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calories   9 y  
daily apples, pears, bananas, apricot, pieapple - 900 calories 1/2 gallon OJ- 880 calories oatmeal w/ quinoa & nuts - 200 twice a day 4oz activia yogurt - 150 calories 10oz coffee w/ milk sugar - 150 calories there were a few days i had zuchinni bread - 200 calories and 3 days beef & brown rice soup - 200 calories? about 2500 daily on average ? in 5 weeks, gained 3 pounds. need to gain 5 more.   visit the page

F'ing Thyroid   9 y  
my stupid thyroid tanked
This BS started towards the end of July... never once had any problems with my thyroid... I was blaming allergies for my throat closing up all of a sudden at the end of July... fast forward to September.. I start iodine and the choking feeling stops... then one day I notice in the mirror that when I lean my head back, there’s a buldge in my throat.. wtf? I see this ”butterfly” shape and think ”oh shit” that’s my thyroid! I’m trying to get photos of it every couple days so I can see if it’s getting better or worse. Dr. Choi’s solution is 25mcg of Sythroid. Not happening... as on 10/20 ...   read more

Bloodwork   9 y  
asthma, blood test
10/20/2014 CBC/DIFF COMP METABOLIC PANEL LIPID PANEL TSH W/FT4 25-HYROXY VIT. D SEDIMENTATION RATE LOW SENSITIVITY CRP ALPHA-1 ANTITRYPSIB (this is the scary one) NE REGIONAL RAST So far we have- CDC/Diff Component Your Value Standard Range Units Flag WBC 5.33 4.00 - 10.80 K/uL   RBC 4.60 3.85 - 5.15 M/uL   HGB 14.2 12.0 - 15.3 g/dL   HCT 42.1 ...   read more

10/15/14   9 y  
personal use only
This is for my personal use only and to keep track of important things I’m noticing. 10/15/14 - I wanted to do a quick mini cleanse... my diet has been not so good in the last couple weeks... and I’ve been feeling awfully guilty about indulging in excess zucchini and pumpkin bread... along with bagels for breakfast instead of oatmeal... plus the hot lattes at the football games... so I took a spoonful of DE, then did a short, 24 hour orange juice, apple cider and herbal tea type of thing. I drank about a half gallon of apple cider and maybe a quart of OJ and 4 cups of tea... I also ...   read more

Timeline   9 y  
Personal use - not really for anyone to read.
This blog is for my personal use... to enter timelines and info that may be relevant. Born 1980. 6lbs 6 oz 20” All regular vaccines were given that was normal for 1980. History of milk & soy allergies since birth. Severe colic. Eczema as an infant and young child. Very sickly child, always on antibiotics for colds and such from birth until about 9 years old. 1984- Drove my parents crazy with calf and shin pains. Nothing could be found after multiple doctor and specialist visits but flat feet. Corrective shoe lifts were made and I was put into ballet class to correct flat feet an ...   read more


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This is for my personal use only and to keep track of important things I’m noticing. more...

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