28 day water fast
by R2idaho

Water Fast: Day 12   9 y  
Weight: 218 (SW 233.8)
Day 12... Canít believe Iíve made it this far!!! The weight is coming off slowly, but Iím starting to notice a difference in my clothes. It was fun this weekend to try on old clothes that used to be too tight. Last weekend was so hard, but this weekend has been pretty easy. I only had one real craving for food, but it passed pretty quickly. Iím really determined to complete the fast, thereís no stopping me now!! My skin is looking really glowy (is that a word??) and the dark circles under my eyes are getting lighter... Iím feeling really great today!!   visit the page

Water fast: Day 11   9 y  
Weight 218.8. (SW 233.8)
Almost forgot to post today, really sleepy so just wanted to check in quickly... Will post again tomorrow!   visit the page

Water Fast: Day 10   9 y  
Weight 220 (SW 233.8)
Finally, an easy day!!! Yesterday was a breeze, no symptoms and no cravings... Then I woke up today to no weight loss either haha - This sounds familiar!! Why is it after an easy day the scale stays the same?! Well Iím grateful I didnít gain and most importantly that yesterday wasnít difficult. Iím a little nervous about this weekend, because I know Iím going to really miss my weekend food routine. One day at a time, just really grateful yesterday was an easy one.   visit the page

Water Fast: Day 9   9 y  
Weight: 220 (SW 233.8)
No weight loss today, which Iím actually okay with. Iíd rather it come off slowly and maybe not lose as much, so hopefully I can keep most of it off. As the fast has progressed, Iíve realized this is really less about weight loss and more about a desire to change my relationship with food. Iím still craving binges -even after all this time- and food is always on my mind... Even though Iím not hungry!! Iím definitely a food addict and if the only thing I get out of this experience is a new way to think about food, then Iíll consider this fast a success. Every minute of the day, Iím th ...   read more

Water fast Day 8   9 y  
Current weight 220 (SW 233.8)
Yesterday was pretty hard. Whenever I read fasting blogs, people usually say that after Day 3 they just donít care about food anymore. Yeah, no. That has not been my experience at all!!! I still have yet to feel any hunger pains or stomach rumbling, but the food cravings are constant and just come in waves. The weekends are the hardest, so this weekend I need to make a plan to get through it successfully. Some days itís just wave after wave after wave of food cravings. Iíve made it this far, so I know Iím going the distance but I really hope the cravings stop soon. Iím noticing a d ...   read more

Water Fast: Day 7   9 y  
Day 7: weight 222 (SW 233.8)
Iíve made it a week!!! Weight is actually slightly up today from yesterday, which is weird/annoying. Yesterday was pretty easy, I had zero cravings and no actual hunger... Then I woke up to see I didnít have any weight loss either haha!! Oh well. My blood sugar is still in the 70ís, so thatís great. I really donít want to have to add in a juicing day when my numbers are low, so as long as I can stay in the 70s Iím going to stay on the water fast. Not having any detox symptoms yet, except bad breath and a few small pimples. But I also started using a different night cream, so those ...   read more

Water Fast Day 6   9 y  
Water Fast Day 6: Weight 221.4 (SW 233.8)
The fast is getting harder as the days go on and my blood sugar is getting pretty low (for me). The day before I started the fast, my blood sugar was around 170 (I went off my metformin, with the drugs it was usually around 85-100). Today and yesterday it was in the low 70s. I canít go below 70 so if I do I might have to do intermittent fasting, with a day of juice. I really donít want to do that, so Iím hoping my blood sugar doesnít go down. Anyways Iím encouraged by the weight loss, 12.4 pounds in less than a week is pretty good!!   visit the page

Water Fasting Day 5   9 y  
Yesterday was rough, today is a new day!!
Weight: 222.8 (SW 233.8) Yesterday was awful. The food cravings (but not actual hunger) were constant throughout the day. When I woke up this morning, my first thoughts were about pizza. When will this go away? I guess I need to fast until it does, because normal people donít fantasize about food all day. I do that even when Iím not fasting, so thatís not an excuse. I have some back pain today and a very slight sore throat. Iím really hoping I can make it to at least Day 21 before breaking the fast to start my juice fast. This is tough. I thought the first three days were suppo ...   read more

Day 4 - Evening   9 y  
Still struggling
9:23pm and still really struggling. Itís basically been a battle all day to stay on the fast. I spoke too soon this morning when I said it had been easy so far!! Iíve almost broken the fast so many times today, Iím emotionally craving a binge so badly today. Weekends are so hard. I really hope tomorrow is easier, because today has just been so difficult. My mind keeps playing games, and a little voice keeps telling me that I can just binge and start over again tomorrow. But I know how hard it will be to start over, and Iíve almost finished Day 4 so I canít ruin it now. Still not fe ...   read more

Day 4 - Afternoon update   9 y  
Struggling with cravings
Itís about 4:50pm here and Iím having some really intense food cravings. Itís not actual hunger, Iím just really missing eating and my binges. Weekends have always been my little guilty food pleasure and Iím having a tough time today. I miss my food routine, and this is hard. But this is exactly why I know I need to continue the fast, because food is not my friend, food is not company, and food is not meant to be eaten in this way. I just drank some really cold water and that was nice. I told myself that if I want a binge, I have to wait until tomorrow. One day at a time. Hopefully ...   read more

Day 4   9 y  
Water fasting, Day 4: Weight 224 (SW 233.8)
Iíve made it to Day 4!!! So this has now officially been my longest fast, and Iím feeling pretty good about myself. Yesterday was probably the hardest day so far- I was really tempted to end the fast and binge, but Iím really happy I didnít. I wasnít feeling hunger pains, I was just emotionally really missing eating food, and bingeing in particular. Thatís how I knew I needed to stay on the fast, because what I really want out of this experience is a healthier relationship with food. Symptoms wise, Iím still doing really well. My period is almost gone already, but Iím not complaining ...   read more

Day 3   9 y  
Water fasting Day 3: Weight 226.2 (SW 233.8)
Had a few more cravings yesterday than I experienced on day 1, but I worked through them and stayed on my fast. I havenít had any hunger pains or really much stomach grumbling, like I usually feel when I go a few hours between eating which is strange!! Iím really surprised by how easy this fast has been, since Iím obviously a food addict. Iím encouraged by the weight loss, and really motivated to complete my fast. My lower back pain is gone, but now I have pain between my shoulder blades, which is new. My period (which I started on day 1) has been much lighter than usual, so thatí ...   read more

Introduction   9 y  
Water fasting diary for weight loss and type 2 diabetes
I started a water fasting journal in one of the forums, then realized that wasnít actually the place to be posting daily entries (sorry!!)... So here I am making a blog instead :-) I started my water fast yesterday, and it will be my first long fast. Iíve done several mini fasts leading up to this over the past two months (one 3day fast and a few 24hr fasts). My goal is to complete a 28 day fast. At the 21 day mark, Iím going to decide if I want to continue with water-only, or complete the last week doing a juice fast. My reasons for the fast are to hopefully reverse my recent ...   read more


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