Juice Fasting to Cure Mold Illness
by SuperWoman29

The Fast May Be Done...   9 y  
But The Healing Has Begun.
Ok, I am absolutely in shock right now. But let me backtrack. So midday Friday I was about to have a panic attack, and had to give up my fast. It was on the go, so I needed to do it quickly, and did it with my emergency fruit, which happened to be an orange. After devouring it (it was quite delicious), I noticed something. I didnít feel that bloated. Then I did some hardcore thinking. Iím not a fanatic fan of the 80/10/10 thing, but what if I could work around it? Later that night I had an apple, and still felt ok. My sinuses still hurt, but I was calm. I promised myself I would c ...   read more

Highs and Lows   9 y  
as expected.
The past two days have been difficult both physically and mentally. Part of me is quite pessimistic. Every time my sinuses begin to throb, it is a reminder of how badly Iíve been poisoned by mold. Every other symptom Iíve had a break from except the sinuses and an inflamed pelvis. I have to admit the sinuses are the worst. Nonetheless, I continue doing what Iím doing because I currently have no other options. Physically I am all over the place. Sleep has been good, but the past couple of nights Iíve been waking up early and then have to take more supplements to get back to bed. At thi ...   read more

Slept Well   9 y  
Face is still plump :)
So I must say that for the first time in about 2 weeks, I slept peacefully and woke up refreshed without nausea. My sinuses still hurt as always, but one thing at a time. Once again, I am elated by how much better my face looks. I did not find the urge to apply as much makeup today which saves me time, money and sanity! I will continue working out, but will always carry an emergency apple to avoid the disaster that happened in July (panic attack). I am now taking a natural electrolyte formula during training to avoid this.   visit the page

Miracle!   9 y  
I just turned back the clock.
Ok, so you know how I was just bitching about my face sagging? At least I think I bitched. Well, after my workout and more juice, I looked in the mirror, and then took a picture. My face looks healthy again!!! Itís almost unreal. I look 5 years younger. I donít even care if my body doesnít look as tight while juicing. Nothing beats a youthful face! So Iíve come to the conclusion that although I may not be able to fast for as long as I like, I should always juice to stay young. And if I look healthier, then I know Iím doing the right thing no matter how nauseous I feel.   visit the page

3 Hours Later   9 y  
I don't know what to do...
Ok, so I know itís only been a short time, but I am shocked at how little energy the juice gave me for the gym. Iím gonna pray that by the time I wake up, I feel at least a little better. Two months ago I was able to do light weights, but my severe PMS is not letting me win. I am worried that there is something growing in my pelvis. It is causing extreme nausea and irritability. I am so angry the cost of ultrasounds skyrocketed in my area. I shouldíve gotten checked out months ago. Damn our damaged health care system. I could have cancer for all I know. I would never do chemo, but knowing ...   read more

Here We Go Again   9 y  
I can't expect miracles in under a day.
I canít believe I am attempting to fast again, but I am absolutely desperate. Sometimes I wonder how dark people get with their illnesses. For the past 2 weeks (on and off before then), I have basically wanted to turn the lights off. Now donít get me wrong, I used to have hope. I used to think I was going to beat this thing, but I havenít. I used to never think Iíd be on here with a CHRONIC illness, but I am. When 2 years go by and no matter what you do things get worse...it gets to you. All the things that used to make me happy are now meaningless because I never feel good while doing t ...   read more

Day 8   9 y  
The end and the beginning...
As anticipated, I decided to stop my fast today. However, I made sure that this time around, I would have a new game plan for my post-fasting routine. I thought long and hard about the most obvious symptoms when I was most sick, and it all came down to mucus. My sinuses are constantly a mess, and I was hacking up more phlegm than ever when waking up. I knew I had to reach for foods that would not exacerbate this problem. To my surprise, I realized I had not once eliminated eggs from my diet during my two years of being sick. Although they used to agree with me, I think about how dense t ...   read more

Day 7   9 y  
This isn't looking good...
Oh blog, you have become my little journal to vent when no one will listen. I am sorry to say this may be the end. I can deal with hunger. I can even deal with losing some muscle. What I canít deal with is my heart beating faster than it should while I sit here wired and in edge. What an evil disease this is. I would have never had these symptoms fasting from a cold or the flu. I donít understand how so much of my body is improving, yet the most disabling symptoms wonít budge. I can literally feel my anxiety coming from my sinuses in which mold colonies refuse to leave. I doubt ...   read more

Day 7   9 y  
I feel like an #%!hole...
So I did legs today. Everything was fine until leaving the gym. At that point I was on the phone with my friend, running back inside to get more water, almost bumped into the boy...Iím guessing the excess stimulation, plus not eating sent me into panic. Until youíve experience a panic attack, you have no idea what Iím going through. Youíre heart races, you get sweaty, dizzy and nauseous, and you feel like youíre going to die. I never experienced this when juice fasting while healthy. I shouldnít have gone to Walmart afterwards, but I thought Iíd be okay. Oh so stupid. To avoid faint ...   read more

Day 6   9 y  
2 Hour Workout (weights included :)!
I cannot believe I worked out for 2 hours today! This is amazing. I admit I was very tired when warming up on the treadmill, and this may sound silly, but the boy Iím sort if interested in walked in, and at that point I had the energy and courage to hit the weights. It just goes to show you can do a lot when you have motivation/put your mind to it. To my surprise, I did not lose as much strength as I thought. In fact, I couldíve pushed harder, but I knew it wasnít a good idea to overtrain without sufficient nutrients/calories. Immediately afterwards I hit the sauna for 10 minutes, ...   read more

Day 6   9 y  
From Bad to Good
So today I woke up feeling the worst yet. I was very shaky and nauseous. I feel some of this is because of the vivid dreams Iíve been having. The last thing I remember before waking was confronting an intruder - quite scary. Also, my muscles were aching significantly. After dragging myself out of bed, I knew I needed to take some supplements to slow the detox. I took chlorella, b complex, NAC, trace minerals ( just 5 drops), an electrolyte formula, and a natural energizing formula. After 15 minutes if taking these I felt much better. And once I drank my juice - Iím good now. An ...   read more

Day 5   9 y  
Day 5
Holy sh#t. When I woke up today, I was in for a pleasant surprise... I had a bowel movement like I hadnít experienced in months! So exciting! And to think, last night I was thinking this damn thing in my pelvis is never going away. My guess is that a lot of the fungi and toxins are finally being cleared out. They are stubborn, but are starting to give up. One thing I forgot to mention is that I am so taking a toxin absorber (bentonite/psyllium/apple pectin) which could explain why the mass was so big. I definitely feel lighter and more calm today...except when I drove to ...   read more

Introduction/Day 4   9 y  
Desperate to heal
Suffering from Mold Illness is unlike anything you can imagine until you experience it. This is especially true if you were a perfectly healthy woman prior to exposure. Now I could (and probably will) write a book on my story, but for now Iíll just explain why Iíve chosen juice fasting as my current (and hopefully final) protocol. You see, fasting is just plain logical. Animals fast when theyíre sick, so why shouldnít we? Does it not make sense to stop burdening the body with food when it is constantly trying to fight the pathogens within? Now donít get me wrong, perhaps there ARE trea ...   read more


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