Southeast Asian J Trop Med Public Health. 1995 Mar;26(1):180-2. Related Articles, Links Field studies on the mosquito repellent action of neem oil. Sharma SK, Dua VK, Sharma VP. Malaria Research Center (Field Station), BHEL Complex, Ranipur, Hardwar, India. Repellent action of neem oil was evaluated against different mosquito species. 2% neem oil mixed in coconut oil provided 96-100% protection from anophelines, 85% from Aedes, 37.5% from Armigeres whereas it showed wide range of efficacy from 61-94% against Culex spp. Therefore, neem oil can be applied as a personal prote ...   read more

Neem Oil for Hairloss & More   18 y  
An effective remedy [for hairloss]is using neem leaves - Take a handful of these leaves and boil them in four cups of water. After cooling and filtering, use the decoction as a last rinse to your hair. Neem Shampoo a la natural You can also make a shampoo for yourself - and use this natural one instead of all the chemicalised ones you get in the shops. Take a handful of neem leaves. Mix equal quantities of dried curry leaves ( curry patta ), lemon peel (nimbu ka chilka ), shikakai , fenugreek seeds ( methi daana ) & green gram ( moong saboot dal ) and grind them finely together.,prtpage-1.cms & Here is some general information about Neem Margosa Indian Name: Neem Botanical Name: Azadirachta indica Origin of Herbs: Margosa is very common tree in India. It is a large evergreen dense tree growing some 10 to 10.5 meter tall with a grirth of about 2-3 meter. The leaves of this tree are divided into numerous leaflets, each resembling a full-grown leaf. The margosa tree has played in Ayurvedic medicines and agriculture since time immemorial. It is indigenous to south Asia, where up to twenty million ...   read more


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A new friend e-mailed me and said neem oil really helped with her thinning hair. I always over research anything before I would endorse its use but this looks promising. If you have any personal experience with neem oil, i hope you will drop in and pass along any successes or failures for hair-loss or any other health issues.… more...

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