My Healing Journey
by Daisylover

Day 5 of OJ Fast   8 y  
OJ fasting
Day 5- feeling great. Doing a liver flush tonight and hoping to feel amazing as ever tomorrow. I think this will be my 8th or 9th liver flush. Went to the chiropractor last night and I felt like I was walking on a cloud today. Sorry for typing in short sentences-- so burnt out from working 14 hours days for the last 3 months. Why did I ever choose to go into public accounting?! Need to get out of this. Cheers, Daisy   visit the page

Day 4 of Second OJ Fast   8 y  
2nd OJ fast
I feel so much better when I am juicing. I feel light and airy and bubbly. After this fast is over, I will transition to eating one meal per day at night. I just bought two more of MH’s herbal sprays and also his air purifier.   visit the page

And I'm starting another juice fast   8 y  
OJ Fasting
Hey all, I miss the way I felt while juice fasting! I was so full of energy and felt more at peace. I have been off the fast now for about a month now and I am about to embark on another OJ/pineapple fast. This time I will just continue for as long as I can but I will not be as strict at the last fast. During the last fast, I ate no solid foods. After the first week or two of just juice, I will start to eat a piece of fruit for dinner. I want to make this something I can sustain for a long period of time. Cheers! Daisy   visit the page

I completed the 21 day fast!   8 y  
Completed a 21 day oj fast
Hey everyone, sorry I am posting here a few days late. I’ve been so busy! I completed all 21 days of the OJ Fast. It was the most incredible experience. I broke the fast by eating an apple and I have been continuing to follow proper food combining principles. I haven’t eaten much since I have broken the fast. My skin is glowing and I am about 15 pounds lighter with no bloating. I am feeling glorious! Thanks for sticking with me on my journey!I encourage anyone who wants to get their health back in the shortest time possible to do an OJ fast. Please feel free to reach out to me if ...   read more

Day 19 of 21 Day OJ Fast   8 y  
21 Day OJ fast
Hey everybody. Here I am at 11 pm feeling wonderful on the OJ fast. I have never felt so much natural energy in my lie. I have had zero food cravings. My bloating has completely gone down and my skin is getting better. My hair is longer and my skin feels softer. No complaints! On to day 20! peace & love daisy   visit the page

Day 16 of 21 Day OJ fast   8 y  
21 Day OJ Fast
Hey all, its just about the end of day 16! My tongue is officially pink!!!!! Finally I don’t have a horrible taste in my mouth. So I’m not sure if anyone else has experienced this but at day 7/8/9 I experienced a healing crisis and days 14/15/16 were pretty rough as well. Is there some sort of 7 day cycle that our bodies go through when fasting? I have to do more research on this because I find it interesting. I have been quite calm and peaceful on the fast but over the past few days I have noticed myself getting angry and annoyed at the smallest things. It is definitely out of characte ...   read more

Day 13 of 21 Day OJ Fast   8 y  
21 Day OJ Fast
Hey! wow day 13. Only a week left! I don’t want it to end. My tongue is almost pink.. I predict about three more days until it is fully pink. Not many updates! Definitely appear to look thinner, especially in the face. I still feel like my intestines are inflamed but I think it will be all sorted out by day 21! When I start eating again I am definitely going to be following proper food combining principles. I have finally realized how important that is. peace&love daisy   visit the page

Day 12 of 21 Day OJ Fast   8 y  
21 Day OJ Fast
Wow! I can’t believe it is already day 12. I have had sooo much energy. I went through a bit of a healing crisis on days 7-9 but now I am back to feeling wonderful. I work in public accounting and it is currently busy season so I am working 15-16 hours a day and I have not felt fatigued or tired. It is truly amazing. I have incorporated coconut water and pineapple juice on some days. When I drink the pineapple/coconut I cut back on the OJ for the day. My tongue is slightly more pink each day and the horrible taste in my mouth is getting better. I have not craved food at all. I feel ...   read more

Day 9 of OJ Fast   8 y  
Day 9 of 21 day oj fast
Hey everyone! I still have no cravings or any desire to eat food. I am a little frustrated with the slow weight loss. I feel like I should be losing at a fast rate but if I’ve learned anything on this healing journey it is that patience is very important. I just need to trust that my body is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing. I am only on my 9th day so I’m hoping by the end of the fast things will sort themselves out. My teeth seem to be lookin whiter and my tongue has slightly less white stuff on it. My skin broke out a little bit today. I take this as a good sign that ...   read more

Day 8 of OJ Fast   8 y  
21 day OJ Fast
Time is flying!I can barely keep track of the days. I have so much energy. I think I was expecting to feel drained the whole time because that is how I felt when water fasting. I have noticed that the weight loss results do not come nearly as fast water fasting. I think 2 days juice fasting is equal to 1 day water fasting. Im not complaining though becuase I am grateful to have the energy to go to work everyday. Slow and steady! I have started drinking coconut water in addition to the orange juice to switch things up a bit. I cut back on the OJ and added some coconut water due to the h ...   read more

Day 6 of OJ Fast   8 y  
Day 6 of 21 day OJ fast
Hey everybodyyyyyyy. Here I am on day 6 feeling great. I feel very light and energetic. I do have a slight stomach ache today. My skin is slowly but surely getting better. My bloating hasn’t gone down much in the past couple of days but I am hoping it will soon. It’s crazy how obsessed people are with food. As of now I cannot even stomach the thought of eating food. I am so full off just juice. I used to be able to eat and eat and eat and never feel full. I think it was because I was not absorbing any of the nutrients of my food. I was eating more than ever but was malnourished. ...   read more

Day 5 of OJ Fast   8 y  
21 Day OJ Fast
Hey everybody! Feeling great again today. My tongue is still very white but my mouth doesn’t taste as bad. My skin is extremely dry and I am freeeezing right. I think I have lost weight? My bloating has gone down. My normal weight is 115 (I am 5 feet 5 inches tall). I gained 20 lbs out of nowhere earlier this year so I started the fast at 135. I have no interest in weighing myself as of now but I will update when I do. I am hoping to get down to about 120 by the end of the fast.   visit the page

Day 4 of OJ Fast   8 y  
21 Day OJ Fast
I can’t believe its already day 4! Time is flying and I haven’t thought about food once. I got MH’s spice for life, P/W/A, olive leaf, and LBB. I took once sip of the spice for life and I could feel movement in my liver. I also felt a rush of energy throughout my body. It was quite amazing. I just put in an 11 hour work day and I am still full of energy. My tongue is still completely coated white and looks disgusting. peace&love daisy   visit the page

Day 3   8 y  
Day 3 of oj fast
Day 3 is going well. I have no desire to eat at all. The only thing that I crave is more orange juice. My tongue is completely coated in white and my mouth tastes horrible so I can only imagine what my breath smells like. I tried to not get too close to people at work today. The fluorescent lights that I have to sit under for 10 hours a day at work are killing me. I should mention that I did a liver flush on the first day and my bloating has gone down about 75%. I finally feel like my bra is not too tight and I feel much more comfortable in my skin. I will post pictures soon.   visit the page

Day 2   8 y  
21 Day OJ Fast
On day 2 of the OJ fast. Feeling great. Two weeks prior to the fast, I had been eating on fruits. I also gave up coffee about a month ago so I have not been experiencing many detox symptoms at all the first 2 days. I completed a 10 day water fast back in December when I was off from work. Now that I will be working ~60 hour weeks, I think the OJ fast is much more suitable to give me energy. I felt quite drained for a lot of the days on the water fast. I think my main issue is that I am loving the juice so much that I have been drinking way too much of it. I am so excited for this h ...   read more


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