Healing Journey - Water fast (4th attempt)
by caa522

Post Fast- Day 6   9 y  
"An Ooops day" (My last post)
7am 134.8 lbs 31.5%BF So my weight went up 0.8lbs. I know pretty much what happened there. From yesterday afternoon to all of last night I checked my ketone levels and was no longer in ketosis. At first I thought I had a great day logging in my calories and carbs. I ate less than yesterday and got a moderate walk in for an hour but the opposite results happened. I believe it was what they call the ”carb creep” that got me. In the morning I cooked a blueberry sauce for pancakes, yoghurt, etc for my kids. Well, I tasted it while I was cooking to adjust the flavor. Then my youngest ...   read more

Post Fast - Day 5   9 y  
Positive results on the scale. Day 2 on the Paleo Plan
134.0 lb 31.3% BF Wow that is fascinating! I am actually down from yesterday considering I ate all those calories and lots of fats and no exercise. Hmmmm. Could in be a fluke? Well, we shall see. 6:45am. I went to sleep at about 1am and slept like a log. Unfortunately, right now I have a headache, my neck is sore, feel phlegmy. So it is a crappy feeling. I noticed last night I was also slightly itchy. I was already suspecting if 2T of coconut oil was possibly the cause. I searched about it and many mention about detoxing from it. Ooooorr the sunflower butter. I had 4T total ...   read more

Post Fast - Day 4   9 y  
Still in ketosis and officially on Day 1 Paleo Plan
134.6 lbs and 32.2% BF I am not surprised that it went up after eating yesterday. I mean my colon has been pretty much empty so I expect food to have to obviously be there when not fasting. Food and added fluid because of digestion. I’m not worried. I’m just thrilled this is the longest I haven’t cracked after a fast whether master cleanse or water fast. It may not be the perfect way I planned it but quite content to still be where I am. I did check my ketone levels and happy to say, although it is on the lower shade of pink at 15 than the usual 40-80 I’m used to seeing, I’m ecstat ...   read more

Post Fast-Day 3   9 y  
Mother's Day - A family feast
5am 133.8lb 32.8%BF Interesting readings after eating last night 8:26am Tummy feels so bloated and I need to have a BM. If you are squeemish about BM discussions then here is a chance for you to get out. It’s pretty mild with info but I wanted to warn you folks nevertheless. Did a Himalayan sea salt water (ionic solution) enema and then coffee enema. Both pushed out some little boulders. I use a stethoscope and listen to my liver when I do a coffee enema to listen out for sounds when bile is released. I hoping I would hear it but nothing even though I retained it for about ...   read more

Post Fast - Day 2   9 y  
Still holding on =)
Really busy these last two days with all these get together activities this mother’s day weekend. I will get this updated and also do my Post Fast Day 3. Lots of interesting things to share. Hopefully later today or tonight when things wind down I can fill in with more details. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!! Weigh in 132.6lbs 32% BF. WOOOHOOOOO. Still with a weight loss. That is awesome. Biiigg smile on my face. By the way I still had itchy hands and belly last night. Hands the most that I recall. But overall I slept okay. Remember waking up a few times to roll over and getting up ...   read more

Post fast - Day 1   9 y  
Ending the fast
9:42am Weigh in this morning at 133.8 lbs 31.0% BF So no significant change in weight as the previous days of about 2 pounds a day but the body fat percentage has decreased. I also notice definitely in the appearance of my face as it is more defined. I am feeling so good now that I almost don’t want to stop. I feel lighter, no inflammation, increased flexibility/mobility most obviously in my neck where I have had issues of decreased range of motion and pain at end of range. I love love not feeling bloated. Although I am typically a healthy eater, I have a hard time staying away fr ...   read more

Day 4 - Water Fast   9 y  
So I haven't quite stopped. I am still on the fence if I should do one more day.
Morning weigh in 134.0lbs and 32.1% BF Okay I felt great this morning. Even though sleep was interrupted by having to pee several times, I was able to get about 7 hours. I continued to have these itchy palms and a bit with the feet. Just not as bad as the previous days. I felt so good this morning I just wanted to go longer. I was so busy running around that it was just easier to be on water than having to be more mindful about re-feeding. Energy level is good. No muscle cramps. No headaches. 2:40pm I got my urinalysis test strips!!! Thanks Amazon for 2 day shipping. Well, i ...   read more

Day 3 - Water Fast   9 y  
Oh my goodness! Made it to day 3
Woke up and weighed in at 135.6lbs and 31.2%BF Before I forget, yesterday I went on Amazon and ordered some of these ketone/urinalysis stix. I have a medical background and sometimes I get too analytical with aches and pains with fasting. This is what it checks for: Measures 10 Different Components of Urine Nitrites: may be a sign of urinary tract infection or other infection. Leukocytes: aka white blood cells. Also indicates presence of infection. Glucose: the most common test for diabetes. pH: measures urine acidity, associated with higher risk for kidney stones. Protein (al ...   read more

Day 2 - Water fast   9 y  
Day 2 water fast 4th time
Woke up 7am. Weighed in this morning at 138.2lbs 32.6% Body fat. Slept relatively well last night but interesting dreams continue. I am typically not much of a dreamer but all the naps and night time sleeping yesterday was full of vivid dreams. Last night closer to midnight I felt some hunger pains and a mild headache. A sip of water and straight to bed fixed all that. I am feeling just fine this morning although I could just go back to sleep right now. I will continue to take it easy since Day 1-3 are usually the roughest. 9pm I survived cooking tacos dinner. Most of the time I ...   read more

Day 1 Water fasting   9 y  
Summary of last (2nd and 3rd attempt) water fast as well as first day on this 4th attempt.
My 2nd attempt to water fast I went to 3 days and my 3rd attempt I went up to 6 days. My 2nd attempt I’d say was real rough. I learned a few things and did better that third attempt. I did drink a couple of unsweetened herbal teas to help me and it did. I only sip water as I am careful not to trigger digestive reflexes when larger amounts of water are taken in too quickly. I felt so much better overall going up to sixth day. One thing to add that was tough during the 3rd attempt was the difficulty sleeping. We shall see how this fast goes. I hope with a cleaner system things will be ...   read more


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Hoping to improve my experience with water fasting. I’ve gone as far as 6 days on my 3rd attempt. I’d like to hit 6-10 days with this one. more...

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