Back to Myself - Summer 2015
by exposure

Conclusion of my 2015 Summer Fast   8 y  
Wrapping up my 2015 Summer Fast
Itís the 25th Feb today, I started my fast originally on the 12th of Jan & wrapped it up around the 40 day mark with a transition period of starting to eat small amounts of solids from the 29th onward with some days on some days off. On day 40 I was beginning to get accustomed to eating smaller amounts of healthy foods & I began the big lifestyle change Iím now undertaking to adopt a 1:1 Intermittent Fast Lifestyle. Day 40 went really well - I clocked in my first eating day learning to make healthy & lovely things that all came in under 500 cals for the whole of the day. Iím on the 2nd ...   read more

Day 38 - Transitioning   8 y  
Day 38 - Transitioning onto Intermittant Fasting
Day 38 of my 2015 fast, now Iíve been slowly transitioning and having some foods - first a very small amount for a few days on the eve of day 21 - then day 26, 27, 28 were again fasting on liquids only, then day 29 to now Iíve been taking small amounts of food along with a mainly liquid fast diet with my biggest things being half a rice stuffed red pepper on the 29th, a small bowl of veggie soup on the 33rd day made in the new vitamix copy blender I finally got myself, 1/2 cup of rice with 1/2 a fried egg & 2 small chicken breast strips on the 34th, 1 whole egg with a cup of rice on the 35 ...   read more

32 Days   8 y  
32 Days shifting the fast a bit with some food
32 Days today, feeling a lot better than yesterdayís limbo place and lack of energy - went for a beautiful paddle after I wrote yesterdayís blog & swim in the river I had all to myself except for jumping trout & birds - so sublime, very lucky to live here :) I also picked about 5 or 6 cups of wild blackberries, when I came home I felt refreshed, worked on transcribing & made a blackberry pie - I ate one sardine, one cooked beet with a couple spoonfuls of yogurt and one very small slice of the pie plus a few extra berries when I was picking them yesterday along with 3/4 ltr of coconut wate ...   read more

31 Days into it   8 y  
31 Days In
Itís a sunny warm afternoon 31 days into my fast & Iím feeling peaceful, very deeply peaceful, restful, just resting after a bit of minor difficulty this morning. I had cramps again today in the lower abdomen, they have been around back & forth quite a bit since day 21 when I passed all that clay - wow, that was 10 days ago! They had kind of subsided but this morning they were back & more painful & annoying, I didnít think it was going to help but I tried a bit of an enema with just some water & castille soap & now feel no more cramping, passed a fair amount of stuff again - nothing thic ...   read more

28 Days & Rocking it :)   8 y  
28 Days into my Liquid Fast
28 Days today, & 2 days of being back to strictly liquids only after having small amounts of food for 5 days during my period. Feeling really good again - today was the first day I really rocked my whole course of Yoga in a couple weeks with all the traveling & other things Iíve been doing - so at the moment, Iím doing a lot more active stuff more easily - yoga, bushwalks, kayaking - but also a lot more lethargic/sleepy during the day when not being active (think big cat) I was getting very floaty there for a couple days but that feeling has passed - Iíve been drinking lots more w ...   read more

Day 26 - Ending A Cycle   8 y  
Day 26 of my Long Fast 2015
Day 26 today, Iím back to report on how the fast is going, I mended for the most part my day 21 painful passing issues, and got my period soon on the heels of that - so day 21-15 I had a small amount of food each day, when I say small, one day that amounted to 1/4 cup of cooked cauliflower & cheese mix out of my bfís veggie pie - I got bad headaches the night before last (the day my period really came most heavily - which is lighter than normal on a fast and took awhile to come) & again felt them coming on yesterday - to give some background on this, I am not a vegetarian, but now live wi ...   read more

Day 23 - Feeling Better   8 y  
Fast Day 23, Small Food, Healing Bum
Day 23 today, & my bum is much better! After going for a rather lightheaded bush walk yesterday I realized looking at the dense earth beneath my feet that a good way to describe what came out of me was like packed ground or something clay-like. I passed a little more of it yesterday, using the enema helper again & I did eat a little more food - besides the bit of toast & eggs, in the evening I made a small amount of paleo butter chicken & a stewed a few small plums I had been given from the retreat & today passed more normally, feeling much better, normal again today in my energy, the li ...   read more

22 Days & Oh My Bum!   8 y  
22 Days & Owww
22nd afternoon of my fast now - just returned from the 3rd in a row trip to the city & last weekend of Buddhist Teachings. Itís all been mostly wonderful, the fast, the teachings & business, a non-paying tenant that left of their own volition which wasnít so awesome but now the house is all sorted and full of good people - I didnít even have to advertise it as one of the girls there had a boyfriend who wanted to take the vacant room -- things smoothing out pretty nicely all in all, there always seems to be some kind of non paying person around the dec/jan phase of the year - strike it up ...   read more

Good Morning Day 19!   8 y  
Day 19 - heading off for the weekend
Hello world, Day 19 of my fast, have to say itís flown by for the most part so far, & that this is the first time Iíve gone this long without a mid fast meal somewhere around the 2 week mark. Well Iím off shortly on a big 4 hour drive to the share house I manage in the city where there is a free room from a girl who dropped out from taking it weds - So Iíll stay there the night, then early morning be on my way another hour and a half past the airport to the Buddhist Center where Iíll spend the weekend receiving some very rare, precious teachings from a wonderful Tibetan Lama. Goin ...   read more

Day 18 & the world is doing its best to shake me   8 y  
Day 18 - Dramas & Dough Heads
Jeez Louise.... Day 18 - itís been one of those days! I woke up to find my bf had once again smuggled the completely banned from our mandala ie. home substances of weed begged from the next door neighbor and yet another empty bottle of Captain Morganís... sigh... hidden in his 4x4 when I went to get some of my things out this morning from the recent trip - all there with a makeshift bong... I gave him marching orders as he has totally smashed his commitment to me not to bring these substances to our home. He has a real problem with addiction in general, it just keep coming up & up - ití ...   read more

17 Days & Counting...   8 y  
Day 17 of my 2015 Fast
Getting towards sunset on the 17th day of my fast. Iíve just returned home an hour or so ago from the city & another big drive - it was an action packed 5 days there - a long weekend of Buddhist Teachings, a party with friends the night before Invasion Day, a bit of retail therapy at a big sale in the city center buying some cushions and lanterns etc, then a catch up with one of my Bali family members who was briefly in the country & whom I hadnít seem for about 18 months! Then my bf got to town on the Tuesday morning, we did a bit of a shop, had some car wobbles - got an awesome new o ...   read more

Start of Day 12 - Grooving Along   8 y  
12 Days in & going strong
12 Days in this morning and going strong :) Had a real breakthrough on day 10 doing some healing and warrior yoga, whew, my thighs are a bit tender last night and still today, Iíve been building up my ability to sit in a squat position & really worked on it, was able to finally do some proper crow walking - what a move, incredible stuff, if you do that yoga it just fixes the whole lower body - very strenuous I was dripping with sweat working on it & actually healed some kind of misalignment or negative energy block in my body - close to the kidney area/spine, I did this yoga and had all t ...   read more

Day 8 - Starting to Detox & Lighten Up   8 y  
8 Days into the fast
Itís the 8th day of my fast now, for the first time I am seeing a very white tongue and feeling much lighter & very good - a bit of that fasting elation feeling of blissful freedom and inspiration now - I think because Iíve done so many fasts & specifically long fasts in the past, it takes me the first week for my body to really get into it & recognize the fast. These things used to happen a little quicker perhaps, but then who knows, every fast is its own journey. Iím feeling very glad Iím doing this and have embarked, thoughts Iíve had are that I might do a longer than ever fast this ...   read more

New Fast, New Year - Getting Started 2015   8 y  
Start of a new fast & journey inwards.
Back again with a new fast and a new year... Itís Mid Jan, 2015, started this fast a day before my 40th birthday, now on day 4 - I had been wanting to do a fast since December, maybe earlier but circumstances didnít really permit me the space and now those circumstances are upon me with a span of time with few outward obligations and no travel for some time, so with the intention there the fast began rather spontaneously. My last fast was just over one year ago and went for 60 days - quite an accomplishment! I worked very hard and achieved something really amazing with that f ...   read more


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