Redís water fast journey.
by Redswaterfast

End of day 24!   10 y  
End of day 24!
I wish I could have better news. I am planning to break my fast tomorrow on day 25. Iím very proud that I have gotten this far especially since itís the first time I have ever fasted but, I have had a new health issue come up and depending on results, I am going to need my strength. The type of strength a good diet gives you. Hopefully, all news will be good but, if I get bad news and then break the fast, I am afraid I will do it in a way that may be harmful. Think comfort food and wine. I will continue with my posts through the break. As of today, I am down 27 lbs. wish me luck!   visit the page

End of day 23!   10 y  
End of day 23!
I would like to say how hard a water fast is. Every day I want to quit and every day I convince myself to stay with it. There are so many thoughts fighting with one another in my head. Iím near the end and that is great but itís always the health benefits that keep me going. Iím feeling positive. The scale hasnít moved in a few days.   visit the page

End of day 22!   10 y  
End of day 22!
So I drank more water than usual and it helped with the backache. Itís not totally gone but itís significantly better. Also my fingertips are peeling. Very strange especially since I need my fingerprint to unlock my phone. I guess it could be my scrub gloves that I wear in the shower or just renewal of skin. I whacked my cheekbone on Saturday with the corner of a heavy box and broke/bruised the skin. I am interested to see if my skin heals quickly. I am starting to get a wee bit nervous about breaking the fast. Some say itís harder to break than to start. I will definitely continue with my ...   read more

End of day 19,20and 21!   10 y  
One week left!
So I had a busy weekend. I didnít carve out any time to write my thoughts down. I have lost a total of 25.5 lbs. Thatís the only positive Iíve got right now. Iím not getting discouraged about fasting, just worried that I wonít achieve the health goals (hopes) I set out to achieve. My knees are still crunching and hurt on the stairs. My upper back is in need of constant heat or else itís very painful. Come on fast! Only a week left. Do your thing!   visit the page

End of day 18!   10 y  
Water fast
So Iíve been doing some reading and there are so many opinions out there. Itís hard to choose what I think is right for me sometimes. Like water for instance. Spring or distilled? I started this with spring then switched to distilled because it supposedly removes more toxins. I Donít know if itís true but this was a decision that canít hurt. Another decision I have to make is wether to stop this fast at 28 or 30 days. Some say fasting should be done in cycles of 7. Again, I donít know what to believe. Iím leaning toward 28. I am getting light headed in the mornings when I get off the cou ...   read more

End of day 17!   10 y  
End of day 17
I really wish I could rest more. Thank goodness my mom came over to help with some daily chores but it was still exhausting. I am pretty happy though. I had a normal length cycle. The other thing that happened that was unexpected, I have had a white mole on my face for years. Hate it. Looks like a pimple but I dont wat to trade it for a scar. It acted like it wanted to come off in the shower. I wonder in the coming day if it will. My stomach has been rolling the past couple of days and I have a bit of tenderness in my abdomen. Nothing like labor pains so I can handle it. My mouth is also f ...   read more

End of day 16!   10 y  
End of day16
How quickly can I forget Iím on a fast? A split second. We have lived in this home for about a year and just discovered a large pear tree on the property. Showing it to my husband, I picked a small pear and took a bite. Thank goodness it was bitter because I immediately spit it out then mentally smacked myself. I mean seriously! Thatís all it took? Moving on. So finally the scale moved 1 lb. Down 20 altogether. I am hoping that the 2nd half of this fast changes somewhat. Instead of counting days of achievement, Iím counting down the days left. That seems negative to me so I will be concent ...   read more

End of day 15!   10 y  
End of day 15
Half way through! I am so proud of myself. Had I not done a ton of reading and preparing myself for this journey, I would have quit by now. I felt a slight light-headedness in the morning when I rose from the couch but not again during the day. Iím going to take more care so I donít get faint anytime. My knees might be feeling better. Iíll know more in a week or so. One of the reasons I am doing this is because my monthly gift from Mother Nature has become so irregular. 10 days on 10 days off 14 days on 10 days off and so on. Hoping to avoid a hysterectomy. Not looking for miracles here t ...   read more

Email me!   10 y  
I just enabled email if you would like to know anything more.   visit the page

End of day 14!   10 y  
End of day 14
After the 11 hours sleep, I felt quite refreshed. I took the girls to tour an old mansion and then ran a Home Depot errand. I had to lift two 40lb bags of salt into the cart. Definitely feeling the muscle weakness now not just endurance. After making dinner for everyone at 7:30, I just relaxed on the couch until 10. Then showered and went to bed. I am wondering with my fatigue how intimacy will play out after my cycle is over. I guess he will have to do all the work! BTW, the scale hasnít moved in days. Cycle related? Still down 19 lbs.   visit the page

End of day 13!   10 y  
End of day 13
Well what a mistake! I had 2 soccer games and then a football game to go to. (We live in a college town) of course we didnít park anywhere near the stadium and I was depleted of energy on the very first hill. From now until the end of the fast I must not do anything strenuous. I slept for 11 hours that night. I am still needing a heating pad while relaxing on the couch for my upper back but thatís ok. I am generally not cold but going to the grocery store is like walking into an igloo lately. Brrrr.   visit the page

End of day 12!   10 y  
Day 12
Some observations. My mouth is increasingly uncomfortable with that sucking on gauze feeling. The only way to combat it is to sip on water and swish it around. It gives me a few minutes of relief. Also, I have developed foamy/bubbly saliva. Weird right? So unless I can spit it out, I am swallowing bubbles which conserms me that I will get gas. I am on my monthly cycle so I was retaining some water yesterday. I could tell because when I pinch up the back of my hand, it retracted back down quickly. Normally my skin doesnít go all the way back down right away. So no movement on the scale day ...   read more

End of day 11!   10 y  
Water fast day 11
By the way, I post the morning after. Iím just ready to relax at the end of the day. Well at least I slept without a heating pad last night. I am getting a good amount of sleep. No different than usual. To bed by 11:30. Up at 6:45. More than some fasters. Hereís my big question of the day. Do people end fasts because they are bored? I feel as though I have enough invested in this with my health goals to stick to it but Iím really bored with water. I am putting organic coconut oil on my hands a couple of times a day. Hope thatís not a serious no-no. Trust me, I would love to put it all ...   read more

End of day 10!.   10 y  
End of day 10.
End of day 10. I have fallen into a routine where preparing food for others doesnít bother me anymore. I watch food network type shows and scour the Internet for recipes that fit the new lifestyle I will adopt. Husband still doesnít know but he likes the results he sees. I am really hoping that my knees lose their crunchiness so I can show him one of the ways this fast has helped. I have avoided the dreaded white tongue so far by using a tongue brush and scraper. My mouth feels dry and slightly metallic and never clean. Looking forward to fresh breath. I wish I could spend this fast resti ...   read more

End of day 9!   10 y  
End of day 9.
End of day 9. Repeat of day 8. The aches in the backs of my knees and lower back have gone. Replaced by upper back pain brought on by double D cups and too much leaning forward doing laundry. Still sleeping with heating pad. I noticed the pores on my nose getting smaller. Iím really missing chewing. I have taken to crunching on ice after I finish a glass of water. Feels good and has a cleansing feeling.   visit the page

End of day 8!   10 y  
End of day 8.
End of day 8. Yep forgot day 7. Nothing to report except the aches were a little better that night and I passed a tiny BM with some liver bile and mucus. I have no gall bladder so the liver bile just dumps into my intestines. I am still finding myself bringing my finger up for a lick when I make meals. Old habits die hard. Only once got food on my tongue and immediately spit it out. The eczema outbreak I have on my ankles and lower legs is clearing up without medicine. Hooray. It was very itchy on my Achillesí tendon. My nails seem to be getting stronger. Energy levels still up but exert ...   read more

End of day 6!   10 y  
End of day 6
End of day 6. Busy with soccer games today getting ready and watching the game and then running a few errands took up most of the day. But I had a major test. A soccer mom invited us over for dinner and we accepted. Luckily I told her that I wasnít eating after 5pm and she understood. I did have a wine glass full of sparkling water and it was a welcome change but wonít do it again because it wasnít pure water. They cooked burgers on pretzel buns and it smelled phenomenal but I had no problem declining. Hooray! I am proud of myself. Iím pretty sick of the aches now. Unbearable at bedtime. ...   read more

End of day 5!   10 y  
End of day 5!
End of day 5. Well the aches have lessened. I had a relatively easy day of it until I made dinner for my 10 year old. Grilled cheese! Dear lord the smell was so good. I didnít cave but I am disappointed that the bread had such a pull on me. Iím giving it up for gods sake. I never crave bread so Iím just hoping itís from not eating anything for 5 days. I do feel the need to stretch often and some deep breathing has helped with relaxing. I donít think Iím over the hump yet and cruising through but Iím getting there. I mean 5 days! Didnít know if I could do it. I am down 10 lbs so far but d ...   read more

End of day 4!   10 y  
End of day 4!
End of day 4. My whole body ached today. A lot like the flu. It was TOUGH! On top of that I had to do a lot of kid shuffling. Car seats in and out of th truck and carting the kids to soccer practice. Since I felt so sore, I did the minimum and just emptied the dishwasher and filled it again. Other than that I just relaxed and played with the little ones. Just sitting at soccer practice was boring so I kept thinking about food so I texted my mom and and she motivated me to keep it up and that I was strong. She is so awesome. My stomach stopped growling. And I drank a lot of warm water. Tha ...   read more

End of day 3!   10 y  
End of day 3!
End of day 3. Dear lord the growling in my stomach last night. Sounded like I was a garbage disposal so I put a spin on it and thought of my body disposing of all the toxins in it and beginning to heal myself. Dull headache all day. Today, whenever I felt like I wanted something to eat, I grabbed a glass of spring water and surfed the net for more info on fasting and testimonials for other true fasters. I am beginning to mourn the loss of my morning eggs. Funny how that is what I want most, not the wine I drank every night to relax and wind down. Now Iím thinking of all the $ Iíll save on ...   read more

End of day 2!   10 y  
End of day 2
End of day 2. I was feeling hungry today but recognize itís not true hunger. I have plenty of nutrients in reserve and have gone into ketosis. I have depleted my glycogen and my body is turning fat and unnecessary tissue into energy. Still have all the energy Iím used to so Iím getting more things done around the house. I am down 4 lbs so far but that is all water weight. I donít care it helps to motivate me. Other than not eating, it was a normal and productive day.   visit the page

End of day 1!   10 y  
Day one
End of day one. Kept very busy today. Trying to get things done around the house while I still function at peak level. There may come a time when Iím working at 50% or less in the energy thing I have learned is that people donít support water fasts. They think you are going to starve. So I have kept the people who know about this to a bare minimum. Iím keeping my husband in the dark for now. Telling him that I am only drinking water and not eating after 5pm. I feel fine (no real hunger pangs) but had to stop myself from licking the Nutella off my fingers while making the gi ...   read more

30 day water fast reasoning.   10 y  
These are but some of the reasons I am going on a water fast.ask me questions if you want to know more about me.
A true water fast. So I have decided to embark on a water fasting journey. Absolutely nothing but water for a minimum of 21 days. I am doing this for my health and peace of mind. I am 45 years old and have 3 children, 23,10 and 8 yrs old. I am not doing this to be skinny although I have plenty of lbs to lose. I have been plagued with bad health with multiple surgeries for years and Iím ready to change the way I eat for good. After my fast, I will be cutting out processed food, bread and sugar. I have a suspicion that those things have brought me to my current health. If you are considerin ...   read more


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