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by Addicted2Food

03-12-05   18 y  
Today I ate one orange, some pistachios, a few carrots.... AND THEN I had a number 5 at McDonalds, and some peach pie crust, and pot stickers!!! No exercise today. After I ate the McDonalds (the last thing I ate for the night thank goodness!) I felt this slight cramp at the right of my stomach. Kind of like a PMS cramp... I didnít really feel guilty for eating.....I just wished I could have eaten something healthier if I felt the need to cheat. I had a chicken burger and fries for all those who donít know what a number 5 at McDís is. BLT!   visit the page

Yesterday's Blog   18 y  
Doing okay...
Yesterday was a busy day and came home too late and too tired to write in here. I guess Iíve been doing okay on raw. Iíve become a bit obsessed with the scale lately which is no good because for the past two days Iíve gained .5 lbs. which equals 1 lb. per 2 days. I HAVE cheated a bit though. Yesterday I had a couple bites of peach pie crusts. I have no idea why people put any fillings inside pies when everyone knows the crust is the best part!!! I also had some beef mussamun which was like a little bit of heaven! I accidentally chewed on beef and it tasted so good before I realized ...   read more

03-10-05   18 y  
Past due on credit cards!
This restaurant has GOT to start soon! I am getting poorer and poorer by the day. I had to transfer all of my $50 into my bank account which only had a measly $13 in it. I havenít gone to the gym in three days. Long hours at the restaurant and running errands have gotten me too pooped to wake up in the morning. Iíll try doing some of the arm band stretchy thing tonight. Yesterday I had raw most of the day. The only thing not raw was the cream cheese I put in my RAW sushi. I think I had an orange, some nuts and a salmon avocado cucumber sushi. Today I had carrots and hummus, ...   read more

03-08-05   18 y  
I got side tracked
Well I got side tracked today. I went half of the day just eating fruits and nuts but then I couldnít go to the raw food restaurant in the city and got bummed out. So I ate at Fuddruckers. Which is absolute crap and I donít know why I even gave it a second chance! I had small fries and a chicken sandwich. Iím glad I ate the chicken and not a hamburger. I felt that even though I was cheating, at least I wasnít eating beef. Still going strong! I DID drink a lot of water today though. Not enough for the usual but more than the other days. Late breakfast: one orange celery and ...   read more

03-07-05   18 y  
Boo! ::angry face::
Well I DID lose weight today! I weighed myself and I am at 192lbs. Four days ago I was 196.5 lbs. But I did a mistake and I ate some noodle soup at lunch. I donít know why I did it, just that the lady cooked it and it was too spicy for her and so was just going to throw it away and I didnít want it wasted. Iím not going to weigh myself tomorrow incase I gained because of this setback. Iím not too disappointed eating the noodles because I wanted to (no self control!) but I AM disappointed at not stopping when I was full or when it stopped tasting good. 1 orange, 1 apple Spicy no ...   read more

03-06-05   18 y  
Time goes by so slow!
Time seems to go by so slow when youíre on raw. The day just seems to last and last. But when I look at the dates on all of my blogs, a few have gone by even though it felt like I just started writing yesterday! Iím not 100% raw. Iíll prbably crack and eat some chicken or fish and I know Iíve been eating popcorn, peanut butter and cream cheese. But other than that, itís been nothing but veggies, fruits, and nuts. I havenít weighed myself but judging from the big bloatedness of my stomach, I havenít loss any weight yet. Iím having a problem with drinking water. I never drink eno ...   read more

03-05-05   18 y  
I ate so much today at so many different times that I canít remember what I ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I had 2 small apples, an orange, lots of carrots, lots of nuts and berries, and some celery sticks with peanuts. I also had some Whopper chocolate and a bag of popcorn (which isnít exactly raw but I get bored easily). Thank god the popcorn was light. The whole bag was only 200 + calories. No exercise done today but I really actually wanted to this morning. Woke up around 9 and A still wanted to sleep but I didnít fall back asleep and actually wanted to go to the gym. B ...   read more

03-04-05   18 y  
Yummy yummy in my tummy!
Yesterday I didnít eat so well. I had a hot pocket for lunch, a hot dog and 1/3 of nachos (courtesy of Home Depot), 7 pieces of sushi, and my leftover of Vietnamnese food from the night before. I also had an an apple and a half and an orange. No exercise! How I felt: Iíve been able to walk normally for the past day and a half. It feels so good!*!*! Today: Lunch: Half an orange A whole grapefruit Dinner: Peanuts, nuts, dehydrated fruits, some gross peanut covered sweet nouggat thingy (grossie jossie), popcorn, celery sticks and peanut butter Pad Thai 2 salmon spring roll ...   read more

03-02-05   18 y  
Food blog!
Breakfast: 2 apples Lunch: The LARGEST turkey ranch & swiss from quiznos. sips of dr. pepper 1/4 orange Dinner: 1/2 portion of rice with fried chicken, fried pork, and fried spring rolls. mung bean in coconut drink Slice of carrot cake ::looks meek:: exercise: 30 minutes on bike weights on quads, ham, quads - ham - calves, inner & outter thighs. How I feel: Up until I ate the last part of my quizno sandwich (hence the LARGE) I felt great. It wasnít too heavy of a lunch and I had already eaten 2 delicious apples. Even though I ate that last part of the sandwich, ...   read more

03-01-05   18 y  
Food blogs!
Breakfast: 2 apples Lunch: Grilled chicken salad with garlic vinegar dressing Dinner: 2 slices of sourdough bread and olive oil and herbs Calamari Salmon with angel hair pasta and white cream sauce (pasta not eaten all) Exercise: unfortunately, none. How do I feel: My skin is so tight these days and they crack and bleed easily. My psoriasis is just getting out of control. I put some cream on my arms and legs yesterday because I just couldnít stand how much it hurt. Walking is still a big problem. Taking Excedrin or Benydryl only helps just a llliiiitle bit. Not mu ...   read more

1st Day   18 y  
Try, try again!
Biked for 30 minutes. Lifted weights a little. (quads, inner & outter thighs) 1 1/2 oranges 1 rice cake 3 bowls of rice with egg, chicken, veggies popcorn 2 chocolate chip cookies handful of chips microwave enchiladas. 2 d. pills.   visit the page

February 19, 2005   18 y  
Long day at work.
So many things are wrong with the restaurant according to the health inspector. It sucks. He wrote down 2 pages and heís not even finished yet. He has to come back and write some more. ::BOO:: Today I ate one apple, 2 hotdogs with everything on it at Home Depot, and pad thai and spring rolls for dinner. I had a few bites of peanut butter as a snack. Also I took my four pills before my meals. I didnít drink as much water as I should. No exercise but I worked hard today! BLT   visit the page

Stressful day. Boring Day. Still no exercise.   18 y  
Abstract is not Available
Iíve been wanting to exercise but Iíve been so lazy these days. The only thing Iíve done is 10 minute abs and 10 minute bun exercise. I think back of my YMCA days where I was an exercise-a-holic. Iíd do cardio and then lift weights and then Iíd do my usual abs and pushup routine. Now I can barely walk because my left foot hurts so much and I feel so out of shape and so gimpy. But all I do is whine about it. I havenít found the right diet or exercise routine that I can stick with and be happy. Today I had sushi for lunch, and chicken and rice for dinner, and a late night snack of ...   read more

February 16, 2005   18 y  
No more juice fast!
I know I got on the juice fast for the wrong reason. I just wanted to lose weight and lose weight FAST. I think if I go on a juice fast it should be because I want to clear up my skin and clean out my body. Or maybe Iím just not cut out for it. Itís so difficult with food around me all the time. I just donít know how other people do it. Thereís so many diets out there. Slim-fast, Jenny Craig, Atkins, et. I wish I could finally find one that works for me. Yesterday I weighed 194lbs. But today I gained 1 lb. I didnít exercise and I forgot my vitamins and my herbal tea. I ...   read more

So Sue Me!!!   18 y  
Couldn't make it to the second day of juice fast but will push on nontheless!
I started my second day off very well. I woke up around 11 in the morning and drank some water, juice, and even had a bowl of homemade vegetable broth. I did my usual bowel movement cleanse and took my daily vitamin. I had 2 bowel movements on my second day of juice fast. However, it was Valentineís Day and I just ordered Garden State and settled in for the night with my sister and I was just in the mood to eat. I wasnít even hungry during the day yet I still ate. I had a bowl of fried fish and 3 flavored sauce, a bowl of cereal, chicken garlic crepe, and honeydew bubble tea. It ...   read more

February 14, 2005   18 y  
Happy Valentine's Day! Day 1 of Juice Fast.
Well yesterday went fairly well for my first day on the juice fast. But it wasnít easy! Towards dinner time and all the way up until I fell asleep, I was craving all sorts of food. When I went to bed all I could think about was what I wanted to eat once I got off this juice fast and I tell ya, it wasnít healthy! I wanted pad thai, Tahoe Joeís steak burger, pasta with white sauce, and pizza. I went to bed at 11 but I didnít fall asleep until well after. Yesterday I did all three parts of the bowel cleanse (the pills, the powder, and the tea at the end of the day), I took my vitamins ...   read more

February 13, 2005   18 y  
Introduction to me and my goals and my first day of juice fast.
I woke up today and weighed myself. I am .5 lbs. away from being 200; itís the highest weight Iíve ever seen on an empty stomach. The most weight Iíve ever seen on the scale was 201.5 lbs. but that was after a whole day of shoving food down my throat. I couldíve gotten depressed about this but it only pushed me harder to start my fast today. Why today? Because last night I was looking through for information on psoriasis. I read a page that said I have to go through a parasite, bowel, kidney, and liver cleanse. I got through the first one (the parasite cleanse) and th ...   read more


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